Eligibility, fees, top colleges, and syllabus for M.Sc. Entomology Admission

Eligibility, fees, top colleges, and syllabus for M.Sc. Entomology Admission

Admission for MSc Entomology 2023–24: The MSc Entomology program is a two-year postgraduate program. There are four semesters in it. In this course, students learn about the study of insects and people. In order to monitor agricultural products, this course instructs students on the study of pest management methods and insect control in crops, food, and seeds. This course provides strategies for preventing disease transmission from pests. Both regular and distance learning options are available for this course.

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Master of Science in Entomology, in its full form.

Selection Method: Admission Test/Merit

Eligibility: A graduation grade of at least 50%

Popular entrance exams for MSc Entomology include BHU PET, NEST, CUET PG, and BITSAT.

Top Universities: Netaji Subhash Open University, PAU Ludhiana, RAU Samastipur, and NDUAT Faizabad are regarded as the top universities.

Average Fee: INR 50,000 to 200,000

Salary range: INR 02 to INR 08 lacs annually (LPA).

Forensic labs, healthcare facilities, agricultural hubs, colleges and universities, and

Best Job Profiles: Entomologist, Associate in Entomology Research, Manager of Market Development, Associate Manager, Associate in Business Development, etc.

Overview of MSc Entomology Admission

Course NameM.Sc Entomology
Course LevelPostgraduate
Exam modeSemester system
Course ModeRegular/Distance
Duration2 years
Course Fee           INR 50K to 02 lakhs
EligibilityMinimum 50% score at graduation level
Admission ProcessEntry exam, and on the basis of Merit 
Examination Entrance TextUniversity entrance
Average Starting SalaryINR 02 to 08 lacs per annum (LPA)

Admission for MSc Entomology 2023–24

One of the agricultural sciences courses available at the PG level is M.Sc. Entomology. This course covers a wide range of farming and pest-related subjects. Two years are needed to complete this program.

M.Sc the entomology course involves specialized research on pest management strategies and ways to stop pests from spreading pathogens that could cause fatal diseases. It is an understanding of insects. It falls under zoology. For those who are fascinated by the fascinating world of insects, it’s a fantastic option.

Insect Morphology, Storage Entomology, Insect Classification, Agriculture Pests, Soil Arthropods, Pest Management Principles, Plant Protection, Plant Production, etc. are all covered in the M.Sc. Entomology course. An annual M.Sc. Entomology program is offered at the national level.

Admission Requirements for MSc Entomology

Candidates must have at least a 50% grade point average in their UG degree in agriculture or biological sciences in order to be admitted to the M.Sc. Entomology program.

Degrees in BSc Biology, BSc Agriculture, BSc Botany, and BSc Life Sciences are acceptable for entrance to this program.

Entry tests are required for M.Sc. Entomology admissions.

The well-known tests for this course’s admissions are AUCET and BHU PET.

Admission Fees for MSc in Entomology

Every institution in India has a distinct price schedule based on their students and resources, but the fundamental structure is the same.

The annual course price is maintained on a semester-by-semester basis. It still ranges from 50K to 2 lakhs for M.Sc. Entomology.

Tests for MSc Entomology Admission

Every institute has a unique entrance exam for Entomology admission. To be admitted, the applicant must take the exam.

Salary Provided

A beginning salary of approximately INR 02 to 08 lacs per annum (LPA) is available to entomologists.

Employer Sectors

Agriculture, forensic labs, colleges and universities, the healthcare industry, etc.

Job Descriptions

Associate Professor, entomology researcher, and plant protection officer.

What is MSc Entomology Admission all about?

Entomology master’s degree programs take two years to complete and are primarily divided into four semesters.

This two-year course of study combines the following topics.

disease prevention

Human diseases, like vectors, spread


Why Would You Choose MSc Entomology Admission?

For this course, there is a strong requirement for research and data. The following professions offer students a bright future:

Genetic, agricultural, or biological research

Criminal entomology

State and federal government entities involved in public health

Conversational and environmental biology

industry of pharmaceuticals

Managing natural resources

Syllabus for MSc Entomology Admission

Semester ISemester II
Insect MorphologyToxicology of Insecticides
Insect SystematicInsect Ecology
Insect Anatomy, Physiology, and NutritionPlant Resistance to Insects
Statistical MethodsDesign of experiments
Semester IIISemester IV
Advanced Techniques of Plant ProtectionInsect of Industrial Importance
Integrated Insect Pest ManagementStorage Pests and their Management
Biological ControlSeminar
Insect Pests and Disease-vector CropsThesis

MSc Entomology Preparation Advice

Students who plan to pursue entomology as their M.Sc. subject should be aware of the preparation required. For the finest study results, students can simply follow these instructions.

The student must be aware of which of the institute’s prescribed curricula is more useful and on which they should concentrate.

Outline of the plan. If the student has made a sketch in their hand, they can swiftly determine their study schedule in this way. It’s up to the pupils to determine when they can study more effectively.

Basics Knowledge: The student’s primary focus should have been on learning the fundamentals of entomology. To perform successfully, pupils must first have a solid foundation and a keen interest in the subject.

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