Education Courses After 12th Grade | B.Ed. | List, Cost, & Top Universities

Education Courses After 12th Grade | B.Ed. | List, Cost, & Top Universities

Education Programs After 12th Grade: In India, there are a variety of education degrees that can be pursued after completing the 12th grade, in addition to engineering and management programs. Learners’ teaching skills are to be developed through the programs. There are numerous institutes in India that offer education degrees under programs like B.El.Ed., D.El.Ed., etc.

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Both theoretical and practical teaching and learning methods are used in education courses. Candidates learn how to deliver high-quality training in the most precise manner by adhering to the guidelines in the teaching-learning process. For professionals with education-based salaries, the range is between 6 LPA and 13 LPA on average.

Important information before enrolling in education courses After the 12th grade:

There are numerous courses available that let students seek careers as teachers. These post-secondary education programs are offered in numerous public and private institutions.

Students can enroll for five-year UG integrated education courses following the 12th grade in any stream, including science, arts, and business. There are courses like BSc+BEd, BCom+BEd, BEl.Ed, and more.

Students that are interested must take an entrance exam, which is likely to be held in May or August.

Such queries are frequently made by students in the 12th grade. Fortunately, they have a range of options at their disposal.

After completing your undergraduate studies, you can pursue a 3-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree. The program focuses on education and teaching techniques. There are numerous courses to choose from in addition to BEd, including MEd, Ph.D., and MPhil. Departments of education employ experts.

Students who have finished intermediate education have a basic understanding of how to choose their further education in accordance with an interest stream, which they can use to choose their career aspirations.

Students have the option of enrolling in undergraduate or diploma programs after finishing their high school studies. Any 11th or 12th grader can look into programs based on their interests or careers that can improve their personal and professional lives.

Admission to Post-Secondary Education

The start of the education classes for 12th-grade admittance is the first week of January. The final application deadline for several universities was announced in the fourth week of December. In India, there are numerous accredited universities that provide certificate and degree-level education programs.

Candidates must choose from a variety of degree programs offered by universities like the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Jadavpur University, SRM University, etc. in the traditional, online, and remote learning formats. The entrance application will mostly be accepted online. However, several universities still use offline modes.


The application price for post-secondary education programs ranges from INR 325 to INR 1,500. Applicants must pay the same amount in order to submit an application. Admission to educational programs is based on performance on entrance tests and qualifying exams.

Courses in Education After 12th

Students have a variety of alternatives available to them after graduating from high school, and taking an education course is one of them. Students often want to work as instructors or professors at schools, preschools, colleges, and other higher education institutions.

UG Science, Business, and the Arts

After high school, college courses typically run between three and four years. However, the Integrated program lasts for five years.

Students can select from business, arts, PCM, or PCB courses in the 12th grade.

Many students pursue PCM engineering and fundamental scientific courses after their senior year. Various commercial and artistic courses are available for students to select from. Students can benefit from booming job opportunities by enrolling after the 12th PCM.

Any of the education courses must have been completed by students who want teaching internships. The BEd, BPEd, DEIEd, DEd, Certificate Courses in Inclusive Education, etc. are some of the more popular education courses available.

UG courses require three to four years to finish, whereas diploma and certificate programs require no less than two years. Students who want to enroll in education courses must have graduated from Grade 12 with a diploma from an accredited board. Although students must have graduated with a minimum of 50%, admittance is based on merit.

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The employment rate for education course graduates at academic institutions is high. Graduates may find employment as professors, lecturers, primary school instructors, secondary school teachers, and teachers of young children.

List of Post-High School Courses

After Class 10 + 2 graduation, a variety of UG, diploma, and Certificate courses are available. Here is a list of the best educational programs.

A BEd, or Bachelor in Education, is offered by numerous colleges in India. The two-year undergraduate programme is offered in traditional and distance learning formats.

BPEd: Bachelor of Physical Education is the complete name. The three-year undergraduate program includes instruction in sports and physical activity.

DEd: Diploma in Education is the full form. Students who want to work as teachers can enroll in a one-year diploma program that offers training programs in that sector.

Admission to DELED

In India, a lot of universities provide elementary education diploma programs. Both public and private universities are included. Students interested in this professional diploma program must have completed grade 12 with a minimum GPA of 55%. Admission is typically granted by institutions based on merit.

Education Courses After 12th Grade: Qualifications

Universities like B.El.Ed and BEd offer all of the education courses beyond the 12th grade. Candidates must have received at least 60% on their 12th-level exams in order to be considered for the university’s allocation of seats in these programs.

Education Courses: Types After 12th

All of these courses are available to aspirants for part-time, full-time, online, or distant learning.


The Program’s characteristics require the assistant instructors to create and participate in intra- and inter-institutional exercises on important educational topics. To aid in the development of intelligent thinking and addressing skills in understudy instructors, a participatory encouraging style is used. Additionally, developing a research tendency and basic thinking skills are stressed.

The BEd course syllabus’s educational strategy includes the fundamentals of education, students, and learning while also looking into the innate bond between a teacher and a student. In order to increase their effectiveness, qualities and morals like discipline, getting, persistence, and determination are taught.

The BEd Courses’ Diverse Subjects Include DEd

Human values, culture, and education

Educational Assessment and Evaluation

counselling and advising

Integrated Education

Education Philosophy

Academic Psychology

There is no question that an excellent educator should be able to effectively manage teenagers from various socioeconomic backgrounds and attitudes while preserving each child’s distinct strengths and philosophical views.

Additionally, BEd educational programs highlight the value of students’ mental development, which makes it simpler for the instructor to forge a bond with the aspirant. A variety of suggestions are given to help the instructor develop in the applicant the traits and morals that would provide the best results.

Objectives for Education in the Program

to create a pool of effective and knowledgeable teachers.

To analyse the educational environment at various schools (including public, private, government-run special education, international, and world schools).

Additionally, to hone instructors’ knowledge of many social and academic concerns.

Why Is a BEd Course Beneficial to You?

Courses in the Bachelor of Education [BEd] program give students a foundation for understanding how knowledge affects teaching and learning. It increases one’s capacity for interpersonal relationships and broadens one’s psychological horizons with the goal of giving pupils a high-quality education.

All the methods for the most effective teaching style will be taught. The course’s ability to be finished in just two years is its strongest feature. The government offers scholarships to students, and such grants help cover the cost of the course.

The Benefits of Choosing a Career as a Teacher Include

contentment at work

job stability

Greatest regard

high income, etc.

Top Colleges List for Education Courses After 12th Grade

Sri Sai College of EducationBhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
Bharat College of EducationLady Irwin College
Lala Ami Chand Monga Memorial College of EducationR.C. Institute of Technology
Sardar Chanan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of EducationKamal Institute of Higher Education & Advanced Technology
Br College Of EducationBk Institute of Education and Technology
Geeta Adarsh College of EducationAmity Institute of Education
Lord Krishna College of EducationDene Dayal Upadhyaya College
Seth Bansari Dass College of EducationSri Guru Tigh Bahadur Khalsa College
Maa Bala Sundri College of EducationBharati College
Sohan Lal Div College Of EducationIndira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Mata Shanti Devi Memorial College of Education for WomenMata Sundri College for Women
Shivalik College Of EducationBasudeb Soman College
Chikara School Of HospitalityKartveli College
Government College of EducationAll India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Post Graduate Government CollegeVivekananda BEd College
Dev Samaj College of EducationBGS College Of Education
State Institute of EducationAnjuman College Of Education
Anil Neeru Konda Institute of Technology & SciencesAnastasiya Deed College
Shri Vishnu Engineering College for WomenAllam Prabhu Bed College
Raghu Institute of TechnologyAl Badar Med College
San thiram Engineering College NandlalAet College Of Education
St Wilfred’s Teacher’s Training CollegeMahadeshwar College Of Education
Government Engineering CollegeChausson College Of Education
Geeta Bajaj Women Teacher Training InstituteB.V.V.S. College of Education
Biyani Girls BEd CollegeBlde Association’s College
Rajasthan Shishak Partisan VidyapeethRavi College Of Education
Mirza Ghalib Teachers Training CollegeKel Society College of Education
Islamia Teachers Training CollegeLilavati Shetty College of Education
Dr. S p College of Teacher EducationJSS Institute of Education
St Xavier’s College of EducationHasan amba College of Education
Tap Indu Institute of Higher StudiesGovernment College of Teacher Education
College Of Commerce, Arts & ScienceGodetia College of Education for Women
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenDigvijay Rural College of Education
Miranda HouseChikoti Taluka Education Society’s College of Education
Kasturi Ram College Of Higher EducationSri College Of Education
Shaikh College Of EducationRajeev Institute of Education
Hills College Of Teacher EducationNavodaya College Of Education
R k Senatobia Devi College of EducationMohammadi College Of Education
Waskom Mani Girl’s College

Most Exclusive Post-12 Education Programs

Check out the list below for some of the most popular undergraduate courses that students today typically select:

Bachelor of Technology (BE/B.Tech).

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, or BDS.

Bachelor of Pharmacy, abbreviated BPharma.

Master of Computer Applications, or BCA.

nursing BSc.

Interior design B.Sc.

Information technology B.Sc.

Bachelor of Architecture, or B.Arch.

Education Courses After 12th Grade: Employment Possibility

Being a teacher is regarded as a valuable service to society. The foundational members of the community value the potential to influence younger generations.

A prospect is equipped to understand the mental requirements for advancement and development after completing a BEd course. One is encouraged to have a proper understanding of the understudies’ requirements and wishes while examining their differences.

Given how challenging teaching at the secondary school level is, this course asks applicants to be articulate, fluent in their speech, and skilled in problem-solving.

The BEd course’s educational curriculum spans a wide range of areas related to human growth. Only a specialist discipline, brain science includes topics like education, pedagogy, and other language publications.

The objective is to persuade students to enroll in the BEd program. Colleges and universities use placement tests to choose understudies with a sufficient level of knowledge and learning skills. The Central Government administers Teacher Eligibility Tests [TETs], which serve as the standard placement exams for educational programs.

Top Career Profiles for Post-High School Education

After graduating with a 12th grade diploma, the field of education offers numerous job prospects. Following high school, the following are some of the greatest career fields:

educating children in early childhood

Particular Education

Academic Psychology

Designing a Curriculum in Educational Administration

Education Courses After 12th Grade Career Counselling Educational Technology FAQs?

Which science courses are offered after the 12th grade?

After graduating from class 12 with a science major, students can select from programs like BTech/BE, Integrated MTech, BCA, BArch, BSc, MBBS, BDS, BPharma, Nursing, and Paramedical. Additionally available to students are BCom, Criminology, Forensic Science, Economics, Math, Statistics, Forensic Science Honours, BBA, BMS, BJMY, BJC, LLB, Fashion Designing, Graphic Designing, Animation, Interior Decorating, and many more. 

What educational options are there after the 12th grade?

The most sought-after professional programs after Class 12 are those in CA, CS, ICWAI, ITI, journalism, mass communication, fashion design, web design, graphic design, data entry, internet design, nursing, beauty and wellness, physiotherapy, commercial piloting, etc.

In order to enroll in college-level education courses after the 12th grade, what grades are needed?

It is necessary for students to maintain a grade point average of at least 50% in order to continue their education at colleges connected to municipal, state, or UGC universities. There must be a cumulative grade point average of 45% for students in the Reserved Category. Some colleges have minimum grade requirements that applicants must satisfy in order to be accepted.    

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