Science Courses for 12th Graders: List, Admission, Best Colleges, and Costs

Science Courses for 12th Graders: List, Admission, Best Colleges, and Costs

Science courses accessible to students beyond the 12th grade include a wide range of topics. The three components of the PCM, PCB, and PCMB of the Science stream let students to select their courses in accordance with their qualifications. Universities in India that focus on online, traditional, and distant learning all offer courses after the 12th grade in science. Most science courses taken after the 12th grade cost between INR 9,000 to INR 2.5 Lac in private, state-run, and other universities.

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High-study-intensity disciplines like physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics are all included in the category of science. Science-related occupations provide an average wage of between INR 6 LPA and INR 10 LPA. A person who wants to work in one of the linked disciplines may select from the B.Sc. in Anthropology, MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, and BDS programs. Students who take science classes can develop the knowledge-based abilities necessary for jobs in disciplines like computer science, biology, geology, engineering, and medicine, among others.

Students may choose to major in science and take courses like B.Tech/BE, BArch, BCA, B.Sc in information technology, BPharma, B.Sc Nursing, etc. Candidates can select engineering programs in a variety of fields from any UGC-recognized university, including aeronautics, automotive, civil, petroleum, structural, construction, power, textile, ceramic, chemical, computer science, biotechnology, electronics, and electrical.

The following requirements must be met in order for students to be admitted to the courses after high school science:


MBBS On the basis of the NEET-UG entrance exam, admission is granted. The age requirement to enter is 17 years old.

Admission to the BSC in Anthropology program at IGNOU will be based on performance on the prior qualifying test.

Upon NEET, Guru Gobind Singh University would grant BAMS admission.

Another well-liked course available at the NEET entrance is BDS.

If one has a background in science, they can apply for admission to the courses mentioned above.

What happens after science 12?

This very broad question frequently causes students to become perplexed when it comes to career choice courses. To make this answer as simple as possible, we are talking about what should be done following the 12th grade. The decision to hire a candidate should take into account both that person’s qualifications and interest in a field relevant to the role. Based on their own tastes, students can select the stream in which they are most interested. Science is a fairly popular field with a broad choice of subjects among the many that students might pick to study.

This article’s goal is to give all students comprehensive information about the different scientific disciplines that the university offers. We also promise that by the end of this article, you will have your questions answered and a new piece of information stored in your memory. When looking into job options for science students, it will be useful to have a grasp of what the science stream comprises. Please continue reading for more details.

What characteristics may a student develop to choose the courses after their 12th grade science?

Science majors can pursue a variety of careers, including those in medicine, IT, engineering, pharmacy, research, data science, and other fields. Students studying science have a wide range of career opportunities. Look at some of the abilities.

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possessing technological thinking

innovative and artistic

experiments with various concepts

seeking to learn both academic and practical information

List of Science Courses After 12th

Students in the scientific stream who have completed the 12th grade can apply for PCB, PCM, and PCMB courses from their list, which is open to them.

Admission to Courses After a 12th-Grade Science

The majority of Indian universities with UGC approval offer year-round admission to science programs. Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, and other universities and organizations welcome students for science courses. Science-related programs like the MBBS, BCA, BTech, and BSc IT are open for applications.

Academic status or results on the entrance exam are the determining factors in admission to the aforementioned programs. After being shortlisted or selected, applicants must finish the application process by sending printed copies and the admissions fee.

If applicants want to be considered for admission, they must decide whether to apply online or offline. The costs must be paid when submitting an application for admission to a science course. The registration price, which can be anywhere between 350 and 2,000 Indian rupees, is typically included in the admission fee at renowned universities.

A student who chooses the science stream in their 12th board can choose a profession in the medical or non-medical disciplines, including medical science, engineering, biochemistry, genetics, pharmaceuticals, forensic science, and other multidisciplinary fields.

Which subject is best for scientific students’ futures after 12th grade?

There are various courses that science students might select for a bright career after completing the 12th grade with science. Engineering (in a variety of specialities), Medicine (MBBS or other healthcare-related professions), Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, environmental science, and astrophysics are some of the courses that are in high demand. The best course will depend on each student’s interests, abilities, and professional objectives. Making an informed decision can be aided by seeking advice from career counsellors, talking to experts in the desired field, and investigating internship or job shadowing opportunities.

Best Science Courses After 12th

The chart below provides a summary of the top courses you can pick from for your future job once you complete your 12th grade education:

CoursesDurationJob OptionsEntrance Exam
Bachelor of Pharmacy4 YearsClinical Researcher, PharmacistGPAT, IPUCET
BSc Nursing4 YearsStaff Nurse, Nursing Service AdministratorNEET UG, AIIMS BSc Nursing, AJEE
BTech4 YearsEngineer, Product Manager, Field ManagerJEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), WBJEE, SRMJEE
BSc3 YearsLecturer, TeacherCUET UG, BHU UET
MBBS5 YearsDoctor, Researcher, Clinic OwnerNEET UG
BPT4.5 YearsSports Physio Rehabilitator, Osteopath, Assistant PhysiotherapistCPNET, IPUCET

Science Courses After 12th Grade: Entrance Test

in order to enrol in a science programme after finishing the 12th grade. Many universities use entrance exams to admit students to their professional and non-professional programmes. Both NEET and JEE are widely accepted, and universities also hold their own admissions tests.   Students with high NEET results can apply to a variety of programmes, including BDS, MBBS, BPT, BMLT, and others. Students must have taken the JEE test to enrol in engineering degrees once they finish grade 12.

The science stream is preferred by the majority of students who want to pursue careers in medicine or other fields. The scientific study of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science is a component of the study of science. Do you understand why these topics are covered in scientific courses?

Admission to PCB Programmes After a Science 12th Grade

Following the 12th science PCB, a variety of fascinating courses are offered, including MBBS, BDS, pharmacy, homoeopathy, basic science, physiotherapy, and many more. Students that enrol in these courses will be given more responsibility and have careers with excellent reputations. Students who enrol in one of these courses may find employment at medical facilities, research facilities, and science labs. A student may search for the following BSc programmes after 12th science PCB in addition to BDS and BHMS:

Courses Science Biology After 12th Absent NEET

For admission to a variety of medical and paramedical programmes, the NEET is not required. Students who failed the NEET or do not want to pursue MBBS/BDS can enrol in a variety of medical degrees that do not require the NEET. We offer a list of medical programmes that don’t require you to take the NEET test if you’re looking for medical education outside of MBBS.

A few of the top courses in biology without a NEET after 12th grade are listed below:

For students looking for science courses after grade 12 that are listed without NEET, the following courses are suggested in light of the science stream.

After-Twelfth-Grade Science Programmes

For students who have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Intermediate school, we have listed the best courses. They can enrol in BDS, MBBS, BSc, BSc (Nursing), BPharma, and other programmes after finishing 12th grade science. The majority of these courses are in the health and science fields. Students can review the content for better understanding in the list that is provided below.

Science After 12th Grade Courses at AIIMS

India’s most renowned university is AIIMS. Delhi is where this university’s main campus is located. Numerous courses are offered at AIIMS, some of which can be continued after the 12th grade. Students who want to enrol in any course at AIIMS must pass the NEET UG exam. The following is a list of some courses that AIIMS offers:

Nursing (post Certificate) MBBS B.Sc.

Nursing Paramedical Courses with a B.Sc. (Hons.)

BSc (Hons) Ophthalmic Procedures

BDS [Bachelor of Dental Surgery] Courses After 12th Science the BDS programme is for students who want to pursue a career in dentistry. Many employment choices are available in India for this 5-year course. Along with academic and practical study, the internship is a requirement for this programme.

Course NameBachelor of Dental Surgery
Admission ProcessEntrance Test
Eligibility10+2 with PCB
Duration4 Years + 1 years (internship)
Fee (Approx.)INR 1,80,000
CollegeTop BDS Colleges in Delhi/NCR

MBBS Courses After 12th Science

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and is the most popular among medical science students in India from the list of courses after 12th science, which is five years long. It is one of the most premium courses in the medical field. Many colleges and institutes require entrance exam scorecards like NEET UG.  

Full formBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Eligibility12th PCB
Duration5 years
Course FeeRs 25,000 to Rs 1,24,512 (per semester)
Top CollegeMaulana Azad Medical College, CMC, Lady Hardinge Medical College

BSc Nursing Courses After 12th Science

BSc Nursing is a 4-year long science course. This program is mainly based on courses in the medical field. B.Sc Nursing has been created to educate students about nursing techniques and skills. Students who have 12th certificate with a science stream can make a good career by studying as professional nurses. courses in the medical field.

CourseBSc Nursing
Duration4 years
Eligibility Criteria10+2 PCB
Average FeeINR 20,000 to 1 Lacks
InstituteAIIMS, RUHS 

BAMS Courses After 12th Science

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a professional course. The entire course contains modern anatomy, medicines, physiology, social and preventive medicines, forensic medicine, the principle of surgery, toxicology, ENT, botany, and pharmacology. Courses After 12th Science

Duration4.5 years
Admission ProcessBy exam
Eligibility12th with PCB
Fee StructureINR 40000

Process for Admission: Online/Offline

Five years and six months.

Qualifications: Science stream in 12th grade, final merit basis

Fee range: 24000 to 30000 INR/Y B.Pharm Courses Science After 12th

After graduating from high school, it takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. In this professional degree, biochemical science and healthcare are combined. After completing this course, there are numerous employment choices accessible, including working in hospitals, caring for asthma patients, checking cholesterol levels, treating diabetes, and more.

Process for Admission: Online/Offline

Time: four years

eligibility: physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology in the science stream at the 12th grade.

Fee range: 24000 to 30000 Indian Rupees per year

The course “Psychology Concepts” in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology explains psychology concepts. The study of behaviour and the mind, encompassing conscious and unconscious events, feelings, and thought, is known as psychology. Students who have completed grade 12 are eligible to enrol in this course.


Online vs. Offline Admissions

Duration: Three Years Course Requirements: Grade 12 or Higher

Fee Structure: Varies by Universities or Institutes, INR 15870-INR 33120/Year.

Botany BSc Courses After completing high school science, students can pursue a three-year undergraduate degree in botany with a focus on the study of plants. Candidates from the 12th grade who are taking PCB courses must pass with marks between 55% and 60%.

Time: 3 years

The annual price ranges from $45,000 to $1,50,000.

After 12th grade science, take a BSc Computer Technology course

Over the course of three years, this course gives students an in-depth education in computer technology. For a candidate interested in computers, it would be the greatest choice. On the basis of university requirements, various universities give admission to the programme.

A minimum of 10+2 from recognised boards is required for the scientific stream.

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture is a three-year graduate programme in science that is pursued in the Science Stream after the 12th grade. who are curious about the agricultural field,

Process of Admission: Online/Offline

: three years

Qualifications: 12th grade or higher in the science stream

Colleges offering BSc programmes for between INR 19941 and INR 23000 per year

Biology BSc Courses Following the 12th grade in science, BSc Biology focuses on biological systems, animal biology, and organism studies.

Online vs. Offline Admissions

three to six years

12th grade or equivalent entry exams are required.

Fee range: 12870 to 33820 rupees per year. From university to university, fees differ as well.

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology courses are available after the 12th grade in science. The majority of students learn how to use modern technology tools that assist biologists in finding disease-causing organisms in our immediate environment. The typical course length is three years. On the basis of merit, this programme gets admitted to many Indian universities.

Science BSc Forestry Courses After 12th

Forest science, environmental science, biology, agriculture, and technology are the main topics covered by a BSc in Forestry.

Online vs. Offline Admissions

: three years

12th grade or equivalent entry exams (such as state- and institute-specific entrance exams) are required for eligibility.

Fee Structure: Varies by Universities or Institutes, INR 15870-INR 33120/Year.

The science of BSc Audiology Courses After 12th focuses mostly with the study of hearing, balance, abnormalities of the auditory system, and hearing aids.

Process of Admission: Online/Offline subject to university

Eligibility: Grade 12 in a science subject; three years

University fees range from INR 20700 to INR 27462/year.

Bahram University Career Point University World University of Design

Central Himachal Pradesh University

BHMS Programmes BHMS, designed for the goal of homoeopathic treatment education, will prove to be a solid career choice after 12th science. because more people have recently been interested in homoeopathic studies. It will take 5.5 years to finish this course.


University of I.E.C. (India Education Centre)

International University of Indus

Information Technology Jaypee University

University of Maharishi Markman Eshwar

Agrasen University, Maharaja

Best Courses for Science after 12th with PCM

Students can only apply for courses following 12th science PCM if they have chosen physics, chemistry, and maths as their primary subjects and have passed the class 12th test from an approved board to be qualified for engineering. those looking for science courses The medical and scientific disciplines are among the best and fastest-growing after 12th grade.

You start a journey that will lead to numerous landmarks in the future when you finish class 12th. Students now have access to a wealth of fantastic chances to succeed in their careers. Aspirants are advised to investigate numerous courses after completing their 12th science PCM in order to identify their particular preferences and appropriate subjects for them.

Following their completion of 12th grade science, individuals can pursue the outstanding and in-demand degrees listed below:

engineering bachelor’s degree

Bachelor of Architecture, or B.Arch

Physics BSc

Mathematics BSc

BTech, or bachelor of technology

Physics BSc. B.Des Science Hons Courses After 12th

Physics Bachelor of Science After the 12th grade, there is a scientific programme called Hons with a math track. The programme, which lasts three years, teaches students about physics.

Online or offline admissions processes vary each university.

: three years

Eligibility: Science in 12th grade or equivalent Mathematical Subject: Stream

Cost of BSc in Computer Science Courses After 12th Grade: INR 18000 – INR 25000

The three-year undergraduate programme leading to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science emphasises the study of disciplines and topics related to computers.

undergraduate level, semester-based examination format

12th grade eligibility with a minimum of 50%

Length 3 Years

Under six lakhs in course fees

Average Annual Salary: INR 5-7 Lac

enrolment procedure merit-based admissions testing

Best Programmes for Science After 12th

There are numerous Medical Science courses available if you decide to pursue a profession in medicine after graduating from high school. With a medical science degree, you can work as a doctor, a public health worker, or an oncologist, among other occupations in the healthcare industry. Depending on the course they want to take, students can complete these degrees in 4 to 5.5 years. From the following list of the greatest science courses for those who have completed their 12th grade:

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)BSc in Medical Imaging TechnologyBMLT (Medical Lab Technology)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Bachelor of Veterinary Science Bachelor in Pharmacy
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry Dietician 
BAMSBachelor of Physiotherapy Hospital Management 
BUMS B.Sc. Dairy TechnologyParamedical Courses
BSc in RadiologyB.Sc. Home ScienceClinical Psychology Courses
BSc in NursingBiotechnologyNaturopathy Courses
BSc in Nuclear Medical TechnologyBOT (Occupational Therapy)Integrated M.Sc

Science After 12th Grade Courses with PCMB

Post-12th PCMB: After 12th year science, it might be difficult for students to pick between the engineering and medical streams. Students who have passed the PCMB 12th class are eligible to apply for the PCMB program since it gives them the freedom to select the subjects that most interest them. BSc, BSci, BSci, etc. Additionally, after completing their 12th grade science PCMB, students can enroll in BSc programs like B.Sc. (Hons), B.Sc. (Nursing), etc. that you can take PCMB courses after getting your 12th grade diploma and that the greatest course after PCMB is? There are various after-second-grade scientific career possibilities, including PCMB career options like dentist, dermatologist, dietician, nutritionist, ENT specialist, and many more, so learners don’t need to worry about their future careers.

After 12th science PCMB, what?

Every year, the vast majority of students enrol in courses after the 12th PCMB. Many students think about what they will do after finishing science in the 12th grade or what classes they will enroll in. For such pupils, the list of courses after the 12th science PCMB is as follows:

degree in architecture

degree in science

Chemistry bachelor of science

Ph.D. in pharmacy

BS in dental surgery

Nursery Science Bachelor’s degree

Industrial Chemistry as a major

Given the aforementioned courses, most 12th-graders choose to pursue careers in science.

PCMB Career Options Chart after the 12th

High attention span and technical proficiency are required for the high school subject PCMB. However, depending on the courses they choose, students can wind up with lucrative deals and in-demand employment.





Engineer in Biochemistry

Scientist in Forensics

Pharmacist Airline Pilot Courses Without an Entrance Exam After a Science 12th Grade

Many institutions provide admission without an entrance exam for courses taken after 12th grade science. Students who have finished the 12th grade can enroll in programs including BFA, BSc, Bachelor in Fashion Designing, and more. The 10+2 science test is used to determine admission to these programmes.

After completing their 12th year of science, students have further possibilities besides degrees in engineering and medical. In addition to the courses listed above, a variety of other courses are also offered without any entrance tests. Your class 12 grades may allow you to enroll in quality scientific courses. The prizes are the same for all of them. The science course you select will have a significant impact on your future. The courses in this category are mentioned below.

Physics major

Mathematics major

BSc in speech-language pathology and audiology

Genetics Bachelor of Science

Computer Applications Bachelor (BCA)

Chemistry major

undergraduate degree in respiratory therapy

Cardiovascular Technology Bachelor of Science

Botany, B.Sc.

Nutritional Science Bachelor’s degree

Art Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts is the formal name for this degree. After completing 12 courses, students may apply right away. Students from all streams are becoming more and more enamoured with this course because it covers all the subjects that aren’t typically covered in school curricula or taken as a 6th subject to help students who fail any of the main subjects. However, everyone has noticed that after 12 years, students with BFA degrees who earn high salaries have more career options available to them.

Networking and Hardware Bachelor of Science

Hardware and networking, commonly referred to as network tools or computer networking devices, are tangible objects required for data transfer between computers connected to a network or for computer-to-computer communication. This is one of the top courses after 12 science courses. The majority of people rate this course as the greatest post-secondary degree. It is a three-year regular/distance course that covers every facet of networking and hardware.

Process of Admission: Online/Offline subject to university

Course eligibility: 12th grade or its equivalent with a science stream; duration: three years

Fee Schedule: 23000 to 50000 Indian Rupees per Year


University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lala Lajpat Rai Maharana Pratap Horticultural University

Maharishi Valmiki University of Sanskrit

Universitas Maharishi Dayananda

Mullane and Maharishi Markman Eshwar

Digital media bachelor’s degree

A knowledge course in the production of digital media is a bachelor’s in digital media. After 12th grade science, this is a 3-year course. For this course, there are no age restrictions. When you have a 12th grade science or equivalent, apply for these courses.

Process for Admission: Online/Offline

Minimum 3 Years, please

Eligibility: 12th in Science Stream Fee Range: INR 24000-INR 30000/Y Institutions of Higher Learning

Ashoka College

BSc Colleges at Bhagat Phool Singh Mahala Vishwavidyalaya in Mumbai

Chandigarh BSc Colleges

degree in fashion design

The Bachelor of Fashion Design is a course at the undergraduate level. This is one of three years of creatively challenging classes you can take after your 12th grade science. There are six semesters in the programme. Typically, this course teaches its pupils how to create clothing, jewelry, and other items. Analytical Drawing, Basic Computer Studies, Elements of Design, English Communication, Fashion Illustration, Design, and other topics are some of the core themes of BSc fashion design.


Haryana Central University

Universitas Chaudhary Bansi Lal

School of Chaudhary Devi Lal

Ape jay Stay College

List of Top BSc Courses After 12th Science The following courses are included for BSc after 12th science:

CoursesDuration  Fees
BSc Telecommunication3 YearINR 18274
BSc Software Engineering3 YearINR 16390
BSc Psychology3 YearINR 19790
BSc Physics3 YearINR 16546
BSc Physical Sciences3 YearINR 16156
BSc Multimedia3 YearINR 16078
BSc Microbiology3 YearINR 16624
BSc Medical Laboratory Technology3 YearINR 16312
BSc Mass Communication3 YearINR 16234
BSc Jewellery Design3 YearINR 16234
BSc IT3 YearINR 16468
BSc Hotel Management Tourism3 YearINR 16780
BSc Hons Microbiology3 YearINR 16702
BSc Hons Botany3 YearINR 20548
BSc Home Science3 YearINR 16000
BSc Hardware & Networking3 YearINR 18274
BSc Geology3 YearINR 16758
BSc Geography3 YearINR 17516
BSc Fire and Safety3 YearINR 16758
BSc Environmental Science3 YearINR 20548
BSc Electronics3 YearINR 19032
BSc Economics3 YearINR 16000
BSc Digital Media3 YearINR 21306
BSc Botany3 YearINR 16000
BSc Agriculture3 YearINR 17516
BSc (Hons.) Physics3 YearINR 19032
BSc (Electronics & Communication)3 YearINR 19790

Career Opportunities After Science Courses

After 12th science, a student has many career options from which he can choose. Given Below are career opportunities after 12th science that a student pursues:

Civil EngineerBiotechnologistTeacher
Mechanical EngineerSoftware EngineerIT Engineer
Electrical EngineerSoftware DeveloperDatabase Manager
Computer Science EngineerWeb Designer and DeveloperDatabase Security Professional
ArchitectComputer ProgrammerClinical Nursing
Interior DesignerDefence ServicesClinical Research Associate
DoctorGovt. JobsPharmacist
ScientistLecturerPublic Health Nursing

Courses After 12th Science with High Salary

CoursesSalary Per Year
Pharma D2 Lakhs
B. Pharm2.5 Lakhs
BCA3.5 Lakhs
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management6 Lakhs
Bachelor in Statistics7 Lakhs
Bachelor in Computer Application5 Lakhs
B.Sc in IT and Software2 Lakhs

Science Courses After 12th Conclusion

Isn’t all of this knowledge useful? A career in science is both extremely professional and fascinating. The Science stream is divided into Group A and Group B. Engineering students should apply to Group-A (Mathematics), whereas those interested in pursuing doctoral programs should apply to Group-B (Biology).

After passing the 12th board exams, there are numerous career routes to choose from in the scientific sector. According to their interests and chosen science stream, students with an emphasis on science also have the option of continuing their education in those fields by enrolling in Master’s, Ph.D., and other pertinent professional degree programs. This blog aims to provide any information you could need regarding what to do after passing the 12th board in the scientific stream.

After 12th Science Courses List with Salary

Course NamePotential Salary Range (INR)
Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.)3-15+ Lakh Per Annum
Medicine (MBBS)8-25+ Lakh Per Annum
Architecture (B.Arch)3-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Pharmacy (B.Pharm)2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Biotechnology3-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Nursing2-5+ Lakh Per Annum
Physiotherapy2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Dentistry (BDS)4-10+ Lakh Per Annum
Veterinary Science3-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Agriculture3-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Aviation3-12+ Lakh Per Annum
Computer Science3-10+ Lakh Per Annum
Data Science4-15+ Lakh Per Annum
Artificial Intelligence4-20+ Lakh Per Annum
Mathematics2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Physics2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Chemistry2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Environmental Science2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Geology3-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Marine Biology3-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Forensic Science2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Hotel Management2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Event Management2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Fashion Design2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Interior Design2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Film and Television2-10+ Lakh Per Annum
Media and Journalism2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Animation and Multimedia2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Graphic Design2-6+ Lakh Per Annum
Law3-10+ Lakh Per Annum
Commerce2-8+ Lakh Per Annum
Chartered Accountancy (CA)6-30+ Lakh Per Annum
Company Secretary (CS)4-15+ Lakh Per Annum
Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)4-12+ Lakh Per Annum

FAQs about Courses After 12th Science

When a student has finished the 12th grade, how may they pursue a career in science?

Ans: Science majors have a wide choice of job alternatives available to them after completing their 12th grade, including MBBS, engineering, BSc, B.Tech, and BPharm.

Which science field offers the best compensation in terms of demand?

The answer is that one can pursue a career in any area of science. The most lucrative professions, however, include those of commercial pilots, nuclear engineers, MBBS/BDS graduates, and psychologists.

Which course is uncommon following a 12th grade science?

Ans. After completing 12th grade science, candidates can enroll for special courses in the design industry. These include ceramic and glass design, bachelor of design in fashion communication, bachelor of design in animation film, bachelor of design in knitwear design, bachelor of design in textile design, bachelor of interior design, bachelor of design in accessory design, etc.

Which course is recommended as a follow-up to 12 science B group?

Students can look into programs like the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma), the B.Sc. in Information Technology and Software, the BEMS, Homeopathy, Unani, etc.

What choices does a student have after the course for the 12-science b group?

Ans. Because Group B is separated into three areas—Physics, Chemistry, and Biology—the courses that are offered for this group fall into one of these three categories. Following is a list of science courses for the b group after 12th grade: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Technology, or Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, among others

Which course offers greater career chances, question 6?

Ans: There are a variety of well-liked courses, but some of them offer greater job prospects than others. These include engineering, LLB (bachelor of law), medicine/MBBS, bachelor of statistics, bachelor of computer application, bachelor of science in IT & software, and bachelor of science in hotel management.

Which field of study is ideal for the future of science?

A few courses are a suitable alternative for students furthering their studies in science, however various students have varied interests and future goals after completing their 12th grade scientific coursework. BE Biotechnology, BSc in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, BSc in Biotechnology, ME in Biotechnology, MSc in Biotechnology, BTech Biotechnology, Bachelor in Biotechnology, and MTech Biotechnology are a few examples of these programmes.

Which course, after science in 12th grade, is simple?

Ans: After graduating from high school, many students in the science field want to know which course will be the simplest. After completing a 12th-grade scientific course, there are several courses that are regarded as being simple, such as app development, animation and graphic design, web design, digital marketing, MS Office proficiency, etc.

What High Salary Courses Without NEET Are Available After 12th Grade Science?

Ans: There are numerous courses available after 12th grade science PCB without NEET. Such programs include the B.Sc. in medical imaging technology (63 lakhs per year), the B.Sc. in paramedical technology (58 lakhs per year), the B.Sc. in optometry (86 lakhs per year), the B.Sc. in forensic science (41 lakhs per year), etc.

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