Top Universities, Syllabi, and Job Opportunities for BA Anthropology Admission

Top Universities, Syllabi, and Job Opportunities for BA Anthropology Admission

Admission to the BA in Anthropology program in 2023: The BA in Anthropology is a three-year undergraduate program in the arts. This BA subject examines the various cultural and social dimensions of human societies. It entails researching research methodology as well as social systems, cultural diversity, and human evolution. Below is some quick information about admissions in 2023.

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The 10+2 requirement in any stream is a requirement for eligibility for the BA in anthropology. Candidates must have received at least 40% in their class 12 exams. Various institutions may have an age restriction of between 17 and 18.

Specialization and Program opportunities: The BA in Anthropology program offers a variety of specializations and study opportunities. Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, Applied Anthropology, and Linguistic Anthropology are some of these specialities.

The admissions procedure for a BA in anthropology is straightforward and consists of the following steps.

Application: Submitting an application is the first step in the BA Anthropology admissions process. You can obtain this application form from the institute’s website or admissions office. Each candidate for this BA program must complete it with proper information. The application form must be completed and sent by the deadline, together with the necessary fee and supporting documents.

Entrance exams for BA anthropology admission: Admission to BA programs is not contingent on passing an entrance exam. Some institutions could require entry exam scores for this BA degree because these are merit-based. DU AEE, UoH EE, JNUEE, and BHU UET are a few examples of entrance tests.

Interviews: Following the shortlisting of applicants, admissions interviews for the BA in Anthropology will be scheduled. The chosen students will receive calls inviting them to the interviews. These interviews look at both their communication abilities and interest in the subject of anthropology.

Selection on the basis of merit: Candidates for the BA in Anthropology are chosen on the basis of their performance on the 10+2 exam and a merit list that has been created using these scores.

Anthropology major Entrance fees: The entrance cost for a BA in anthropology ranges between 8,000 and 12,000 Indian Rupees. The candidate can select the Regular, Distance, or Online versions of this course.

Average Salary: After completing the BA in Anthropology program, students can apply for a variety of professions with average salaries of up to 4 LPA with organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF, NGOs, government and private organizations, etc.

Highlights of BA Anthropology Admission

Course NameBachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Course LevelUnder Graduate
Admission ProcessOnline/Offline
EligibilityMinimum 40% in 10+2
Duration3 Year
Course FeeRs 8,000 To Rs 12,000 Per Year
Average SalaryINR 2 to INR 4 LPA
Job RolesAnthropologist, Scientist, Medical Researcher, Field Investigator, Education Anthropologist, Economic Anthropologist, Business Anthropologist

Admission to BA Anthropology 2023

Enrollment for the bachelor of arts The UG level course in the arts subject is anthropology. Candidates that are interested in this course can enroll. Admissions are made using a variety of entrance tests that are administered by universities and at the state level. The study of civilizations, human communities, and their development is covered in this course. Human cultures and societies are the focus of this course. Three years and six semesters are needed to get a BA in anthropology.

Eligibility for a BA in Anthropology

Students become able to enroll for a BA in Anthropology after completing their 12th course. For all of the students who want to pursue an anthropology career, this course offers a fantastic opportunity. This subject is offered at numerous public and private universities.

Some of the entrance exams given to applicants for admission to BA Anthropology programs are the AUCET, Goenka University Entrance Test, Visva-Bharti University Entrance Test, and UET. However, direct admissions are also available at select colleges.

Depending on the institution, the cost of a BA in anthropology ranges from Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000 every year. The majority of candidates from lower socioeconomic classes can pay this price.

Candidates can pursue a full-time degree in BA anthropology through remote learning or online outlying locations.

Any candidate who has completed their 10+2 in any subject is eligible for admission to the BA program in anthropology. 40% is the needed minimum score.

Admission Tests for BA in Anthropology

Arts and Humanities Entrance Examinations

DU DSE M.A. (Economics) Entrance Test

Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination (HSEE)

Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Common Entrance Exam (CEE)

Structure for BA Anthropology Admissions

The average cost of a BA in Anthropology admission is 8,000 a year* (approximately) for the whole program, though costs differ between institutions.

Different Courses

Full Time: BA Anthropology is a four-year full-time course that frequently has morning classes.

Part-Time/Online: Distance learning and online options are available for the BA in anthropology program.

Syllabus for BA in Anthropology

Semester 1Semester 2
Social and Cultural AnthropologyBasic Courses
Social Research MethodAnthropological Thoughts
Indian Society and CultureSurvey Research Method Practical
Biological AnthropologyEthnographic Fieldwork
Archeological AnthropologyComparative Anatomy & Human Evolution
Semester 3Semester 4
Biological Anthropology Practical IAnthropological Demography
Social Cultural ChangeTribal and Rural Development
Medical Anthropology IMedical Anthropology II
Biological Anthropology Practical IIPrimitive Economy and Religion
Advanced CoursesApplied Courses
Advanced Anthropological TheoriesComplex Societies and Urban Development
Semester 5Semester 6
Development AnthropologyFoundations of Anthropology
Introduction to Molecular AnthropologyArchaeological Anthropology
Growth Development and NutritionPractical in Physical Anthropology
GerontologyPhysical Anthropology
Advanced ArcheologyCulture and Society

B.A. in Anthropology Pay

Graduates of BA programs in anthropology typically start out making between INR 2 and LPA.

University Admission & Fees for BA Anthropology

University NameDurationAverage FeeApply
St. Xavier’s College3 years10,000 P.AINQUIRY
Arya Vidyapeeth College3 years12.000 P.AINQUIRY
BJB Autonomous College3 years8,000 P.AINQUIRY
Shia PG College3 years7,000 P.AINQUIRY
Pragjyotish College3 years12,500 P.AINQUIRY

Jobs for Anthropologists with a BA

The BA in anthropology is a specialist program with several job options. Several of the employment roles include:

Medical Researcher

Education Anthropologist

Economic Anthropologist

Business Anthropologist

Market researcher

Community development worker

Social researcher

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