Admission to TNAU’s distance education program? | Highlights | Courses, Fee

Admission to TNAU's distance education program? | Highlights | Courses, Fee

Admission to TNAU Distance Education 2023: The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University does not provide distant learning courses. Applications for regular classes in the next session will soon be accepted by TNAU. Students interested in the agriculture industry can take courses there. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and diploma degrees in agriculture, a related discipline.

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In 1971, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University was founded. In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, there is a state-run institution of higher learning. In order to offer distance learning courses, TNAU established the Directorate of Open & remote Learning in 2005. The courses are authorized by the University Grant Commission.

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is one of the Indian universities that offers top-notch distance learning. Its courses, which are offered in a variety of agricultural sciences areas, are specifically focused on the agricultural side. It offers distant learning for courses up to and including the graduate level.

Highlights of TNAU Distance Education

University NameTamil Nadu Agricultural University
LocationCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Offered CoursesDiploma, PG Diploma, Certificate courses
Approved ByUGC
FeeTNAU Fee Structure

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University does not currently provide distance learning as a means of getting a degree. TNAU does not

provide programs for distance learning. The major goal of this article is to facilitate information sharing.

TNAU Admission for Distance Learning?

The next session’s admissions period will soon begin at TNAU. To complete the registration form, interested candidates should go to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s official website.

A fundamental standard for student admissions is based on the candidate’s performance in relation to the most recent qualification and in the most recent exam that was passed. The admission requirements in no way incorporate the entrance exam. Applying online is made simpler by TNAU distance education by using their application platform.

The TNUA offers distance education admissions for a variety of UG programs, including BSc, B-Tech, and BS degrees in topics including agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, Agri-Business management, etc. On the PG scale, it offers a two-year MSc degree program in the aforementioned subjects.

The eligibility requirements for UG courses are based on the students’ marks in the 10+2 final exam from a recognized board or institution.

Students must have received more than 50% of the possible points on their bachelor’s final test in order to be selected, which is another need for admission to graduate programs.

The cost is 600 INR for general candidates and 300 INR for reserved candidates.

Admission to the TNAU Diploma Program?

Diploma courses in a variety of specialities, including Farm Technology, Horticultural Technologies, Quality Control in Agri-Warehousing, and Herbal Science, are available through TNAU distance learning. All diploma programs offered by TNAU distance learning are one year long and cost Rs 10,000 every semester. The minimal requirement for qualifying is a passing grade on the 10+2 exam, and Tamil is the language of teaching.

Admission to the TNAU Graduate Diploma Online Program?

The university offers postgraduate diploma programs in addition to diploma programs with a focus on agriculture-related subjects such tea plantation management, sugarcane technology, organic agriculture, food biotechnology, and a variety of other fields.

Candidates must be in possession of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject of study in order to be considered for admission to the program. The average course fee for Post Graduate Diploma programs offered through TNAU’s distant learning program is Rs 13,000 each semester.

TNAU Certificate of Distance Education Admission?

Numerous certificate programs with promising job prospects are offered through TNAU Distance Education. Students who want to apply must have completed their 10th grade and be at least 18 years old. Six months is the bare minimum for a course. It costs about Rs 2500 for all courses.

How to Apply for Distance Education at TNAU?

For TNAU courses, online admissions are available. On the university’s official website, you can access the application form. Applications for certificates and diplomas are available. Before the deadline, applications must be filed. Candidates must pay the admission fee after submitting their application. All of the information on TNAU Admissions is contained in this article.

List of TNAU Diploma Programs

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University offers a number of diploma programs.

Horticultural technologies diploma Farm machinery and its maintenance diploma Farm technology diploma

Agri-Warehousing Quality Control Diploma

Diplomas in Herbal Science, Sugarcane Technology, Coconut Production Technology, Organic Agriculture, and the Production of Bio-Fertilizers and Biocontrol Agents are also available.

ln conjunction with PSG College of Pharmacy, a diploma in food science and processing a diploma in production and quality control in medicinal plants

Kothari Agricultural Management Centre, Conor and the Diploma in Tea Plantation Management

List of TNAU Certificate Programs

Planting Flowers Small Millets Value Addition and Cultivation

generation of rice and maize seeds

Ethnic Veterinary Practices (EVP) are utilized for common cattle and poultry diseases certified seed production in vegetable crops

Hybrid Seed Production in Maize Farm Waste Management for Dry and Arid Zones to Improve Soil Health

Conor’s Kothari Agricultural Management Centre)

Agri-based Textile Finishers for the Development of Entrepreneurship

Commercial agroforestry

Management of Weeds Production of Fodder

For further certificate programs, go here.

List of Colleges with TNAU Distance Education Affiliates

Indian Institute of Crop Processing TechnologyThanjavur, Tamil Nadu1967Government
Agricultural Engineering College and Research InstituteCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu1972Government
Agricultural Engineering College and Research InstituteCumulus, Tamil Nadu1992Private
Agricultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, CoimbatoreCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu1906Government
Fisheries College and Research Institute, ToothedToothed, Tamil Nadu1977Government
Forest College and Research Institute, MetaplayMetaplay, Tamil Nadu1985Government

TNAU Distance Education Faculty

Name of Faculty Designation
Prof. RamasamyVice-Chancellor
Dr. P. NagarajanProfessor and Head
Dr. V.v. KrishnamurthyProfessor and Head
Dr. E. SomasundaramProfessor and Head
Dr. P. GovindarajanProfessor and Head
Dr. D. SudhakarProfessor and Head
Dr. M. ChandrasekaranProfessor and Head
Dr. S.d. SivakumarProfessor and Head

TNAU Distance Education Contact Details

  • Address: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Lawley Road, Coimbatore 641003, India
    [email protected]

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