The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an educational board in India that provides flexible learning opportunities to students through open and distance education.

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an educational board in India that provides flexible learning opportunities to students through open and distance education.

The government’s Ministry of Education oversees the autonomous National Institute of Open Schooling. started as an initiative by the Central Board of Secondary Education in 1979. Additionally, it has amalgamated with the National Open School, which has been given the responsibility of certifying and assessing students up to the pre-degree level. Targeting minorities and disadvantaged youth in the population, this board’s primary goal is to provide high-quality education using distance learning technologies.

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According to the Indian government, the sole purpose of this board is:

delivering pertinent education through an open and distance learning system up to the pre-degree level
Highlights of reaching the unreached:

“Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development” is the inspiring mission statement of the National Institute of Open Schooling in New Delhi. This offers elementary and secondary academic instruction. offers opportunities for vocational training. ardently supports student research and development and promotes their active involvement in initiatives. Additionally, it offers services for learner assistance and teacher training.


National Institute of Open Schooling is regarded as the leading open board with the Central Board of Secondary Education among the List of Open Boards in India, which totals roughly 73. There are several Open Boards for each state, but this institute rates among the best because of its superior educational standards and research successes. The fact that practically all universities and educational institutions accept it is very significant. ENTRANCE PROCESS

The three main admissions streams into NIOS are Stream 1 (Block 2), On-Demand, and NEPIA (exclusive for the Army). To write their exams by March/April 2022, candidates who want to pass the class 10 and 12 exams may apply under this stream. For individuals who have taken exams with other boards but were unsuccessful, stream 2 admission is available. Under this stream, failed mark sheets, passport-size pictures, and guardian information are required. A very unique On-Demand Examination System is covered in Stream 3. This stream’s admissions are offered year-round and are primarily targeted at students who have completed their secondary education and want to improve or refresh their credentials. The online application form can be filled out on their official website ( and submitted there together with all the required supporting documentation for the chosen stream.


The following dates are the ones that are now the most crucial; for updates regarding the National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi, admission dates.

Awards and accomplishments:

The largest and most legitimate open school board is this one that has official authorization. Since its founding, it has significantly advanced and educated more than 2.59 billion students. In compared to other boards like the Central Board of Secondary Education, the educational certifications produced by the NIOS are equally valued. Among this institution’s illustrious achievements are the UNESCO International Literacy Prize, the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, the Ncpedp Mphasis Universal Design Awards 2012, and the Web Ratna Awards.


The National Institute of Open Schooling has a fantastic online library where you can search and order books to read depending on the titles, subjects, authors, and publishing years. All of the books are available for download in a zip file, which can then be opened and read. This can be stored on discs and computer systems for future reference. After installing DAISY 2.0, another option is to read the books in DAISY format.


Students can enrol in the following courses through open distance learning:

Course in Secondary Education
Course in Senior Secondary Education
Vocational Education Programmes and Courses
Life-enriching Activities

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