Admission to BSc Computer Science: Courses, Subjects, Colleges, Fees, and Salary

Admission to BSc Computer Science: Courses, Subjects, Colleges, Fees, and Salary

Admission to the BSc Computer Science programme in 2023: The BSc CS programme is a three-year undergraduate programme that focuses on computer science, computer applications, and related disciplines. The application procedure differs from college to college.

Admission to this programme is determined by merit or by passing a difficult admissions exam. You must have a 10+2 in science (from any reputable board) to apply for this programme. The cost of the courses may vary based on the institution.

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The BSc Computer Science curriculum includes courses on programming, computer networks, and computer architectures. Depending on experience and talent, the initial salary ranges from INR 3 to 7 LPA. Top universities and institutions, like Hindu College, Christ University, St. Xavier’s College, and others, provide admission to BSc computer science programmes.

Highlights of BSc Computer Science Admission

Course NameBSc Computer Science
Admission ProcessMerit-based
Average Starting SalaryINR 3 -7 Lakhs per annum
Course FeeINR 15,000 to 25,000 per year
Duration3 years
Eligibility10+2 with science subjects
Examination TypeSemester system

What is covered in a BSc in computer science?

By enrolling in the three-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc Computer Science) curriculum, students can get ready for a career in the field. Students’ introduction to computer science and information technology is the course’s main objective

Computer principles, programming languages, computer architecture and organisation, software development, and a number of other topics are covered in the BSc Computer Science degree programme.

Programming in C++, software engineering, data structures, computer networks, Oracle, software testing, visual programming, mathematics, and java programming are all covered in the BSc Computer Science curriculum.

Key Qualifiers for Admission to BSc Computer Science

Candidates for admission to the BSc Computer Science programme must get a minimum 50% grade in HSC education 12.

Admission to the BSc Computer Science programme is based on performance on the entrance exam and in the 12th grade.

The annual tuition for this BSc course is from INR 15K to INR 25K on average.

For BSc Computer science programmes, some entrance tests are held, including BHU UET and CUCET.

The majority of institutions offer merit-based admission for BSc Computer Science.

Though some universities also provided admission through remote learning programmes, BSc Computer science is mostly taught in traditional sessions.

Admission to BSc Computer Science 2023

Several UGC India-approved institutions post advertisements for BSc Computer Science Admission. The main universities that offer this BSc programme are Delhi University, SPPU Pune, and BU Coimbatore. Students who get a BSc in computer sciences will gain knowledge of software, programming, project creation, etc.

Students who achieve this degree will be able to create software using programming languages and pick up new languages. They are also known as engineers.

Students must have completed their 12th grade with PCM subjects in order to apply for BSc Computer Science admission in this sector. The university will choose its students through a straightforward entry test. For more details, students can go to the university website.

Qualifications for Admission to BSc Computer Science

The pupils must pass the board or council-recognized exam for the 12th grade.

The candidates must have completed 12th-grade English, Physics, and Chemistry.

However, some colleges admit students from any stream.

For the admission tests set up by the authority, one must be prepared.

The 12th grade subjects must receive the high marks required by the university or institution.

Students need to succeed on the national admission exam.

Admission for BSc Computer Science: Costs

A BSc computer science course typically costs between INR 15,000 and 25,000 per year in tuition. From one institute to another, it differs. Tuition fees, test fees, identity card fees, as well as various additional charges, are all included in the fee structure.

On their official websites, the majority of Indian colleges list their tuition fees. Students can look up the cost of a BSc in computer science in the university prospectuses.

Admission to BSc Computer Science at Delhi University

The University of Delhi provides a Bachelor of Science in a variety of concentrations, with computer science being one among them. The application process for this programme at DU has begun. The enrollment requirements are based on CUET 2023.

To apply for a BSc in computer science, a student must have taken Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Maths. By publishing cutoffs, numerous associated colleges, including Hindu, KMC, Miranda, Hansraj College, and others, provide students admission to BSc Computer Science programmes.

Application Form for BSc in Computer Science 2023–24

There is a particular admissions process for the topic. Students must first pass an entrance exam. They then receive merit-based admission to universities. If necessary, colleges or universities frequently choose to use some entry tests. Results from higher secondary education determine the merit.

For different colleges, there are various entrance procedures. A percentage of 50 or higher is already required for admission to the BSc Computer Science programme. Many institutions run their own entrance exams to figure this out. Before being accepted into the university, students must take this admission exam. The applicant will be asked for an interview after passing the admission exam. After you have successfully completed all the steps, the three-year programme will start.

How Can a BSc in Computer Science Be Useful?

The candidates have the option of pursuing a Master’s degree first, followed by a second research programme.

Based on their higher qualifications, those who are interested in teaching can enter the field of computer science teaching in universities and colleges.

 These experts can work as computer engineers, computer operators, and other positions in numerous reputable companies.

Manufacturing firms, firms that design and create computer hardware and networking systems, firms that generate software, etc. are all included in their range of employment.

DTP Operator, Teacher, Software Engineer, Lecturer, Developer, IT Project Manager, Programmer, Programming Analyst, IT Engineer, etc. are some job types for such graduates.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, and other top employers for these graduates.

The annual compensation range for IT and computer science experts is between INR 5 and 21 lac.

Higher Education After earning a BSc in Computer Science, students have the opportunity to pursue further education. After completing this BSc programme, a high-study course called MSc Computer Science or M.Phil. Computer Science is required.

Universities Offering BSc Programmes & Costs

UniversityDurationFee (Approx.)Apply
Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies Andhra Pradesh3 years24450INQUIRY
Maha purusha Sri manta Sankara deva Vishwavidyalaya45000INQUIRY
Mahadev University55000INQUIRY
Krishna University24425INQUIRY
KREA University24400INQUIRY
Gulati University25400INQUIRY
Dibrugarh University25375INQUIRY
Cotton College State University25325INQUIRY

Admission for BSc Computer Science: Syllabus

A thorough understanding of software development is included in the curriculum for the BSc in Computer Science. To satisfy market needs, the corporation creates the finest software it can. Developers can benefit greatly from programmes like web development and mobile application development. You can improve your chances of finding employment by enrolling in classes. The following table contains the course syllabus for the programme.

Year IYear II
Computer FundamentalsBasic Electronics
Programming LanguageDigital Logic
Graph TheoryComputer Architecture and Organization I
Algorithms and Data StructuresObject-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Theory, Operating SystemNumerical Methods
Practical, Programming Language and Data StructuresHardware Practical
Digital Circuit Design
Analogue Circuit Design
Software Practical
Operating System Laboratory
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Laboratory
Year III
TheoryTheory: Microprocessor and Computer Organization II
Formal Language and Language TranslationPractical: Microprocessor Programming Laboratory
Computer Network, Data Communication, and Internet TechnologyRelational DBMS (Oracle / SQL Server) Laboratory
Software EngineeringFront-end Programming and Web Technology Laboratory
Database Management Systems (DBMS)

India colleges offering BSc in computer science

Kurukshetra University is located there.

Delhi’s Jamia Hamdard University

University of Panjab, Chandigarh

Pune’s Bharati Vidyapeeth University

College of Lucknow

University of KIIT

Jaypee Institute of Technology in Science Guwahati Aligarh Muslim University Pilani Cotton University

Assam State University in Guwahati and Chandigarh Chennai

University of GITAM in Visakhapatnam

Galhotras College

Bilaspur CVRU

Salary for BS in Computer Science

Students can advance their knowledge and skills whether they are still in school or have graduated. The BSc Computer Science programme offers students the chance to advance their professional abilities, find employment in the top-tier IT sector of the world, and earn between INR 3 and 7 LPA in pay.

Employment Areas for BSc

Writing scientific content

Labs for Computer Science

Web sites and call centres

schools and colleges

Career Types

Computer Science Teacher Computer Instructor Programme

BSc Medical Laboratory TechnologyBSc Biotechnology
BSc {Hons.} PhysicsBSc Microbiology
BSc PhysicsBSc Electronics
BSc ChemistryBSc Biochemistry
BSc MathematicsBSc Psychology
BSc ZoologyBSc Botany
BSc Computer ScienceBSc Information Technology
BScBSc Statistics
 BSc Economics
 BSc Geography

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