Admission to the MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education Program: Eligibility & Timeframe

Admission to the MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education Program: Eligibility & Timeframe

Distance learning for the MSc Food & Nutrition: A postgraduate distance learning program with a minimum of two years’ duration is called MSc Food & Nutrition. In this online MSc program, students have the opportunity to study a variety of nutrition and food management topics.

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In the MSc Food and Nutrition Science distance learning program, students can specialize in a field of interest and advance their current applicable qualifications. As they prepare for a fulfilling career, students will acquire practical skills and conduct in-depth studies of food and nutrition.

Current update

Admission for the July 2023 session of the MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education program will shortly open.

Distance MSc admission is now being offered by Mumbai University. Before the deadline for applications, prospective students must apply.

Eligibility requirements

The prerequisites for this course must be met by students who want to take the MSc program and hone their food science expertise. Students who are interested in enrolling in the MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education programme must meet the following requirements:

A graduate degree in food science or a related field is required for applicants to the MSc Food & Nutrition program (e.g., BSc Food Science, BSc Nutrition, etc.).

To be accepted into this MSc program, he or she must graduate with at least a 50% GPA.

The value of a student’s UG degree grade point average determines whether they are accepted into the MSc Food & Nutrition distance education program.

Fee Schedule

The MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education program offers students the benefit of being able to save money because it is a very cost-effective choice. The Master of Science degree in Food & Nutrition has an annual tuition charge that typically runs from INR 20,000 to INR 50,000.

Highlights of MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education

Course NameMSc Food & Nutrition
EligibilityBSc in any discipline
Duration2 to 4 years
Course FeeINR 35,000 to 50,000 per year.
Admission ProcessOnline & Offline

Admission Procedure for Distance MSc in Food & Nutrition 2023

In numerous distant learning institutions, the application form filling and submission process for the MSc Food & Nutrition distant Education program is entirely online. The process for applying to most colleges is described below:

The MSc Food & Nutrition applicant goes to the institution’s official website to apply for admission.

Navigate to the university’s admissions portal from the website’s home page.

Get a special ID by registering with the online application portal.

Log into the online registration portal after receiving an ID.

Click on the scientific category’s checkbox on the PG distance admissions page, then choose the MSc Food Nutrition program.

When you click the next button, a new tab will open with an application form.

Complete the MSc Food & Nutrition entrance form with all the necessary information.

Publish all necessary paperwork.

For this MSc Program, send the application along with the voucher and the online application fee payment.

Distance Education MSc Food & Nutrition Syllabus

1st year syllabus Details

1Fundamentals of Food Science1ST YEAR
2Nutritional Biochemistry1ST YEAR
3Food preservation and Food Microbiology1ST YEAR
4Community Nutrition1ST YEAR
5Human Nutrition1ST YEAR

2nd year syllabus Details

1Life Cycle Nutrition2ND YEAR
2Medical Nutrition and Management2ND YEAR
3Diet Therapy2ND YEAR
4Food Safety and Food Service Management2ND YEAR
5Sensory Evaluation and Culinary Science2ND YEAR

Advantages of MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education 

  • A distance learning MSc program helps you think critically about your daily activities.
  • Strong technical abilities are another benefit of an MSc Distance degree for career seekers.

Educational Scope of Distance MSc Food & Nutrition Distance 

This MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Education program in Food and Nutrition gives you a great educational scope. It is providing you the opportunity of getting a doctoral degree; the higher study after this course is given below:

  • M.Phil Food and Nutrition
  • M.Phil Nutrition and Dietetics
  • M.Phil Food Technology
  • Ph.D. Food and Nutrition
  • PhD Food Science

Recruitment areas of the MSc Food & Nutrition Distance Learning 

This MSc program in food science can provide a luxury career to its graduates. The career scope or recruiting areas of this program are given below

  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Agricultural Research
  • Civil Service
  • Community Development

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