Admission for the Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science | Eligibility, Best Colleges, & Fee

Admission for the Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science | Eligibility, Best Colleges, & Fee

Admission for the Diploma in AI and Data Science 2023–24: A diploma-level course is the diploma in AI & Data Science. One year is allotted for the course. The course on AI and data science aims to establish a factual foundation for AI subjects to prepare students for careers in AI and to draw on expertise from ongoing business requirements. Case studies on autonomous driving, healthcare, natural language processing, and other topics. Since AI and Data Science are the most sought-after emerging technologies, more students Favor research in these fields.

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Exams for admission include the AP PGECET, SKUCET, and CET-PG for the full-form Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Eligibility: Class 10+2 completed with a 50% grade.

Average Fee: 1.5 to 2.5 lakh Indian Rupees per year

Earnings Range: INR 3 to 12 Lakhs

The most sought-after job profiles are those for data scientists, analysts, specialists, Python data engineers, enthusiastic data scientists, and data engineers.

Ai & Data Science Diploma Admission Highlights

Course NameDiploma in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam and Merit-Based
Full-FormDiploma in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Duration01 Year
Average Salary OfferedINR 03 to 12 Lakhs
Average Fee IncurredINR 1.5 to 2.5 Lakh per year
EligibilityPassed Class 10+2 with 50% marks from a recognized board

Admission for the Diploma in AI and Data Science 2023–24

A one-year diploma program in artificial intelligence and data science is available. The goal of this diploma program is to teach students the fundamental Artificial Intelligence & Data Science abilities needed to succeed in today’s competitive corporate world. This degree program is offered by several universities.

Data science and artificial intelligence are two fields that study statistical methods with computer algorithms. Many tools are utilized in data science, but some of them are also employed in artificial intelligence.

There are various phases involved in employing science tools to analyse the data. A prediction model that was developed to predict future events is applied using artificial intelligence. Data science is a field of study that is applied to analysis, visualization, and pre-processing. Most research students are impressed by the new method known as artificial intelligence and data science.

Students were taught machine or computer-understood languages in the undergraduate Artificial Intelligence degree so that people might communicate with them to carry out such tasks. Popular computer languages taught to BTech students during their studies include JAVA, Prolong, Lisp, R, and Python. The student would have improved professional options after completing the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science diploma program.

Admission Requirements for AI & Data Science Diploma

A student can enroll in a program for a diploma in AI and data science if they have completed their 10+2 requirements from an established board in India.

Merit from the 10+2 test and other entrance exams that certain institutes may hold are used to determine admissions.

Depending on the type of institute (government or private) and location, the typical price ranges from 7000 to 05 lakhs INR.

Costs for the Admissions Course for a Diploma in AI and Data Science

The typical salary for AI and data science is between INR 1.5 and 2.5 lakh per year.

Admissions for the Diploma in AI and Data Science 2023–24

The applicant must have a grade of 12 in science from an accredited board or higher. Some institutions use the relevant admittance exam to choose deserving candidates. Some organizations administer certification exams to choose deserving candidates. In some institutions, direct admission is an option.

The following admission exam is administered by the institutes for the diploma in AI and data science.

AP PGECET, or Post Graduate Engineering Common Entrance Test

CET-PG, the common entrance exam for Punjab University

RU PGCET, or Rayalaseema University’s PG Common Entrance Test.

Common Entrance Examination for Sri Krishna dev Araya University (SKUCET)

Salary Provided

In India, incomes for diploma holders range from INR 03 LPA to INR 12 LPA, with higher pay being offered by respected businesses. Jobs in artificial intelligence include business intelligence analyst, artificial intelligence engineer, and artificial intelligence analyst.

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Science Specialist, Python Data Engineer, Enthusiastic Data Scientist, and Data Engineer are all positions in the data science sector.

All Day

This course is offered full-time. From university to university, its length varies. Typically, it takes between one to four years, depending on the diploma.

Admission Syllabus for the Diploma in AI and Data Science

Pre-Preparatory ContentStatistics Essential
Introduction To Python for Data AnalysisAnalytics Problem Solving
Python For Data ScienceInvestment Assignment
Math For Machine LearningInferential Statistics
Data Visualisation in PythonHypothesis Testing
Data Analysis Using SQLExploratory Data Analysis
Advanced SQL
Machine Learning – 1Machine Learning – Ii
Linear RegressionAdvanced Regression
Linear Regression AssignmentSupport Vector Machine (Optional)
Logistic RegressionTree Models
Naive BayesModel Selection – Practical Considerations
Model SelectionBoosting
Unsupervised Learning: Clustering
Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis
Natural Language ProcessingDeep Learning
Lexical ProcessingIntroduction To Neural Networks
Syntactic ProcessingSyntactic Processing
Syntactic Processing-AssignmentNeural Networks – Assignment
Semantic ProcessingConvolutional Neural Networks -Industry Applications
Building Chatbots with RasaRecurrent Neural Networks
Neural Networks Project-Gesture Recognition
Reinforcement LearningReinforcement Learning
Classical Reinforcement LearningDeep Reinforcement Learning
Assignment -ClassicalReinforcement Learning Project

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