BTech IT Admission: Qualifications, Cost, Best Colleges, and Syllabus

BTech IT Admission: Qualifications, Cost, Best Colleges, and Syllabus

BTech IT Admission 2023: B.Tech Information Technology, sometimes known as B.Tech (IT), is a UG academic degree available in India that focuses mostly on technology and computers. It is typically a four-year study, and the minimum requirement for admission is a diploma or 10+2 with at least 50% of the marks from a recognized board or institution. Students learn about database management, website design and development, information security, and software development in this course.

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Highlights for BTech IT Admissions in 2023

Course NameBTech IT
Course LevelGraduation
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam and Merit Based
Eligibility10+2 with PCM with a minimum 50% grade from any recognized board.
Duration4 Years
Course FeeRs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakhs per year
Average SalaryINR 2 lakh to INR 6 LPA
Job RolesSoftware Developer, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, IT Support Engineer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst

Admission to BTech IT 2023

You must pass the entrance exam, and students may apply for BTech IT admission based on the top of the list. Some institutions accept direct admission based on marks. The application form is accessible on the official website of Office.

Details of BTech IT Course

The B Tech IT course prepares students for careers in information technology or advanced studies and encourages the discovery, delineation, and application of knowledge pertaining to information technology.

Information technology is a discipline that deals with the use of computers for information storage, retrieval, and transmission. While the degree has a significant emphasis on computers and technology, it differs from a computer science degree in that students are also expected to study management and information theory.

Why Chооѕе BTech IT Cоurѕе

Those pursuing a B Tech in IT will have the chance to get more job and academic options.

Prepare graduates for careers in network administration and general business systems, not just from a technical standpoint but also from operational and management requirements;

Develop the skills necessary to use a variety of software and network tools and approaches in the creation of effective systems across a variety of domains;

Equip students with the skills necessary for professional practice in communication and computing; Develop in students through an education in information technology a range of transferable skills that can be applied to all facets of human endeavours; Develop students for the purpose of self-employment and job placements in the market.

Create in students an understanding of the significance of information technology in an industrial, economic, technological, and social context; and Develop students via strong academic and professional programs as a foundation for further studies in information technology or multidisciplinary studies.

Exam for BTech IT Admission

You can enroll in the BTech IT course in one of three ways:

Exams for entry: – Most colleges have made passing the entrance exam a requirement for admission to the BTech IT program. This admission exam may be administered by a recognized board or by universities that are supported by the state.

To enroll in this course, you must pass one of several engineering entrance exams in India. However, some national-level entrance exams can help you gain admission to prestigious colleges.

Costs for a BTech in IT

The cost of the BTech IT course in India ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakhs each year. The fee variations depend on the location and type of university (government, state, private, deemed, etc.).

Yearly FeeSemester Fее
1st Yеаr159000
2nd Yеаr163770
3rd Yеаr168680
4th Yеаr173740

Admissions for BTech IT 2023

You must pass the entrance exam in order to apply for admission to the BTech IT program. Students may also apply for admission to the program based on the top of the list. Some institutions accept direct admittance based on marks. Application form accessible on the official website of the office.

Admission to the BTech IT course involves both a common entrance exam-based admissions process (as seen across numerous universities and colleges in the country) and a merit-based selection process (at a select few institutions/colleges).

Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 or equivalent level exams with a minimum of 55% marks (relaxed for students in the reserved category) may submit an application to colleges that offer the course.

Most universities and colleges either hold a single entrance exam, like JEE Main, for admission to BTech IT programs (like BITS), or accept applications through these methods. Students would therefore need to submit an application for such exams.

Students must pass these exams (for which they should be entitled to appear) in order to be admitted to the BTech IT program.

A list of candidates who have successfully passed the test is compiled once the test is completed, and candidates are invited by the appropriate university or college to participate in the BTech IT admissions process.

After being accepted, the candidate is given their final seat assignment and asked to pay the course price and register for the relevant academic year.

After the culmination of all the aforementioned procedures, the new academic year begins.

The BTech IT Admissions process would more or less be the same across all of the institutions and universities that are offering this course.

Get immediate admission to the B.Tech. IT program.

2023 BTech IT Syllabus

First SemesterSecond Semester
Technical EnglishEngineering Graphics
Engineering Mathematics– IMaterial Science
Engineering PhysicsEngineering Mechanics
Engineering ChemistryEngineering Physics-2
Principles of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMathematics-2
Computer ProgrammingApplication-based Programming in Python
Chemistry LaboratoryEngineering Graphics Laboratory
Physics laboratoryEngineering Mechanics Lab
 –Python Programming Laboratory
Third SemesterFourth Semester
Basic Environmental Engineering & Elementary BiologyMicroprocessors and Microcontrollers
Database Management SystemsCommunication Engineering
Principles of Communication SystemsMathematics-4
Object-Oriented ProgrammingAlgorithm Designing and Analysis
Mathematics-3Operating System Principles
Computer OrganisationJava Programming
Programming LaboratoryCommunication Engineering Lab
Database Management Systems LaboratoryMicroprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
 –Computer Lab
Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
Software EngineeringWebpage Programming
Computer NetworksAutomata Languages and Computational Techniques
Coding and CommunicationsNetwork Protocols and Network Programming
Department elective-1Department Elective 2
Open Elective 1Department Elective 3
Human-computer communicationOpen elective-2
Computer Networks labNetwork Programming Laboratory
Coding and Communications LabComputational Techniques Lab
Electives LabComputer Networks Lab
Process Control Lab –
Seventh SemesterEighth Semester
Cryptography and Network SecurityDepartment Elective 6
Integrative ProgrammingDepartment Elective 7
Image ProcessingFinal Project
Statistics Related to Information TechnologyComprehensive Viva Voce
Department Elective 4 –
Department Elective 5 –
IT Infrastructure Management –
Cryptography and Network Security Laboratory –
Electives Laboratory –

BTech IT Salary Available

In India, the average salary for an IT specialist is $19,016 a month. Salary estimates are based on 72 salaries that Information Technology Specialty employees, users, and Indeed users anonymously submitted to Indeed in the last 36 months for past and existing job postings.

The typical salary range for a new hire is between INR 02 and 04 lakhs. This range can increase significantly as a person gains some experience in this subject. You can improve your life and career with this course.

Top 5 in BTech IT College in India

Many reputable colleges and universities across the nation offer the B Tech in IT degree. Colleges are offering this course to applicants who have successfully completed their 10+2 or equivalent-level examination from a recognized state or central board.

There are only a few institutions in India that provide a B.Tесh in Information and Communication Technology. Among the top 5 are some of the followings:

College/ InstitutionCityPrice
Nеtаjі Subhаѕh Institute of TесhnоlоgуDelhiINR 61,750
IITHowrahINR 70,000
ADITVidyanagarINR 76,500
BangaloreINR 76,750
RV College of Engіnееrіng
PES UniversityBangaloreINR 2,80.000

Tips for Preparing for BTech IT Admission

The First Few Steps in BTECH (IT) Preparation

Know the BTECH (IT) Exam syllabus

Choose the Best Reference

Books and Create a Study Plan

Make your own preparations.


Practice a few Mocks Tеѕt Pареrѕ

The learner must be aware of what the course entails. Since some of the top topics in the specific branch’s B Tech Information Technology syllabus.

The best source is to visit the previous question papers and use such model question papers. When we go to the previous test question papers, we are immediately aware of the crucial subjects and question types.

Choose the greatest books that cover all of the fundamental aspects of the core.

Pick the topics that are crucial to learn first.

Solve as many problems as you can to give the candidates practice for the B Tech Information Technology exam.

Planning and motivation for the study are essential. Visit coaching institutes for good motivation, and motivate yourself.

Put weekly targets and daily small targets. Study three to four hours per day.

Reread the subject or topic as many times as necessary until you are proficient in it.

Mark the important and irrelevant questions.

You need to have more faith in yourself.

Learning Styles for BTech Information Technology

The course structure is broadly divided into three categories:

Foundation Courses – Core Courses

ICT electives, technical electives, science electives, and open electives are all electives’ courses. Internships and a B. Tech project (BTP) are required and include a mandatory rural internship (3–4 weeks), an industrial/research internship (6–8 weeks), and a B. Tech project (7th–8th semester).

BTech IT Admission Procedure

Step 1: Register

Register on LPUADMIT using the bare minimum information (Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, State, Gender, and Password). Your email address will serve as your username on the forum, and you’ll set your password when you sign up.

You will receive a message on your registered email address regarding this.

Log in to the LPUADMIT using a previously generated account and password.

Questions and Answers for BTech IT 2023

Q1: What is the Bachelor of Technology (IT) program?

Ans: The B TECH Information Technology program is a four-year undergraduate course in computer science with a focus on information technology and its related fields.

How can I apply for the Information Technology Bachelor of Technology program?

Ans: For further information, please visit the BTech IT Admission section.

How many courses must I finish to earn a Bachelor of Technology?

The program has 13 courses with a total of 39 credit hours (3 credit hours per course).

How long does the program typically take to complete?

Ans: The four-year academic degree program known as B Tech Information Technology requires 8 academic terms (often two academic terms each year) of academic study.

What positions are open in information technology?

Ans: IT experts are constantly in demand because these skilled professionals nowadays are the foundation of practically any successful company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028.

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