Admission for the Diploma in X-Ray Technology | Fee, Eligibility, Syllabus

Admission for the Diploma in X-Ray Technology | Fee, Eligibility, Syllabus

Admission 2023–2024 for an X-ray technology diploma: Students who complete a diploma programme in X-ray technology—also known as radiography, radiotechnology, or radiography—become experts who employ X-rays to carry out diagnostic imaging treatments. The candidates receive training to assist doctors and radiologists with diagnosis, image capture, and X-ray equipment operation. There are details on admission to the Diploma in X-ray Technology that students can check out:

Admission requirements for diploma X-ray technology are based on merit and performance on the entrance exam. According to the merit standards, the minimum requirement is completion of the intermediate level. Candidates who met the requirements for this level should have scored at least 50% on the most recent set of yearly exams.

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Its areas of expertise include paediatric radiography, interventional radiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, and a few others. Since after completing this diploma course, one can continue pursuing a UG, PG, or Ph.D. degree, the candidates choose these specialisations based on their interest in continuing the field at higher levels of learning.

Admissions requirements for an X-ray technology diploma: Following are a few guidelines that applicants should adhere to in order to finish the process:

Application: Submit your completed application form after properly filling it out with all the necessary information to start the admissions process. The supporting paperwork, such as a bank challan, a letter of recommendation, and academic transcripts, must be joined.

X-Ray Technology Diploma Exams: The AP POLYCET, TS POLYCET, and JEECUP admission exams are used to choose students. Other tests are given at the institute level, while these are the state-level exams.

Student interviews are conducted in order to evaluate students’ abilities in areas such as collaboration, communication, and interpersonal relations. The authorities check the candidates’ documentation in this step.

Merit-Based Selection: Some institutions also choose candidates based on their most recent academic results.

Highlights of the X-Ray Technology diploma

Course NameDiploma in X-Ray Technology
Admission ProcessEntrance exam-based (May also look at graduation percentage) / Merit Based
Full-Form of MD TechnologyDiploma in X-Ray Technology
Duration2 Years
Course feeBetween INR 2 lac to 3 lac
Average SalaryINR 2.5 to 7 LPA
Eligibility12th completion

Admission 2023: Diploma in X-Ray Technology

Admission to Diploma in X-Ray Technology programmes is determined by a merit list and entrance exam at various colleges and institutions. To apply, students must pass their 12th-grade exam. The entrance exam must be passed by applicants in order to move forward with the admissions process. Merit-based outcomes are also accepted by a few universities. Students should also have a background in science, and PCM classes are crucial.

For this programme, you must have a diploma from an accredited institution with at least a 12th-class grade. This course is offered by some universities with admissions based on merit. Courses for the X-Ray Technology diploma are broken up into four semesters. Radiography, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, haematology, electrocardiography, image acquisition, and other topics are all available to students.

Qualifications for Admission to the Diploma in X-Ray Technology Programme

A 12th-class education is the minimum requirement for entrance to the X-Ray Technology Diploma programme.

Few institutes additionally administer a pre-admission test, and XTD admissions are typically given on the basis of merit.

Popular colleges that annually provide this diploma are Om Sai Para Medical College and MCAHSMS Pattana mitmita.

The cost of this course varies depending on the college, however on average, XTD costs between INR 50K and INR 70K annually.

A few renowned institutions also offer entrance-based admission for this course.

No, the university allows enrollment in this course via distance learning.

Admission costs for a diploma in X-ray technology

By online learning, the total annual costs for a diploma in X-ray technology range from 2 to 3 lac rupees.

Admission Salary for an X-Ray Technology Diploma

An X-Ray tech’s yearly salary might range from INR 2.5 to 7 LPA. Although X-ray technology is used in all medical disciplines, these people are most usually found working in government hospitals, medical labs, doctor’s offices, writing for the medical sector, private clinics, etc.

Job Profiles for X-Ray Technology Diploma

Radiologist Teacher/Lecturer Consultant Diploma in X-Ray Technology Admission Syllabus Radiologist Assistant X-Ray Technician X-Ray Testing Technician

1st Year2nd Year
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyRadio Diagnostic Result Correlation
Radiographic Techniques and DiagnosticClinical Haematology, Chemistry, and Urinalysis
radio diagnostic Radiography EquipmentDiagnostic Radiography
Radiography: Patient Care and Hospital PracticeRadiographic Techniques
Basics of RadiographyRadiographic Image Acquisition
ElectrocardiographyBasic Physics

Diploma in X-Ray Technology Admission Career Options and Job Prospects

X-ray technology graduate diploma employment alternatives and job prospects are vast in the quickly growing healthcare business. A job in radiography may be attainable with an X-Ray Technology diploma. These jobs are available to you if you have a diploma in X-ray technology.

  • Private and public hospitals
  • Medical Laboratories, Public and Private
  • Radiology Laboratories
  • Centres for Outpatient Care

Under any of these occupational categories, candidates can pursue a reliable career path in radiology or radiography. The following are some typical work positions for graduates with a diploma in X-ray technology in India.

  • Assistant Radiologist
  • Radiography Technician, Imaging
  • Technician in radiography
  • Assistant X-Ray Technician
  • Consultant Radiologist
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • X-Ray Testing Technician.

Best College for Diploma in X-Ray Technology

There are of best colleges for admission in India list are mentioned below. The list can vary.

Best Colleges
Institute of Paramedical TechnologyDelhi
Excel Group of InstitutesNamaka
Holy family college of NursingDelhi
ITM universityGwalior
The Kaveri Polytechnic CollegeSalem
academy of allied health sciencesKolkata

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