Diploma in Computer Science for the Academic Year: Cost, Eligibility, and Top Colleges

Diploma in Computer Science for the Academic Year: Cost, Eligibility, and Top Colleges

Adm 2023–24 Computer Science Diploma: A three-year diploma program in computer science covers a wide range of computer-related topics, from developing personal computers to creating program languages. Of course, it lasts three years and is divided into six semesters.

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This course is recommended for students who want to become computer science engineers or programmers because it will give them the necessary abilities. These students must possess leadership abilities, logical thinking abilities, and managerial abilities in order to successfully complete this course. There are distance learning programs in this area offered by many universities.

AIEEE, NIT, AICET, IIT JEE, VITEEE, and BISAT are entrance exams.

A minimum of 50% in math, chemistry, and physics is required for eligibility.

A typical fee is INR 35,000 per year.

Offering a salary of 3.6 lakh INR annually

TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, JS University, Wipro, Ranbaxy, and Other MNCs are the top employers.

Top job titles include “technical writer,” “operation executive,” “software engineer,” and “programmer,” among others.

Computer Science Diploma Adm. Highlights

Course NameDiploma in Computer Science
AgeMinimum of 17 years
Minimum percentageMinimum 50% marks in mathematics, chemistry, and physics.
Subject requiredPhysics, chemistry, mathematics, and science
Average fees incurredINR 35000 per year
Similar options for studyDiploma in computer engineering
Average salary offered3.6 lakhs INR per year
Employment rolesJunior Engineers, Programmers, System analysts, System engineers

Adm. 2023–2024 Computer Science Diploma

A course in computer science that has 10 levels and takes three years to complete is called a diploma. Computer science focuses on the foundations of technology and computer science. Students working in various industry and financial areas are exposed to this training.

After completing the diploma program, applicants can choose to pursue a BCS or MCS degree or find employment in a related computer science profession.

The following list of key facets of the computer science diploma includes:

The training is 3 months long and is broken up into 6 semesters.

To be eligible to apply for this course, you must have passed your class 10th exams at an accredited university.

The computer science credential assists the student in solidifying their foundational knowledge of many programming languages, including Python, Java, and C.

The cost of a computer science diploma may differ from one university to another.

An annual cost of INR 35000 is typical for a computer science diploma.

Eligibility For a Computer Science Diploma Administration

All applicants should be aware that passing the 10th grade or an equivalent exam is a requirement for eligibility.

The required score range for admittance is up to 50% and is based on the 10th grade exam results.

Tuition costs vary amongst institutions, but on average, they fall between 13500 and 57333 Indian rupees per year.

A pass certificate with a minimum grade of 50% is required for applicants. The results of the entrance exam and the 12th grade are taken into account when determining admission requirements.

AIEEE, NIT, AICET, IIT JEE, VITEEE, and BISAT are a few of the entry exams for the program.

Admission fees for a diploma in computer science

The course costs, on average, INR 35000 annually. Several variables may affect the course fee, including:

college’s focus

Services offered by the college

Admission Procedure for A Computer Science Diploma

Colleges typically choose their students based on their performance in their 12th-grade exams. Cut-offs and merit ranking will be the only criteria used for admission. Distance learning is an option for this Diploma in Computer Science Administration programme at many Indian colleges. These courses have online instruction.

How can I apply for a computer science diploma administration?

Both online and in admission offices, application forms are available to apply for the programme at several colleges.

The candidates will be required to produce copies of their personal and academic records that have been attested.

The institution’s website will post the results of the admissions and final exams.

After completing the application forms, submission is completed.

Why Pick a Computer Science Diploma?

A well-structured, practically oriented course is the CS diploma.

The students in this course are able to learn a great deal about computers.

The course provides students with a thorough understanding of the creation, analysis, and design of both the computer’s software and hardware.

Every industry is now dependent on technology due to growing technical innovation, which generates a variety of career prospects.

After class 10, the course is your best option for continuing your education.

Graduates can find employment as junior engineers, system analysts, or system engineers.

Exam for the Diploma in Computer Science Administration

Adm. in Computer Science diploma In India, numerous information system courses are offered by various colleges.

The admissions and selection procedures for colleges are distinctive and differ amongst institutions.

The minimum requirement for admission to the course is a grade of C or above in science in the tenth grade.

Few colleges administer entrance exams to select students seeking admission.

Salary Structures

A computer science diploma barely earns an annual salary of 3.6 lacs on average. This course will open up employment chances in the fields of aerospace and defence, telecommunications, retail, academic institutions, the agricultural industry, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Software engineers, programmers, system analysts, operations executives, technical writers, and more occupations fall under this category. Famous organizations in India involved in computer science include the Ministry of Défense, TCS, JS University, Wipro, Ranbaxy, and MNCs.

Course Learning Styles

A computer engineering diploma gives you a lot of chances to learn in various situations.

Prepare for the Diploma in Computer Science Administration Exam

The following advice is necessary for the student who wishes to enroll in a computer science course to get ready for it:

repeatedly going over the practice questions

reviews all of the notes for the responses

Read the textbook and the class notes.

Make a mind map of your research.

Give someone the knowledge you acquired during your class lecture.

Practice solving a variety of issues from various sources.

Instead, then concentrating on only one or two subjects each day, try to study several subjects.

Computer Science Administration Diploma (Morning and Evening)

The qualities of a morning and evening CS diploma are as follows:

offers a 3-year, 6-semester diploma program.

Students are expected to complete assignments and quizzes as part of the course.

adequate attendance.

These classes often take place in the morning.

University List & Costs for the Diploma in Computer Science Administration

Goa University3 years84655INQUIRY
Ahmedabad University3 years84900INQUIRY
Anand Agricultural University3 years85145INQUIRY
Sandip University3 years26350INQUIRY
T.M. University3 years26375INQUIRY
Veer Kunwar Singh University3 years26400INQUIRY

Top Colleges for Diploma in Computer Science Admіѕѕіоn in India

Name CollegeEstMSC ITWebsite
RG Institute of Professional Studies2008Rs 348711
Rajiv Academy for Technology And Management1998Rs 349745http://www.ratm.in/
Prince Institute Of Innovative Technology2002Rs 349657http://www.piitindia.edu.in
Modern College of Professional Studies2004Rs 348678
Kisan Post Graduate College1956Rs 348733
JSS Academy of Technical Education1998Rs 349426http://www.jssaten.ac.in
IMS Design and Innovation Academy2005Rs 349613
Dewan Institute Of Management Studies1996Rs 349679http://dims.dewaninstitutes.com/
Amity School Of Communication1999Rs 349404http://www.amity.edu/asco/
Amity Law School1999Rs 349316http://www.amity.edu/als/

Career Options After Diploma in Computer Science Admіѕѕіоn

These are some career opportunities for students after completing the Diploma in Computer Science.

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Operator
  • Junior Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Technical Writer
  • System Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Clinical Analyst
  • Research Associate
  • Operations Executive
  • Administrative Officer
  • Computer Science Teacher
  • Production Support Officer


Diploma in Computer Science Admіѕѕіоn Syllabus

Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
Applied ScienceEnglish Communication
Concepts of electrical and electronics engineeringDigital Electronics
Introduction to computer conceptsProgramming using C
Applied science LabDigital lab
Basic electronics labProgramming with C lab
Basic Computer Skills LabMultimedia Lab
Semester IIISemester IV
Computer OrganizationOOP with C++
Data Structures Using CDatabase Management System
Computer NetworksOperating System
Data Structures LabSoftware Engineering
PC Hardware and Networking labOOP with C++ lab
Graphic User Interface LabDBMS lab
Web Designing LabLinux lab
Semester VSemester VI
Basic Management Skills and Indian ConstitutionSoftware Testing
Programming with javaNetwork Security and Management
Web ProgrammingMobile Computing
Programming with java labSoftware Testing Lab
Web Programming labNetwork Security lab

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Diploma in Computer Science Admіѕѕіоn

Q1) What job opportunities are available after completing this diploma course?

Ans: Job opportunities are usually not limited to only one sector in this course. This course offers many opportunities in different sectors like:

  • Défense
  • IT industry
  • Telecom sector
  • Public sector undertaking
  • System analysts
  • System engineer
  • Junior Engineer
  • Programmer

Q2) What are the fee criteria for a diploma in computer science?

Ans: The course fee for this diploma varies from government to private colleges. The average fee for the course is 35000 per annum.

Q3) What is the basic curriculum of the course?

Ans: The basic curriculum of the course covers the following important topics:

  • Circuit design
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Hardware and networking
  • Dynamic computing technologies

Q4) Is this diploma in CS recognized or not?

Ans: Yes, This diploma course is well-known by “AICTE” or “ All-India Council for Technical Education” in India.

ia Council for Technical Education” in India.

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