List, Admission, Eligibility, Top University, and Fee for Courses After 12th Grade Arts

List, Admission, Eligibility, Top University, and Fee for Courses After 12th Grade Arts

After-Twelve-Grade Arts Courses: Students are very likely to choose the arts or humanities track in their final year of high school. After finishing the intermediate course, students get access to a wide range of programs. In India, there are numerous colleges and institutions that provide a wide range of courses after the 12th grade in the arts.

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Every semester and yearly payments are accepted for the cost of the art classes. Aspirants in the arts courses have a wide range of alternatives, including BA, BFA, BJMC, etc. The BA LLB dual degree program can be incorporated into the same stream.

After graduating from high school, students who major in the arts have a number of job options. Students studying art have a variety of professional alternatives at their disposal. A degree, diploma, or certificate in the arts can be used to advance academically or find employment in the arts. Professionals in the arts often earn between INR 4 LPA and INR 8.4 LPA in pay.

Current update


Loyola College, Chennai will start accepting applications for courses above the 12th grade in the upcoming academic year.

At Fergusson College in Pune, applications will soon be welcomed for courses after the 12th-grade arts.

Overview of Courses After 12th Arts

Course NameArts
Duration3 Year
Admission ProcessOnline
Eligibility12th Pass with 45% marks
Offer ByUniversity of Delhi, Amity University Noida, Christ University, etc
Approved ByUGC / DEB

What are the most fulfilling jobs for people who major in art?

History is just one example of how the humanities (or arts) are influenced by life’s intellectual aspects. Students learn to employ their critical, analytical, and exploratory skills through study of the arts. Students who complete their higher secondary education in the arts have no trouble getting ready for the exams for the Indian Civil Services. When a kid does not select the appropriate subjects after 12th grade arts, it is challenging to find high-paying employment.

History and linguistics (English, Hindi, and Sanskrit) are the most well-liked humanities subjects. One of the best and most satisfying aspects of 12th arts is the variety of employment options. Because there are so many alternatives, choosing the best job route may be challenging for arts students.

List of Arts Programs After 12th

BA (Bachelor of Arts)BA (Geography)BTTM (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management)
BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts)BA (Hindi)BALLB
BA HonsBA (Psychology)BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)
BA (Economics)BA (English)BA (Mathematics)
BA (Sociology)BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Admission to post-secondary arts programs

Traditional, online, and distance learning colleges open their application windows for their art programs in January and close them in December. There are arts programs available at universities like Delhi University, IGNOU, Jamia Millie Islamia, and other government, state, private, and other universities. The application procedure for art courses often starts offline or online.

When accepting an application, Indian universities require an enrollment fee. The application form costs between 200 and 800 rupees, and it must be paid for before the submission date to be taken into consideration.

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Admission to arts courses is based on performance on entrance exams or in academics. The admission confirmation would be sent to the candidates’ registered email addresses.

Criteria for Eligibility & Entrance Exam

To be eligible for the Arts courses after the 12th grade, a candidate must have completed their 10th and 12th grades in a relevant stream.

Students need to pass the intermediate course with a minimum mark of 45–50%.

For any art course, applicants must have at least finished their last 17 years. No upper age limit applies.

For courses beyond the 12th grade in the arts, students are not required to pass an admission exam; nonetheless, few central institutions hold entrance exams that students must pass.

Age will not be a factor in a student’s ability to enroll in any arts stream.

High Paying Programs After 12th Grade Arts

CoursesSalary Per YearJob Options
EconomicsINR 4 to 8 LPABusiness Analyst, Market Analyst
LawINR 3.5 to 7.8 LPALawyer, Consultant
Journalism & Mass CommunicationINR 2.5 to 6.5 LPA Reporter, Anchor, Journalist
Travel & TourismINR 2 to 4 LPATravel Blogger, Travel agent
DesignINR 3.2 to 5.2 LPAInterior Designer, Fashion Designer
Fine ArtsINR 2.4 to INR 4.5 LPAArtist, Painter
Visual Arts & MultimediaINR 4.5 to INR 6.2 LPADramatic Artist, Graphic Designer
Foreign LanguagesINR 2.5 to INR 4.2 LPATranslator, Interpreter

Best Post-Secondary Arts Programs

After completing the 12th grade in the arts, universities and colleges offer courses in a variety of specialities. Any topic is available to students who have just finished their 12th grade schooling. Each art course after the 12th grade has a different cost based on the college and specialization. For admittance to some art courses, including BVA, BALLB, and others, entrance exam scores are needed.

Arts Post-12 Courses: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Would you like to learn more about your career options after earning your 12th-grade arts diploma? I advise pursuing a fine arts degree. If you’re artistic, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Three-year programs called BFAs combine the performing, visual, and fine arts. The options available to students for specialized degrees include graphic design and theater.

They will have a wide range of career opportunities after 12th arts.

Candidates must possess exceptional artistic, visual, presentational, and creative abilities. In the BFA program, academic and creative training are combined. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), students can work as instructors, professors, writers, actors, directors, and more. A degree in the fine arts is currently considered to be one of the greatest ways to land a career and is connected with status and class.

Jobs in the Government After the Arts Stream

Students can begin preparing for government employment. The Indian government offers a variety of professions to students who pursue Courses After 12th Arts. Students must train for the SSC, MTS, NDA, CHSL, RRB, Navy, and Air Force, among other exams. They can join the relevant department of the Indian government after completing the exam. After passing the qualifying tests, they can also join the civil service.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: Bachelor of Arts

A three-year curriculum in humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts is known as a bachelor of arts program. There include courses in geography, history, archaeology, and psychology. A major (honors topic) and electives must be chosen for the undergraduate degree. For those studying art, the BA is a frequent professional choice.

Students who enroll in bachelor’s degree programs in the arts can improve their writing, communication, analytical, and critical thinking abilities.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

The pupils get presentation skills. Students ought to be knowledgeable about the subject of their essays. They should also have outstanding writing and communication skills. This course is inexpensively offered by a lot of universities. These are the institutions that charge reasonable fees for this course.

National University of Jaipur

Kurukshetra College

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Arts/Education]

The study of education and its methods is used in the UG-level course “Bachelor of Arts in Education.” Anyone interested in becoming a skilled instructor must apply. Only passing 10+2 is important.

Time: 3 years

BA programs often cost between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.

With the number of growing educational institutions, the course is in high demand. It prepares candidates to work in the field of education as professors, teachers, researchers, etc.

The course’s core topics include areas like language studies, sociology, psychology, religious studies, philosophy, and more.

After-High School Arts Programs: BA [Fashion Design]

A three-year bachelor’s degree in fashion design enables graduates to work as professionals in the design field. The candidates can take advantage of numerous work options with this degree and will attend regular courses or distance education for the course.

UGC DEB lasts for three to six years.

From INR 11 000 to 22,300 in annual fees

The yearly salary of a student with this degree is between three and four LPA. Course topics include basic design, pattern drafting and sewing, fashion drawing and design, and CAD. They may enroll in the following PG-level courses:

Tech fashion MA

fashion management master’s

degree in design

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Courses: BA [Foreign Trade and Practice]

A three-year education in commerce is called a bachelor of arts in overseas trade and practice. From this course, the candidate can learn about trading and business. Candidates must have at least a 12th-grade education in the field of commerce or a related field.

Time: three years

can afford to pay INR 25,000 to 5 lacs annually.

They can accept a pay ranging from three to five lacs per year. Candidates may utilize the fields of recruiting, trade management, and business development through the course. Entry may be based on performance on an entrance exam or on merit; the student must have passed with at least a 50% mark.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Foreign Trade Management

After completing the 12th grade, a candidate may enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Trade Management program. They can pass a commerce entrance exam to enroll in a more prestigious institution. The candidate had to pass with scores between 45% and 50%. Institutions hold entrance examinations or merit-based admission.

Time: three years

The tuition fee ranges from INR 25k to 5 lacs.

Candidates who successfully complete the course can find employment in the area of commerce for INR 3 to 80 LPA. The compensation increase also depends on the candidate’s abilities and experience.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Functional Hindi]

A three-year bachelor’s degree program in functional Hindi is available. Candidates can choose this course if they want to teach Hindi as a second language or if they want to get employment in Hindi. Additionally, they must pass their 12th grade with scores between 45 and 50 percent on a valid board.

Duration: three years

From INR 11 000 to 22,300 in annual fees

The subjects include experimental Hindi, various forms of Hindi-language technological communication, and the Hindi language itself. With more expertise in the sector, candidates can earn more money teaching languages and in other occupations.

After-Secondary Arts Programs: BA in Social Work (Gandhian)

A three-year program is required to earn a bachelor of arts in Gandhian social work. The candidate gains access to a great leader’s perspective on social work. They must have earned grades between 45 and 50 percent in intermediate. After this course, they can enroll in a variety of PG programs and careers.

Time: three years

5000–3 lac INR per annum

The course covers topics like psychotherapy, public administration, social policy, and human development. They also have theories in anthropology, psychology, economics, and other fields. Students may choose to pursue careers as educators, clinical social workers, mental health specialists, etc.

After 12th Grade Arts Programs: BA [Geography]

Six semesters of UG coursework make up the three years of the BA in geography. With marks between 45% and 50% from the 12th grade, a course is available. Candidates must be immediately qualified and have passed the entrance exam. To enroll in the program, candidates must pass the JNUEE, NIMCET, CUCET, and BHU UET admission exams.

Time: three years

3000 INR for one LPA cost.

Climate, soil, locations, and earthy resources are all researched in the courses and topics. The candidate may get employment in industries such as production, public relations, publishing, journalism, television, etc. They may earn 3-6 LPA from their employment.

Arts Post-Secondary Programs: BA Psychology

A bachelor’s level course is a psychology bachelor of arts. Students in this course gain knowledge of human psychology and assist those who are struggling with mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, etc. After completing the course, students can find employment with a variety of businesses. While some universities admit students based on merit lists, others admit students based on entrance tests for this programme.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Home Management

Six semesters make up the three-year scale for the BA in Home Management. To be admitted to the course, the candidate must receive at least a 50% grade. For this course, they must additionally pass an entrance exam with a grade of 12 or above.

Three years are the period.

25k to the three LPA fee charges

The course is quite popular with young people, and it was originally created to teach and include girls in household duties and tasks. Boys and girls now take this course to cover topics like home administration, child development, child rearing, cooking, and sewing.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Hospitality Management

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management program in management aids students in the field of management. After passing the 12th grade with a 45% average, the course may be taken. The candidate must successfully complete the core subjects.

Time: three years

Annual fees of INR 4 to 6 lacs

The course’s primary topics include accounting, administration, finance, human resource management, and public relations, among others. In class, they study strategies, information systems, and industry-specific topics. Additionally, the candidate is eligible for a pay range of 3 to 6 lacs annually.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Hospitality Tourism]

A three-year tourism program called the BA Hospitality Tourism is divided into six semesters. Candidates must have received 50% or higher on their 12th grade exams from a board that offers the course before they can enroll.

Time: three years

Tuition fees range from INR 4-6 LPA.

Food and nutrition science, ecology, the environment, intercultural communication, housekeeping, resort development, tourist planning, and other topics are covered in hospitality tourism. The individuals may be hired for positions in management of tourism and related industries.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Human Resource Management

The 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management program is at the Undergraduate level. It comes from the management sector. All businesses and groups place a great value on the course’s applicants.

Time: three years

Candidates may be required to pay annual fee charges of INR 4 to 6 lacs.

In this field and system, business administration and management studies are highly valued. The training will thoroughly prepare students for positions as HR managers. They might even land a position in HR or business management disciplines in organizations and corporations.

Arts Post-12 Courses: BA LLB

Law course for bachelor of arts and bachelor of law (BA LLB) students. In Indian institutions and colleges, the BA LLB program lasts for five years. To enroll in this course, applicants must pass their class 12 examination in accordance with any applicable regulations with the minimal required percentage.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Hospitality and Travel

One of the most popular courses among students is the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hospitality and Travel. These courses are provided by numerous public and private educational institutions. Any student from any stream can enroll in this course after grade twelve. Additionally, can create a system in BHM, i.e., Hospitality and travel bachelor’s degree.

After-College Arts Programs: BA in Event Management

an event management bachelor’s degree. is a window to opportunities on the professional level. In the UG category, the course lasts three years. Candidates who have completed their 12th grade can apply. Backdrop for a category or any other.

3 years straight, total.

a yearly fee of INR 11,000 to 23,000 is payable.

12th grade pass required or equivalent

Admissions procedure: both online and offline.

Fee range: 10,000 to 20,000 Indian Rupees per year.

On the Global label, event management is a sector that is expanding quickly. There are plenty of options, but you should be well-versed in the subjects offered after the 12th-grade arts program. You should possess management abilities, teamwork, time management, and creative thinking.

The candidate for this course will learn about topics related to my project work, my dissertation, and event advertising. They will also cover cross-cultural management in their special event topics. Other topics related to marketing management. They may work in a variety of fields, including:

a charity events.

executive sales promotion accountant.

marketing manager.

After-College Arts Programs: BA [Audio-Visual Media]

Journalism, the film business, brand promotion, and photography are all included on the list of courses for arts careers after the 12th grade. You can enter it if you have creative abilities. This newly rising field of the arts is well ahead in providing employment. If you choose, you can start your own business and make a lot of money after completing this course.

Arts: BA [Tourism] after 12th grade courses

Process of Admission: Online/Offline

Passing with a score of 50% is required.

Course has a three-year duration.

The promotion of tourism, both domestically and internationally, costs a lot of money. Better professionals who are aware of the difficulties facing this industry are needed in the tourism sector. There will be openings for jobs ranging from management to tour guides. This course is on the list of courses to take after 12th grade arts if you also want to work in the tourism industry.


Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism

The Amity Institute of Tourism

Management Studies School

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Disaster Management

Who is Eligible: Secondary School Graduates

Timeframe: three years

The importance of those addressing this issue has increased with the frequency of natural disasters. Professionals in disaster management are prepared to handle this issue. Professionals in disaster management are responsible for saving lives and providing new experiences for disaster victims.

The information about this course will be available in the Courses following 12th Arts.



New Delhi’s National Institute of Disaster Management

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi National Open University

Darjeeling’s North Bengal University

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Wildlife Photography]

Time: three years

Fees: 30,000

A career in wildlife photography is an option if you enjoy shooting pictures. The forest will draw you in during this profession, but you’ll also have to deal with the danger that lurks there. In addition to a BA in photography, there are certificate and diploma programs available on the list of courses available after 12th grade arts.


Indian Wildlife Institutes

Photography School of Bharti Vidyapeeth

India Institute Of Photography

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Personal Stylist]

Time: three years

Fees: 50000

Online submission

A personal stylist’s goal is to give clients a makeover and improve their sense of style when dressed. Actors and models surround themselves with these kinds of individuals so they can always look different. To become a personal stylist, you must have the ability to read your client’s mind and determine his needs. You’ll need to conduct some research for this. People who are familiar with the personalities, moods, and fashion preferences of others can pursue careers in this field. You must regularly stay up to date on the fashion industry for this.


New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology

Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design

Delhi’s Pearl Academy of Fashion

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA in Jewellery Design

Time: three years

Fees: 40522

Online application

Designing jewellery may be a better career choice for you if you enjoy designing. India is the nation where jewellery is the most popular among the populace. As a result, the jewellery business plays a significant role in the economy of the nation. By 2015, this industry should be capable of 2.15 lakh crore rupees. Arts after 12th-grade courses.


The Delhi-based National Institute of Fashion Technology

Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design

Jaipur’s Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery

Mumbai’s Indian Institute of Jewellery

Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s College

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Anthropology]

Online or offline admission

Eligibility: Secondary education completion

A career in anthropology may be an excellent fit if you have a passion for human growth. In anthropology, new knowledge about social evolution is derived via examination of the biological, literary, and physical sciences.

Humans and other animals are contrasted in anthropology, particularly when comparing the bodies of humans and monkeys. Arts Courses After 12th

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: Bachelor of Fine Arts

A course for creative and artistic students is the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. To earn the degree, the individual must devote three years to the program. Only those who have received an intermediate-level clearance may take from any Backdrop.

three to four years

INR 15,000 to 40,000 in fees

Eligibility: 12th grade or higher

A BA education costs, on average, between $10,000 and $20,000 a year.

The course offers a glimpse into the Fine arts in the professional field and includes topics like sculpture, painting, film, and video. After completing the course, you can apply for employment like:

an art therapist.

Artist in production.

Drawing Instructor.


Setting Designer.

Director of Creative.

Programmer for multimedia.

Music instructor.

After 12th Grade Arts Programs: BA [Economic]

It is appropriate for applicants to UG-level programs. Its foundation and connection are general courses in the commerce stream.

3 years and 6 semesters.

Intermediate Pass or Equivalent Requirement.

Admissions Procedures: Online and Offline

Fee Range: 10,000 to 20,000 Indian Rupees per Year

The average cost of a BA in economics at different universities is between $50,000 and $150,000.

A BA in Economics is a thorough Social Science program that integrates quantitative and qualitative methods. Students can utilize the course to increase a company’s earnings by employing a variety of strategies. The course’s three core topics are macroeconomics, political economics, and microeconomics.

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Ancient Indian History]

A wonderful curriculum for students looking to advance their careers as archaeologists and find additional work prospects in this industry is the Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology. Generally speaking, it lasts three months. Arts after 12th-grade courses.

Process of Admission: Online/Offline

Fee Range: 10,000 to 20,000 Indian Rupees per Year

for three years

These are some of the best post-secondary institutions for arts programs that offer rigorous academic programs that are advantageous to students. These institutions have received approval from the UGC, DEB, AICTE, and other organizations, therefore their degrees are recognized by all industries, including the public and private ones.

The list below includes some of these universities.

Swami Vivekanand Technical University of Chhattisgarh

Delhi College

Bhaji Open University of Madhya Pradesh

University of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha

University of Annamalai

After-Twelfth-Grade Arts Programs: BA [Honors]

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in practically any field is a three-year undergraduate honours program. Admission to BA Honours is typically granted on the basis of merit, but certain colleges, like Delhi University, Symbiosis University, and a few others, have entrance exams for the program. Any applicant must have at least a 10+2 level with a 55 percent grade point average from a recognized board in order to pursue this program.

Alternative study paths include the BFA, BVA, BVC, BA LLB [Hons], BA, and MA [Hons].

Jobs at Times of India Group, Accenture, Oracle, and Genpact

50% in the 12th grade is required for eligibility.

Work roles include content writer, elementary school teacher, and executive assistant.

The annual average salary offered is INR 4.15 L.

Average Fees: INR 5000 to 1 lac annually

After 12th Grade Arts Programs: BA [Hindi]

The course BA Hindi includes some Sanskrit as well as the majority of Hindi and a small amount of Urdu. There are 10 Basic courses in the UG 3-year program. among this course with venture work, one can choose among two decision-Based programmes. courses after 12th admission to the arts

Age: 17 years is the minimum

Annual fees range from INR 5000 to INR 1 lac.

INR 4.12 lac is the average salary offered annually.

Administrative assistant and web designer are examples of jobs

Qualifications: 45% in arts in 10+2.

Opportunities for Employment: NGO, government agencies, proofreading.

MA in Hindi, BA in English, BA in Bengali, BA in Kannada, BA in Punjabi, BA in Tamil, etc. are comparable fields of study.

Hindi is a required subject.

Charges range from INR 1000 to 1 Lac annually.

Salary ranges for qualified candidates range from 3 to 9 lacs INR annually. Colleges and universities are the places where they can find employment; they may also do so in private businesses, temples, the tourism industry, companies that offer translation services, TV channels, print media outlets, etc.

Arts Post-Secondary Programs: BA in Fashion Design

The focus of the course is the study of fashion design’s specialized fields, including jewelry and accessory design, clothing design, footwear design, interior design, leather design, etc. People that are skilled in this sector are in high demand since more people can now afford their basic demands and have become

the three-year program

Eligibility: 10% with a passing grade

After-High School Arts Programs: BA [English]

An area in the arts stream is the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. A student must have passed the qualifying exam after completing their 10+2. Additionally, they must have passed an entrance examination.

English, with a minimum grade of 50% in 10+2, is a required subject.

Similar Academic Programs: BA in Journalism

Opportunities for Employment: Genpact, Cognizant, Tata Communications, and Ernst & Young

Eligibility: 50% arts 12th pass

Content creator, executive assistant, human resources manager, primary school teacher,

for three years

Salary range offered: INR 2.5 to 4 LPA on average

Average Fees Paid: 5000 INR – 1 LPA

Age: 17 years old is the minimum

BA English is average. 15k to one million

Students majoring in English can aim for a 4.49 LPA compensation. A person can work as a lecturer or speaker, but they can also find employment as a features reporter, a manager of sales and marketing, a recruiter, etc.

Literature from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, theatre, fiction, poetry, dramas, stories, etc. are all included in BA English courses.

After-High School Arts Programs: Bachelor of Social Work

Students who have concentrated in the arts are given the chance to get active in non-profit organizations in the 12th grade when they finish their studies in the arts. Along with local NGOs, an increasing number of foreign NGOs are active in India. People who are deeply committed to serving others ought to think about a career in social work.

Following High School: BA [History]

Students can advance in the study of history by earning a bachelor’s degree in history. For UG-level studies, the individual must attend classes for three years. The candidate must have at least an intermediate level of education with English as the primary subject. Arts Courses After 12th

Roles in the Workplace: Primary School: Research

for three years

The annual average salary offered is INR 4.78 L.

Opportunities for Placement: Teachers and Seekers

Similar fields of study include political science and sociology.

Subjects necessary: Graduation-related subjects

Qualifications: 45-50% 12th pass

Average Fees: INR 5000 to 1 lac annually

Following this course, the candidate has the option of continuing their education in MA programs in ancient Indian history and archaeology, MA programs in history of Indian art and culture, etc. They could work as archaeologists, travellers, history teachers, etc. After admittance to the arts 12th grade, their starting salaries range from 3 to 7 LPA courses.

After-Secondary Arts Programs: BA Hons [Sociology]

Students who need to enroll in this subject must receive at least a 40% in the arts in their 12th grade.

Course NameBA Hons. (Sociology)
AgeNo bar
Average Fees IncurredINR 5000 – 1 L per annum
Average Salary OfferedINR 4.78 L per annum
Duration3 Years
Employment RolesPrimary School Teacher, High School Teacher
Full-FormBachelor of Arts in Sociology with Honours
Eligibility45-50% 12th pass Arts
Placement OpportunitiesStandard Chartered Bank, Accenture Technology Solutions
Similar Options of StudyBA (Sociology), BA (Political Science) [Hons], BA (History) [Hons],, etc.
Subjects RequiredSubjects corresponding to graduation
UniversityLords University Madhav University Maharaja Ganga Singh University Maharana Pratap University

Courses After 12th Arts: BLibISc [Bachelor of Library and Information Science]

Students have to need to be a writer and join this course after 12th arts.

Full-FormBachelor of Library and Information Science
AgeNo bar
Average Fees IncurredINR 2,000 to 15,000 per annum.
Average Salary OfferedINR 2.6 L per annual
Duration3 Years
Employment RolesLibrarian, Assistant Librarian
Eligibility50% 12th pass Arts
Placement OpportunitiesPrivate Libraries, Public Libraries, Libraries in Schools, and Colleges
Similar Options of StudyBLIS, B.Lib
Subjects RequiredPhysics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
University Jain Vishva Bharati Institute Jaipur National University Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Jodhpur National University

Courses After 12th Arts: BA [Political Science] 

BA in Political Science is a graduation course that is brief on politics, Like Political Issues, Political knowledge, and many more. It is a 2 years duration course that is a very likable course for those students. Those who are interested in Politics, kindly check the eligibility criteria of this course & know more details about Courses After 12th Arts Admission.

Course NameBA Political Science
AgeNo Bar
Average Fees IncurredINR 5000 – 1 lac per annum
Average Salary OfferedINR 5 lacs per annum
Duration3 Years
Employment RolesAdministrative Assistant, Primary School Teacher
Eligibility55% in 10+2
Placement OpportunitiesInterglobal Technologies, Concentrix Corporation
Similar Options of StudyBA (Political Science), BA (History) 
Subjects RequiredSubjects corresponding 

Courses After 12th Arts: BA [Journalism] 

BA in Journalism is a Bachelor’s Programme in Journalism. It is done in 3 years. Anyone who is passed 12th in any stream from any recognized board of India. Eligible for this journalism course.

Course NameBA Journalism
Ageminimum is 17 Years
Average Fees Incurred30,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR
Average Salary OfferedINR 4 lakhs per annum
Employment RolesNews Anchor, Reporter, Editor
Eligibility50% in 10+2 
Placement OpportunitiesZee Media, All India Radio, Sun networks, IBC world news Pvt ltd
Similar Options of StudyBachelor of Mass Communication

Courses After 12th Arts: BA [Home Science]

BA Home Science courses are of 3 years in the UG category divided into six seems. The 12th-grade clearers can avail of the system with 50% scores. Candidates can gain a lot of jobs or PG courses after this course. BA Home Science is the best option for Courses After 12th Arts.

Course NameBA Home Science
Average Fees IncurredINR 5000 – 1 lac per annum
Average Salary OfferedINR 2.5 lacs per annum
Employment RolesNutrition Expert, Child Care Giver, Cook
Eligibility50% in 10+2 
Placement OpportunitiesCommunity Development Programs, Commercial Restaurant
Similar Options of StudyBachelor of Mass Communication

BA Home Science includes many subjects such as chemistry, physics, physiology, biology, etc. Nutrition, clothing, community living, family relations, etc., aspirants can take up the nutrition field, child care, cooking, hospital attendants, food analysis, BA by sitters, etc.

Courses After 12th Arts: BA (Psychology)

Course NameBA Psychology
AgeNo Bar
Average Fees IncurredINR 5000 – 1 L per annum
Average Salary OfferedINR 4.41 L per annum
Duration3 Years
Employment RolesSchool Counsellor, HR Manager, HR Generalist
Full-FormBachelor of Arts in Psychology
Eligibility55% 12th pass Arts
Placement OpportunitiesDaVita Inc, Capgemini, Xchanging plc, Avenues India Pvt Ltd
Similar Options of StudyBA (English), BA (Journalism), BA (Political Science), etc.
Subjects RequiredSubjects related to the 10+2 commerce stream

After Passing Successfully with Arts, Commerce, and Science stream in 12th (Intermediate) From a recognized Education Board (HSC) Like UP Board, CBSE, etc., students will be eligible to do this course. Generally, 50% of marks are necessary for these courses, but the percentage criteria are not valuable if students want to do their Bachelor of Arts (BA) course from a distance mode.

High Salary Courses After 12th Arts

High Salary CoursesAverage Salary
Air Hostess5.5 LPA
Event Management3-5 LPA
Interior Design3.5 LPA
Fashion Design2-4 LPA
Photography3 LPA
Corporate Law7-8 LPA
Professor4-16 LPA
Graphic Design3-5 LPA

List of Top BA Courses After 12th Arts

CoursesDurationFee (approx.)
BA3 years24587
BA {Hons.}24687
BA Hindi24787
BA In English (BA English)24887
Bachelor In Social Work24987
BA In History (BA History)25087
BA {Hons.} (Sociology)25187
Bachelor Of Library [B.Lib.I.Sc]25287
BA In Political Science25387
BA In Journalism (BA Journalism):25487
BA Home Science25587
BA (Psychology)25687
BA Event Management:25787
BA Audio-Visual Media and Animation Corps:25887
BA Travel and Tourism25987
BA Disaster Management26087
BA Wildlife Photography26187
BA Personal Stylist:26287
BA Jewelry Designing26387
BA Anthropology26487
BA Fine Arts26587
BA Education26687
Bachelor Of Arts in Ancient Indian History26787
BA Computer Application26887
BA Advertising and Brand Management26987
BA Ancient Indian History & Archaeology27087
BA Computer Science27187
BA Economics27287
BA English27387
BA Event Management27487
BA Fashion Design27587
BA Foreign Trade and Practice27687
BA Foreign Trade Management27787
BA Geography27887
BA History27987
BA Home Management28087
BA Hospitality Management28187
BA Hospitality Tourism28287
BA Hospitality Management28387
BA Human Resource Management28487
BA JM28587
BA Mathematics28687
BA Ms28787
BA Philosophy28887
BA Physical Education28987
BA Political Science29087
BA Public Administration29187
BA Public Relations29287
BA Rural Development29387
BA Tourism and Hotel Management29487
BA Visual Communication29587

Courses After 12th Arts: Top Universities

University DurationFee (approx.)
Madurai Kamaraj University Distance Education3 yearsRS.22205
Paraiyar University Distance EducationRS.21920
Paraiyar University Distance EducationRS.21635
Annamalai University Distance EducationRS.21350
Bharathi University Distance EducationRS.21065
Kerala University Distance EducationRS.20780
Andhra University Distance educationRS.20495
Alagappa University Distance EducationRS.20210
Mumbai University Distance EducationRS.19925
Pondicherry University Distance EducationRS.19640
Osmania University Distance EducationRS.19355
Calicut University Distance EducationRS.19070
Kurukshetra University Distance EducationRS.18785

Top Colleges in Delhi for Courses After 12th Arts


Diploma Programs for Arts After 12th

Since diploma courses are an issue, students who have completed their 12th grade have a wide range of job alternatives. Below is a list of the most selective diploma programs that candidates can review.

a photography degree

Certificate in Multimedia

A fine arts degree, a fashion design diploma, a digital marketing diploma, a 3D animation diploma, or a degree in interior design

Psychology Diploma Travel & Tourism Undergraduate Diploma/Certificate in Yoga Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in a foreign language, such as German, French, or Spanish.

VFX/Graphic Design/Visual Arts diploma

Range of Arts Courses After 12th

The 12th grade is a crucial year in a student’s academic career since it serves as a stepping stone to further education and job prospects. Students who studied the arts in high school may find it challenging to choose a career after graduation. As the need for creative and artistic ability increases across a number of industries, art students now have a wider range of career opportunities when they complete their studies in the subject.

Graphic designer: Many animation and film industries need graphic designers to create graphics utilizing a variety of topologies and methods. Because it is simpler to understand any information through videos than through words, everyone searches for information online these days. Freshmen are paid between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 per month with pay. It changes with experience and also depends on the individual’s knowledge.

One of the most difficult competitive tests in India is the Civil Services Exam for the Indian Administrative Service.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, which includes the Indian Police Service.

One of India’s best and fastest-growing businesses is banking, and each year, a number of exams are held to hire bank POs and clerks.

Défense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is a business that creates defines technology in a range of fields, including instrumentation, computer and simulation, naval systems, aeronautics, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, and agriculture.

After completing the BA program, students may apply for the UPSC’s twice-yearly “Combined Defence Services” test for admission to the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Officers Training Academy, and Military.

The responsibility for developing, enhancing, managing, and overseeing civil aviation transportation in India rests with the Airport Authority of India, which reports to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

FAQs Regarding Arts After 12th Courses?

What are the best job options for courses in the arts after 12th grade?

Answer: Your hobbies and skills should be taken into account when choosing an artistic vocation. A number of well-liked professions in the arts are also available, such as fashion designer, attorney, journalist, graphic designer, and hotel manager.

What types of careers are available in the fine arts?

Yes, as an undergraduate in the fine arts, you may decide to pursue programs like a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or a Diploma in Fine Arts. Students have a variety of professional options after graduation, including acting, calligraphy, dance, photography, painting, and applied arts.

Which universities in India provide the best BA LLB programs?

Answer: Some of the top universities for BA LLB degree study include NLSIU Bangalore, NLU Delhi, and NALSAR Hyderabad University.

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