Admission for a Diploma in Mining Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission for a Diploma in Mining Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission 2023 for a mining engineering diploma:  A mining engineering diploma is a part of technical stream programmes. A thorough understanding of mining operations is provided by this diploma. It covers a variety of issues associated to mining, including management and processing. The methods utilised in the geological formation of mineral deposits are studied by students. The need of safety procedures and environmental considerations in mining operations is also emphasised in this programme. For this engineering stream diploma’s entry requirements, see:

Qualifications: A diploma in mining engineering is a high-level, professional education that lasts three years. Students must have successfully passed the PCM stream of the 12th standard with a score of 55%.

Options for the programme and specialization: A mining engineering diploma offers a number of specialization options to meet individual interests and career goals. Popular specializations include environmental management, mineral processing, rock mechanics, and mine planning and design.

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The following phases make up the admissions procedure for the diploma programme in mining engineering.

Application: To be considered for the Diploma in Mining Engineering, an application form must be completed and submitted. It is imperative that you fill out the form completely, giving any pertinent personal and academic background information. Additionally, certain schools could charge an application fee, which should be paid in accordance with the instructions on the application form.

Mining Engineering Diploma Entry-level Tests: Passing entrance exams is occasionally required for enrollment in the Diploma in Mining Engineering programme. For admission to this diploma programme, tests at the state or institute level, including JEE Main, are administered.

Interviews: For programmes leading to the Diploma in Mining Engineering, admission interviews are a standard part of the selection process. The interview schedule is communicated to applicants via email via the university’s official website.

Merit-Based Hiring The admissions process for this programme includes both academic records and a merit-based selection process.

Highlights of a mining engineering degree

Course NameDiploma in Mining Engineering
AgeMinimum 15-17 years
Minimum percentageMinimum 55% marks in Class 12th in mathematics, chemistry, and physics.
Subject requiredPhysics, chemistry, mathematics, and science
Average fees incurredINR 30,350 to INR 70,650 per year
Similar options for studyDiploma in mechanical engineering, Diploma in electronic engineering
Average salary offeredIn India, the average salary of the graduates is 6.56 lakhs INR per year
Employment RolesScientific Assistant, Quality Technician, Mining Engineering, Technical Lead, R & D Engineer

Admission 2023 for a mining engineering diploma

The science of extracting minerals from various resources is known as mining engineering. The degree aims to give students mining expertise and generate qualified mining engineers for the nation or the world. Finding natural mineral resources is the responsibility of experts or engineers.

The curriculum for this diploma programme includes lessons in English communication, applied science, engineering graphics, drawing/practical’s, surveying, basic computer skills, mining practises, mechanical mining technology, etc.

After the tenth standard, a three-year diploma programme in mining engineering is typical. The following are some critical components of a mining engineering diploma:

Passing the class 12th examinations from the state board, ICSE or CBSE, or any other certified boards is a requirement for enrollment in the course.

The course gives the students the opportunity to learn more about mining, which is useful for further degrees.

The Mining Engineering Diploma is entirely merit-based. It is based on the student’s grade in the 12th grade, or in some institutions, the 10th grade.

If candidates pursue this course beyond the 12th grade, they must have a physics, math, and chemistry HSC degree with a minimum combined grade point average of 55%.

Candidates with strong analytical skills and the capacity to think critically are most suited for the course.

Eligibility for Admission to the Mining Engineering Diploma Programme

If a student who wanted to apply did not meet the eligibility requirements, one of the main considerations for admittance The admission as well as the application may be cancelled. Students must meet the requirements. The following conditions are listed.

Any candidate for this mining diploma programme must have completed at least a 12th-grade education. Additionally, class 12 students are preferred for admission to the mining engineering diploma programme.

The applicant for this diploma may submit an application to a variety of Indian institutions. Every year, applications are accepted for the Mining Engineering diploma programme.

The typical annual course fee for this diploma ranges from INR 30,350 to 70,650.

The minimum educational requirement for this mining diploma programme is a tenth-class education. It is also advised that candidates for the Mining Engineering Diploma in the 12th grade.

At the level of the 10th class, entrance tests are not offered, however certain institutions do.

For mining engineering, only bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programmes are offered online.

Admission costs for a diploma in mining engineering

The Mining Engineering Diploma The cost of admission varies depending on a number of criteria, including the institution’s nature and standards.

The annual course cost ranges from INR 30,350 to 70,650 for a diploma in mining engineering.

Application for a Diploma in Mining Engineering

Usha Martin University is accepting applications for admission to the diploma in mining engineering programme for the 2023 academic year. Visit the organization’s official website to access the online application form for eligible students. The majority of institutions and colleges now accept applications online for admission. For the Diploma in Mining Engineering, the application form price ranges from Rs 250 to Rs 500 (about). In order to be considered for admission, students must submit their registration forms before the deadline. Students can visit the college students’ corner or the university regional centre if they want to apply offline quickly.

Admissions for the Mining Engineering Diploma in 2023

Students must first complete admission paperwork for the Diploma in Mining Engineering, either on paper or online.

Students should turn in the form to their college’s or university’s administrative building.

The student must meet the requirements for admission.

The evaluation of admission will be entirely based on the 10th and 12th grade test scores, and admission is entirely merit-based.

How can I apply for admission to the mining engineering diploma programme?

You must apply for this course using both offline and online methods.

The admission form was necessary for both modes.

All necessary information must be included into the admissions form.

You only need to send the form to the relevant institution or university after filling out the details.

Entry-level Tests

In 12th grade, there is no entrance exam.

For this course, entrance tests may be offered by numerous institutions.

The qualified student is chosen based on merit.

Admissions Requirements for Mining Engineering Diploma

Semester ISemester II
PhysicsPhysics II
Engineering MathematicsMathematics II
Computer ScienceComputer Lab
ChemistryChemistry II
Semester IIISemester IV
Open Elective IOpen Elective II
Mining Engineering labMining Engineering lab II
Rock Excavation Engineering labMining Engineering lab
Rock Excavation EngineeringMining and Planning
Environmental EngineeringBasic Mining Engineering
Semester VSemester VI
Technical Writing and Seminar IIITechnical Writing and Seminar IV
Review of Research WorkReview of Research Work II
Research WorkResearch Work II
Summer Internship and TrainingDissertation
Comprehensive Viva Voice

Important Books for Diploma in Mining Engineering Admission

These are a few important books for Diploma in Mining Engineering for the students.

Book NameAuthor Name
Basic Mechanical EngineeringR. Biram
Mine VentilationBanjari Shashank
Mine SurveyingP. Ranga Swamy, V. Suresh
Methods of Working Coal-IISravan Kumar Cannavan
Methods of Working MetalSravan Kumar Cannavan

Top 5 College For Diploma in Mining Engineering Admission in India

College NameLocationAverage fees in INR
Mewar universityRajasthanINR 1.2 lakhs
Wisdom School of ManagementBangaloreINR 16,500
School of Engineering and TechnologyMadhya PradeshINR 1.3 lakhs
The ICFAI UniversityJharkhandINR 2.15 lakhs
USHA Martin UniversityRanchiINR 1.71 lakhs

Why Do You Want a Mining Engineering Diploma?

The area of engineering that makes use of scientific and technological ideas is mining engineering. In the process of extracting minerals and other earth resources, these concepts are applied.

It is an academic course that provides fundamental information about engineering sciences. Additionally, the programme provides instruction in both theory and practise in a number of geological, metallurgical, and mining engineering topics.

For a student who wants to pursue a career in mining engineering, the course is ideal. Additionally, it gives you the greatest foundation for a wide range of administrative and specialised studies. Students can benefit from the course.  The course teaches the students the fundamentals of a variety of topics, including system design, cutting-edge technology, and various mining engineering procedures.

Tips for Preparing for the Diploma in Mining Engineering Course

The following preparation advice will assist you in getting ready for your course.

Get up early the next morning. Gives one hour to prepare for the course’s final lecture after the stroll.

Make a plan for your study time.

The schedule should be modified such that each course topic is covered in a polite manner.

daily revision test taking

daily preparation of your course notes

The greatest approach to retain what you learn is to repeat your revision with a companion.

Whenever there are questions, speak with the teacher.

Salary Provided

After earning their degrees in mining engineering, graduates choose to work in a variety of fields. The starting income for mining engineering diploma holders is 6.56 lacs on average. Students who have earned a diploma in mining engineering can pursue advanced degrees in the field at the M.Tech or M.E. levels, as well as additional PGDM levels.

Scientific assistant, mining engineer, assistant manager, technical lead, engineer, quality technician, market research specialist, and quality assurance engineer are just a few of the positions that people with this kind of diploma are qualified for.

The following list includes several job titles, starting salaries, and work descriptions:

Assistant Scientist

The primary responsibility is to assist the scientist in terms of teaching and research.

A scientific assistant makes an average of INR 4,50,640 per year.

competent technician

Between manufacturing and production operations, these people are carrying out a variety of checks.

A quality technician has an average income of INR 1,72,164.

Engineering for Mining

The primary function of mining engineering is to ensure effective and secure extraction of minerals, metals, and oil from the ground.

INR: 9,89,343 is the average wage for mining engineers.

Technical Lead This individual is the developer who oversees the development team at their organisation.

A technical lead makes an average of INR 12,27,175.

Engineer, R & D

R and D engineers are in charge of carrying out various experiments and making recommendations to enhance project management.

The typical pay for this position is INR 8,85,666.

Course Learning Styles

This course offers two different learning styles. You can choose the learning style that best suits your needs.

Full-Time Education

It is a routine and official method of the educational programme.

This course lasts for three years.

Six semesters are offered in a three-year course.

The department schedules appropriate regular classes.

Students receive assignments and projects every day.

Attendance is required.

Distance learning for a diploma in mining engineering

Distance learning for mining engineering is only offered for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes.

It is necessary to conduct tests and research, which can only be done in full-time educational programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Admission to the Diploma in Mining Engineering?

Q1: Who is the private sector employer for mining engineering diploma holders?

Ans: A few employers in the private sector are:

TATA Steel Mining firms

companies that produce minerals

firms that process minerals.

Q2: After completing this diploma programme, what are the salaries for various job positions?

After completing this Diploma course, there are numerous job opportunities.

Assistant scientist: A scientific assistant typically makes INR: 4,50,640 per year.

a competent technician technical professionals make an average of INR 1,72,164 per year.

Engineering for mining INR: 9,89,343 is the typical mining engineer salary.

lead technical lead salaries typically range from INR 12,27, 175 to R & D engineer. The typical pay for this position is INR 8,85,666. Is the career this course offers rewarding in the long run?

Yes, this industry provides the most rewarding career opportunities with incredible work alternatives in India and worldwide.

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