After-Twelfth-Grade Fire and Safety Courses | Admission, List, Eligibility, Cost

After-Twelfth-Grade Fire and Safety Courses | Admission, List, Eligibility, Cost

After high school, students can take fire and safety classes to prepare them for life in the event of an emergency. Universities offer degree programs in these subjects. Students who take Fire & Safety courses have the self-assurance they need to deal with any situation that arises in the event of a crisis or disaster. Many institutions offer Fire and Safety Courses After 12th, and admission is determined by the results of the entrance exam and the 10+2 exam.

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After finishing the 12th grade, students can choose from a variety of undergraduate and diploma courses in fire and safety. These courses have a wide range of applications in rescue forces, fire fighting departments, and numerous other departments. Numerous universities and institutions in our nation offer its programs.

Candidates who enrolled in fire and safety courses after finishing their 12th grade education have gained respect in society. Such individuals not only gain admiration, but also dedicate their destiny to the most important mission of saving lives. Successful candidates may receive alluring offers ranging from 6.5 LPA to 12 LPA for their professionalism in fire and safety.

This course has UGC’s approval. Numerous colleges provide regular and distance learning options for their fire and safety courses. Students can advance in their careers after finishing Fire and Safety courses.

Highlights of Fire and Safety Courses After the 12th Grade

Course LevelDiploma, Certificate, ITI, Degree
Admission processMerit Basis
Course FeeUp to INR 50,000 to 2 Lacs per year
Duration1 to 2 years
EligibilityPassed 10+2 in any relevant stream from a recognized board of India
Examination TypeSemester Wise
Average Salary OfferedApprox. INR 6 to 7 LPA

The main ideas covered in fire safety courses after the 12th grade

The most significant observation is that courses in fire and safety after the 12th grade are now very popular careers, indicating that there is something intriguing about this sector.

Every student also dreams of having a successful future.

Students are afraid to seek careers in fire & safety in spite of this.

We stress that beyond the 12th grade, pupils’ decisions will affect their future.

Additionally, this industry provides a lot of career prospects.

The term “Fire and Safety Technology / Management” refers to courses in fire and safety.

To underline that the fire science and firefighting are the main topics covered in Fire and Safety courses after the 12th grade.

Fire, fire safety, hydraulics, first aid, firefighting tools, communication systems, fire safety engineering, chemistry, and physics are all topics covered in the course.

This dispels the myth that fire and safety professionals are only employed by firefighting and fire brigade agencies.

Employers employing fire and safety specialists include chemical plants, businesses, multinational enterprises, oil companies, refineries, electric utilities, and construction firms.

After 12th grade, what are fire and safety courses?

The science of fire and firefighting is the main topic of fire and safety courses. There are numerous different disciplines in the fire and safety curriculum. something indicates how big of a field something is. After completing the 12th grade, it is a difficult and complex field. The majority of pupils would enjoy the difficulties this vocation offers.

Additionally, there are more opportunities for students to earn an increasing sum of money. The general public is mainly unaware of this field. They think that fire education and safety initiatives are tied to fire brigades.

The assumption is false because there are many different aspects of fire and safety. This field could be useful to many more industries. There are several opportunities for corporate success. After looking at the overview of fire and safety, let’s explore the scope of fire and safety.

After entering high school, take a course in fire safety.

There are openings for enrollment in numerous fire and safety programs that various colleges offer each year. The BSc in fireman training, the disaster management certificate, the diploma in safety management, and many other programs may be open to you as a candidate. BITS Computer Institute, Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering, and other universities are some of the alternatives available to students interested in fire and safety studies.

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To be eligible for the program, you must submit a finished application and the required application fee. To be considered for admission, applicants for fire and safety courses must pay an application fee ranging from 300 to 1,200 Indian rupees. The majority of colleges accept applications submitted online for admission. However, some universities continue to accept offline applications when making admissions choices.

Performance on the entrance exam or passing marks determines admission to the fire and safety courses. The shortlisted candidates from the merit list must complete the admissions procedure before the deadline.

Application Form for Fire and Safety Courses after Grade 12

The application form is available to students on the chosen university’s official website. Typically, universities begin accepting applications in June of each year. The university offers an online gateway via which the procedure can be finished. At some universities, there is also an application cost.

Eligibility Requirements for Fire and Safety Courses After 12th Grade

Up to the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral stages of education, numerous universities offer degree programs and courses to students in the field of fire and safety.

For UG courses, applicants must have completed their 10+2 requirements, and for PG programmes, they must be graduates. The institutes have entrance exams for some programs.

After-12th Grade Fire and Safety Courses Costs

After the 12th grade, there are numerous institutes that provide diploma programs at reasonable cost. Once the student has learned about the pricing structure and has determined that he or she is interested in Fire and Safety Courses, he or she can submit an application to these schools. You would have to pay between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2 lacs after passing your 12th grade for Fire & Safety Courses. You can learn more about the course fees that are charged on the institute’s official website, where you want to enroll.

Benefits of Post-12th Grade Fire and Safety Courses

The field of fire and safety is brand-new, developing, and interesting. It is one of those programs that assures its participants of a bright future. Students can find employment in a variety of fire and safety-related sub-disciplines after completing their coursework. Both the public and private sectors are hiring students.

There are several government agencies, businesses, corporations, establishments, sectors, and educational institutions. People can work in these fields as safety engineers, safety officers, firefighters, instructors, safety consultants, fire officers, station masters/supervisors/in-charge, and safety supervisors, among other positions.

Numerous career options exist in the area of fire and safety. People can find employment in this profession relatively rapidly. Additionally, the breadth of fire and safety courses overseas after the 12th grade is too extensive. There are numerous prospects for people to enter high positions in this industry.

Courses in Fire and Safety After 12th Grade List

After the 12th grade, both public and private institutions provide fire and safety courses. The society must understand the significance of these organizations. People have lofty goals. They can achieve their objectives much more effectively with the help of this fire and safety training. Three distinct fire and safety course types are offered in our country’s colleges and institutions.

Diploma in Hazard Management and Fire Safety.

 a certificate in fire safety and industrial safety

 a degree in firefighting and environmental safety

 Disaster Management P.G. Diploma in Fire & Construction Safety Management

Course Length After the 12th Grade in Fire and Safety

Diploma In Fire & Safety MethodsSix Month
Diploma In Food SafetySix Month
Diploma In Industrial SafetySix Month
Fire TechnicianSix Month
Diploma In Electrical SafetySix Month
Diploma In Off-Shore SafetySix Month
Diploma In Fire FightingSix Month
Diploma In Construction SafetySix Month
Diploma In Environmental SafetySix Month
Diploma In Fire & Safety Engineering TechniquesSix Month
Certificate In Fire & Safety Engineering TechniquesSix Month
Diploma In Fire, Engineering & Saftey ManagementSix Month
Advanced Diploma In Occupational Saftey, Health & Environmental ManagementSix Month
Diploma In Industrial Environmental SafetySix Month
Diploma In Health, Environment & Saftey EngineeringSix Month
Diploma In Fire & Saftey Engineering TechniquesOne Year
Diploma In Health, Saftey & Environment ManagementSix Month
Advanced Diploma In Fire & Industrial Saftey ManagementSix Month
Fire Man TechnicianSix Month
Diploma In Construction Safety ManagementSix Month
Certificate Course In Fire EngineeringSix Month
Diploma In Fire & Saftey EngineeringSix Month
Diploma In Industrial Saftey EngineeringSix Month
Post Diploma In Petro Chemical Process Safety & EngineeringOne Year
Advanced Diploma In Chemical Plant Processing Safety & ManagementOne Year
Fire Technology And Industrial Safety ManagementSix Month
FiremenSix Month
Health Safety And EnvironmentSix Month

Certificate Courses in Fire and Safety After 12th

Approx Fee (per year)INR 10,000-40,000
Duration3- 6 months

Certificate courses don’t have much value when compared to degree programs. However, they can provide students with the basic knowledge they need. There are several certificates in fire and safety, such as a Fireman Training Certificate, a Fire Management Certificate, a Security and Fire Prevention Certificate, and a Disaster Management Certificate.

Fire and Safety ITI Courses After 12th

Approx Fee INR 10,000-50,000
Duration6- 9 months

Fire and Safety Diploma Courses After 12th

Approx Fee (per year)INR 30,000-80000
Duration1- 2 Years

After 12 classes, you can also earn a fire and safety diploma. The diploma can be used to secure a position in government or private organizations. A diploma usually results in a lucrative job abroad with a handsome salary.

Diploma courses in fire and safety courses after 12th which include Diploma in Fire and Safety Technology, Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering, Diploma in Industrial Safety, Diploma in Fire and Safety Management.

Fire and Safety UG Courses After 12th

Eligibility10+2 with 50%
Approx Fee (per year)INR 20,000 to 3 lacs
Duration4 Years

In our nation, a bachelor’s degree in fire and safety is highly recognized and significant. This undergraduate degree is a 4-year program. After the 12th grade, this UG fire and safety course lasts four years. The courses are being provided by numerous public and private institutions.

Qualifications For A Bachelor’s Degree

For this bachelor’s degree program, you must have completed grade 12 with Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English as your majors and a minimum grade point average of 45%.

At the time of the course’s start, the applicant must be older than 17 years old.

The candidate’s grades are taken into account throughout the admissions process, and some institutions and colleges have implemented entrance exams.

Courses in Fire and Safety After the 12th Grade

to underline that the name of this program would have likely been unfamiliar to many pupils.

Additionally, a lot of students are afraid to include this topic of study in their future plans.

The issue is that few people are very interested in this field.

This serves to show that those who have taken these courses and chosen to do so have had successful careers.

These subjects now assist students in expanding their knowledge while also laying the groundwork for a successful future.

Courses in Fire and Safety in Kerala

In Kochi, Kerala, there are numerous public and private colleges that provide Fire & Safety courses. Kerala offers fire & safety courses to students who complete the class 12 or HSC exams. Programs at many levels, including bachelor’s degrees and certificates, are available.

Responsibility for Fire and Safety:


To safeguard persons and property in the event of a fire, offer firefighting services such as fire prevention, control, restriction, and extinguishment.

possess the necessary skills to correctly use fire extinguishers and any related items or equipment.

Within the limits of your knowledge, assist in the delivery of emergency medical treatment.

In dangerous situations, take the proper action quickly and effectively.

Best Job Options for Fire and Safety Courses After 12th Grade:

The majority of career alternatives are observed, and we are shown some of the prominent job profiles that are available for this course study because we are all curious about what we will be getting when the course is completed.

Safety EngineerSafety consultant
InstructorFire Officer
Safety officerStation Master / Supervisor / In-charge
FiremanSafety supervisor

After 12th Grade Fire and Safety Courses: Salary Offered

The compensation arrangements in this sector are excellent. A government department position will pay you between $40,000 and $50,000 each month.

Numerous other allowances will also be provided by the government.

The private sector also provides competitive compensation and benefits packages.

In private businesses and organizations, salaries range from $20,000 to $30,000.

Fire and Safety Programs After 12th Grade: Summary

To sum up, the field of fire and safety was not well-liked in the past. Due to lack of understanding about this course, individuals were unaware of this field. The majority of students, especially those who are not particularly interested in adventures, do not think it is a suitable area. People today recognize the value of time. People in the modern world today recognize its significance and necessity for society. After the 12th grade, numerous new disciplines and fields of study have been introduced in the modern world through fire and safety courses.

Many people are pursuing these courses and securing a good future. Due to the notion that a career in fire and safety does not guarantee a bright future, the majority of people in our country do not choose to enroll in these programs. However, in the actual world, training in fire and safety is very important and valuable.

Students who start worrying about their future and making plans for it once they graduate from high school should not be concerned because the field of fire and safety offers many fantastic job options. Students can acquire fantastic careers in numerous companies throughout the world after finishing fire and safety training after their 12th grade year.

Recommended University Courses For Fire and Safety

University NameStateType of University
Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu VishwavidyalayaChhattisgarhState University
Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical UniversityChhattisgarhState University
Dr. C.V. Raman UniversityChhattisgarhPrivate University
Nalanda Open UniversityBiharState University
Nava Nalanda MahaviharaBiharDeemed University
Patna UniversityBiharState University
Krishna guru Adharmic Visva VidyalayaAssamPrivate University
Mahadev UniversityAssamState University
Maha purusha Sri manta Sankara deva VishwavidyalayaAssamPrivate University
National Law University and Judicial AcademyAssamState University
Rabindranath Tagore UniversityAssamState University
Sri manta Sankara deva University of Health SciencesAssamState University

FAQs about Fire and Safety Courses After 12th?

Which fire and safety course is the best, question 1?

Ans: The best fire and safety courses available after 12th grade are the BTech in Fire Engineering or the Diploma in Fire Safety & Methods.

Question 2: In India, what qualifications are required for a safety officer?

Answer: In India, safety officers can be anyone with a diploma in safety measures.

Question 3: What salary do fire safety officers receive?

Ans: A fire safety officer typically makes between INR 32,020 and INR 65,002 per year.

Which fire and safety course is best, question 4?

A lot of fire and safety courses are offered beyond the 12th grade, but few offer greater prospects and career paths. These courses include Certificates in Fire Safety and Hazard Management, Fireman Training, Fire Safety and Security Management, Industrial Safety Course, etc.

Question 5: Does India offer fire and safety courses?

Engineers in this profession have the option of working in the public or private sectors, depending on their preferences and interests. Additionally, they can work for businesses that produce chemicals and combustible products, such as textile, fertilizer, and petroleum refineries.

Question 6: Can I study fire and safety at a government college when I finish high school?

Yes, many of the better universities provide admittance to fire and safety courses for students who have completed the 12th grade. numerous other colleges, including National Fire Service College, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE).

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