BSc Forestry Admission: Course Information, Colleges, Entrance Exam, & Eligibility

BSc Forestry Admission: Course Information, Colleges, Entrance Exam, & Eligibility

Admission for BSc Forestry 2023: A three-year UG curriculum leads to a BSc in Forestry. In this course, students learn the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage forests and other natural resources. The goal of this program is to create skilled workers who can contribute to the preservation, responsible management, and efficient use of India’s forest resources. Below is information on the easy application process for the BSc in Forestry.

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Students applying for admission to the BSc Forestry program must have completed at least their 10+2 education. Some institutions might have minimum requirements of 50% in the 12th grade.

Options for the BSc Forestry program in India include specialization in several branches of forestry depending on the interests of the students. Common areas of expertise include forest management, wildlife management, environmental protection, and forest genetics. Universities may provide elective courses that broaden and deepen the program’s scope.

Admission procedures for programs leading to a BSc in forestry vary depending on the institution. The general steps are listed below.

Filling out an application is the initial step in registering for BSc Forestry admissions. Each applicant must complete it and submit it along with the necessary paperwork and costs. Your educational background and personal information may be requested on the BSc application form.

Entrance tests for the BSc in Forestry are typically held by institutions that provide the degree in order to attract talented applicants. The JEE Main, the ICAR AIEEA, and the AIPVT are a few common entry tests for this degree.

Interviews: Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the institutions for admission to the BSc Forestry program. Questions about the candidates’ backgrounds, schooling, and personal lives may be asked during this interview.

Merit-Based Selection: For BSc Forestry admissions, some institutes may use merit-based selection procedures. This procedure is based on the applicant’s success in their 10+2 coursework. The BSc Forestry merit list was created based on the applicants’ percentage in Intermediate classes.

current updates

The deadline for BSc Forestry Admission registration at Kannur University is June 20, 2023.

The Sai Group of Institutions is still accepting applications for the BSc Forestry program. The deadline is July 5, 2023. (Tentatively)

The final day is July 20, 2023. (Provisionally) submitting an application for Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University’s BSc Forestry Admission 2023 for the 2019–20 academic year.

Highlights of BSc Forestry Admission

Course NameB.Sc. Forestry
Admission ProcessCounselling post-qualifying entrance examination or on merit-based
Full-FormBachelor of Science in Forestry
Duration4 Years
Average Salary OfferedINR 5-6 Lakhs per annum
Average Fees IncurredINR 35,000 per annum
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized educational Board

Admission to BSc Forestry 2023

Advertising for BSc Forestry Admission will start to appear at many colleges soon. Forms are often available on the official website. Students with a background in science and a certified 10+2 board examination are eligible to submit an application. Students can apply to institutions like JNKVV and Amity Noida if they are interested in this four-year curriculum. In several Indian institutions, admission to the B.Sc. Forestry program is subject to an entrance exam.

The primary areas of study for a forestry bachelor’s degree are tree planting and forest management. Throughout the course of the lesson, students learnt about protecting forest resources. These professionals devote their time to environmentally sound forest management and conservation. Through the research of novel approaches and applications, this area of inquiry looks for potential remedies to a variety of forestry-related issues. Surveying, cytology, forest ecology, tree seed technology, agroforestry, logging, wood science, and other disciplines are all included in the field of forest ecology.

Criteria for BSc Forestry Admission BSc Students must meet the requirements for admission to the 2023 academic year. The requirements for a BSc can differ between universities. The requirements listed below are listed in order.

You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average in biology, math, and agriculture from an accredited board or its equivalent of 10+2 standing.

On the basis of the entrance exam or merit score, admission will be granted.

Admission Fees for BSc Forestry

Of course, the average annual tuition expense is around INR 35000. The institute will determine the exact amount.

Admission to the BSc in Forestry Online Education: Online, distance learning, and part-time admittance are not covered by any policies.

Exam for BSc in Forestry 2023

Numerous institutions will provide BSc Forestry Admission in 2023 based on the results of the admission exam. Some of the entrance tests for BSc Forestry admission include:

Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET), Assam Combined Entrance Examination (ACEE), Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT), Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE), and

50% of the grades on the entrance exam and 50% of the marks on the 12th grade were used to determine merit at the university.

Different Courses

 Full-Time: Students may enroll in this course full-time.

 Online/Part-Time Courses: There is no policy for an online/part-time course.

BSc Forestry Entrance Exam: Forestry Focus

Zoological Parks, Wildlife Research Institutes, Forest Nurseries, ICFRE, Wildlife Ranges, Wildlife Departments, etc. are only a few examples of India’s extensive forest sector. Students who successfully complete this course can apply for employment offering competitive pay scales. Jobs vary in pay and position depending on the student’s aptitude and talents. There are several jobs with promising career prospects.


technicians in forestry

Forest Officer Forestry Personnel Forest Experts

Natural Resource Technician BSc Forestry Admission: Syllabus Forester Forest Range Officer

1st Year2nd Year
Moral values of educationForest mensurationAgroforestryEnvironmental Studies II
Professional communicationEnvironmental studies IForest ManagementSilvicultural Systems
Human developmentIntroduction to forest soil scienceForest EntomologyWood Science
Principle of civil cultureDendrologySilviculture of Indian TreesLivestock Management
Forest ecologyPrinciples of forest soil sciencesThe fertility of Forest SoilsFundamentals of Wildlife
CytologySurveyingGeneral Forest MicrobiologyForest Soil Survey
Elementary MathematicsFundamentals of Extension EducationNursery ManagementStatistical Methods
General BiochemistryTree Seed TechnologyWood AnatomyStatistical Methods
Introduction to Tree ScienceAgro MeteorologyNCC and NSS
Computer ApplicationsGeneral forest microbiology
Physical Education
3rd Year4th Year
Forest utilization IFruit productionStudy tourSoil water management
Forest utilization IIRangeland ManagementBioenergyForest project
Tree physiologyLoggingEcotourismForestry work experience
Forest pathologyForest biotechnologyEnvironmental Impact AssessmentClimate change
Forest soilsTree improvement
Commercial forestryWildlife management
Forest production economicsForest policy legislation
Plantation forestryWood seasoning

BSc Forestry Admission: BSc Specializations with Eligibility & Fees

CoursesEligibilityDurationApprox Fee (Yearly)
B.Sc12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 19,000/- to INR 28,000/-
B.Sc Botany12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 20,000/- to INR 28,000/-
B.Sc Agriculture12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 20,000/- to INR 28,000/-
B.Sc Hardware & Networking12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 23,000/- to INR 45,000/-
B.Sc Home Science12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 26,000/-
B.Sc Multimedia12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 30,000/-
B.Sc Physical Sciences12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 17,000/- to INR 38,000/-
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 15,000/- to INR 32,000/-
B.Sc Environmental Science12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 25,000/-
B.Sc Physics12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 15,500/- to INR 26,000/-
B.Sc Microbiology12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 34,000/-
B.Sc Hons Microbiology12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 26,000/-
B.Sc Hons Botany12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 21,000/- to INR 27,000/-
B.Sc Economics12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 38,000/-
B.Sc Fire and Safety12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 15,000/- to INR 25,000/-
B.Sc Geography12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 26,000/-
B.Sc Hotel Management Tourism12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 15,500/- to INR 30,000/-
B.Sc Jewellery Design12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 22,000/- to INR 45,000/-
B.Sc Mass Communication12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 32,000/-
B.Sc Psychology12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 32,000/-
B.Sc Telecommunication12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 15,500/- to INR 25,000/-
B.Sc Electronics12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 16,000/- to INR 30,000/-
B.Sc (Electronics & Communication)12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 22,000/- to INR 30,000/-
B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 23,000/- to INR 40,000/-
B.Sc Software Engineering12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 26,000/- to INR 45,000/-
B.Sc IT12th (Science Stream)3 YearsINR 25,000/- to INR 40,000/-

Admission Requirements for BSc Forestry

Due to the escalating demand for natural resources brought on by the rapid population expansion and lengthening lifespan, forestry graduates must excel in their work. Different jobs demand varied skill sets; the following are a few of the essential ones:

Time ManagementDecision Making
Critical ThinkingMonitoring
Active ListeningQuality Control Analysis
MathematicsManaging Resources
Operational AnalysisService Orientation

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