Admission for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry | Eligibility, Best Colleges, Cost, & Syllabus

Admission for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry | Eligibility, Best Colleges, Cost, & Syllabus

Admission 2023–2024 for the Textile Chemistry Diploma: In India, one of the most sought-after diplomas is one in the textile sector. Some colleges grant these certificates based on completion of the 10th grade with a 50% average. This is a bachelor’s degree. The learner gains knowledge about how to research the different types of fibbers, such as natural, synthetic, and manufactured fires.

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The chemist specialist but in the textile, sector will be best familiar with textile chemistry. The goal of this course was to apply chemistry to address a problem in the textile business. India has a significant need for it.

The well-known universities that provide textile chemistry diplomas include RGP Gola hat, MSUB Vadodara, and VJTI Mumbai.

Highlights of a textile chemistry diploma

Course NameDiploma in Textile Chemistry
Admission ProcessMerit-Based, Entrance Exam
Duration03 Years
Average Fee35K to 75K per year
Salary OfferedINR 03 Lakhs to 06 Lakhs per annum
EligibilityMust pass class 10th with 50% marks from a recognized board
Suggested UniversityAzim Premji University

Admission 2023–2024 for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry

After finishing the tenth grade, you can take a diploma course in textile chemistry. These certifications fall within the category of applied chemistry. For the purpose of understanding the chemical components and applications in textiles, this diploma program requires prior chemistry knowledge. The DTC might be finished in little more than three years. The curriculum is broken up into six semesters, each lasting six months. The students who want to work in the textile business would benefit from this diploma.

The study of textile fibre, yarn formation, fabric formation, chemical processing for textiles, applied mechanics, statistics, textile testing and instruments, design and structure of fabric, instrumentation and control, information technology in textile, etc. are all covered in the curriculum for this diploma.

Students who complete the textile chemistry diploma program are better prepared to pursue advanced degrees such the M.Tech, ME, M.Phil, and Ph.D.

Colleges, universities, dyeing companies, fashion outlets, textile industries, research centres, etc. are top employers for people with this textile diploma.

Teachers, lecturers, operations trainees, medical textile engineers, process engineers, research associates, technologists, and other positions are available to those with such diplomas.

A textile engineering diploma in textile chemistry is known as a D.T.C. The sort of chemistry used is textile chemistry, which is the application of fundamental chemistry concepts to the understanding of textile materials. Clothing chemists creatively transform materials into new items that manufacturers can employ for a variety of purposes. The many types of fabric fibres are also well understood by the students.

Admission Requirements for a Textile Chemistry Diploma

The minimum educational requirement for admission to DTC is either a 10th or 12th-class diploma.

Admission to this diploma program is based on merit, while some institutions also hold entrance tests for it.

The price tag for DTC ranges from 35K to 75K yearly.

A 10th or 12th grade education must be the minimum requirement for admission to DTC.

The AUEET, APIIT NAT, AMUEEE, and AAEEE are a few of the admission exams for this diploma.

No university provides admission to the program for part-time or online study.

Fee Schedule

35,000 to 75,000 per year is the typical admissions cost for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry program.

Admissions for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry 2023–24

The student must have received a grade of “C” or better on the 12th from the required board in order to be admitted to the textile chemistry diploma program. certain colleges provide both direct admission and certain entrance exams prior to admission.

Admission Tests for the Diploma in Textile Chemistry

Several typical entrance exams for the textile chemistry diploma.


Instant Admission

Some colleges merely accept the entry money and do not require tests for admittance. The sole essential need is passing the exam given by the recognized board.

Salary Provided

The average annual wage for a textile chemist is between INR 03 Lac and 06 Lac.

Different Courses

The institutions exclusively provide full-time, on-campus education. No part-time courses are offered.

Admission Syllabus for a Diploma in Textile Chemistry

Sr. No.Subjects of Study 
1Textile Fibre
2Yarn Formation
3Fabric Formation
4Chemical processing of Textile
5Textile Testing and instruments
6Applied Mechanics
8Chemical Processing of Textiles Lab
9Computer Application in Textiles
10Design and Structure of Fabric
11Instrumentation & Control
12Information Technology in Textile
13Values and Ethics in Profession

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