Admission for a Diploma in Electrical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges

Admission for a Diploma in Electrical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges

Admission 2023–24 for a diploma in electrical engineering: A popular course in India is the diploma in electrical engineering. This diploma provides students with the practical skills needed to work with electrical systems, covering everything from circuit design to problem diagnosis. By getting a diploma, students can access a range of employment opportunities in a range of fields. The following information about this diploma’s admissions procedure:

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Eligibility requirements: To enroll in an Electrical Engineering Diploma program in India, applicants must have completed high school or a comparable educational program. It is crucial to examine the precise requirements because college eligibility requirements can vary.

Options for the diploma program in terms of specialities are available. Electronics, control systems, renewable energy, power systems, and circuit systems are some of the possibilities offered to students. Students can narrow down their areas of interest and increase their chances of landing a job by selecting a speciality.

Admissions for the diploma program in electrical engineering are handled in the manner described below:

Application: To participate in the admissions process, candidates for a diploma in electrical engineering must complete and submit an application form. In addition to asking for personal and academic information, the application form will also need payment.

Electrical Engineering Diploma Entrance Exams: Depending on the results of the entrance exam, several institutes may consider candidates for a diploma in electrical engineering. Popular exams for this diploma program’s admissions include WBJEE and JEE.

Interviews: For the entrance exam, many institutions conduct interviews. To determine whether candidates are a good fit for the program, interviews are held for this diploma. Interviewers may question candidates about their motivation, past experiences, problem-solving skills, and future goals.

Merit-Based Hiring Merit-based selection is frequently used in the admissions process for programs leading to the Diploma in Electrical Engineering. With this approach, candidates are evaluated based on their academic performance.

Highlights of an electrical engineering diploma

Course NameDiploma in Electrical Engineering
Duration3 Years
Age LimitNo bar
Minimum Percentage45%
Subjects RequiredPhysics, Chemistry, Biology
Average Fees IncurredINR 10,000 to 50,000
Similar Options of StudyBE In Electrical Engineering, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
Average Salary OfferedINR 3 – INR 10 LPA
Employment RolesElectrical engineer, QA Engineer, Assistance engineer, Junior engineer

Admission 2023–2024 for a diploma in electrical engineering

Admission for the 2023 session of the Diploma in Electrical Engineering is now open. The university that the applicant chooses for admission makes its academic decisions based on both entrance requirements and academic merit. Any suitable application mode, whether online or offline, is available to students. Applications must be received before the deadline.

The course is open to students who have completed the 10th grade. The use of electrical components and gadgets is the instruction’s main focus. Then, employing these components, different methods of power production are applied.

Qualifications for an Electrical Engineering Diploma

The following list includes the requirements for obtaining a diploma in electrical engineering. Candidates must meet the requirements in order to be admitted.

Any recognized board’s class 10 exams must be passed by the student with at least 45% of the required marks.

Mathematics and science are required courses for students.

There should be no exam backlog for the class of 2010 for the candidate.

Once applicants have passed the entrance exams, several colleges will admit them to this program.

entrance exam for a diploma in electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering Diploma The state government’s entrance exam is what determines whether applicants are admitted to this diploma program. Below are some of the names of the entrance exam:


Costs for an electrical engineering diploma

An electrical engineering diploma is equivalent to a professional degree in the field. The entire cost of the diploma in electrical engineering program ranges from INR 10,000 to 50,000.

Key Elements of an Electrical Engineering Diploma

The following are some of the important components of an electrical engineering diploma:

This electrical engineering diploma program’s main goal is to get students ready to study electrical engineering topics using actual settings.

Students are able to build a range of electrical systems after finishing this course. More and more industrial companies are in need of electrical engineers.

Electrical engineering diploma graduates are employed as engineers in a variety of MNCs.

These days, electrical infrastructure is essential to our daily life.

Currently, there are many issues in the electrical business that need to be resolved.

Students can seek a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree in this area after completing this program.

Admissions for a diploma in electrical engineering

The admissions process for the diploma course’s Diploma in Electrical Engineering is merit-based. The majority of colleges offer electrical engineering diploma programmes beyond class 12 and are based on the class 10 final board exams. After passing the entrance exam, you can submit an application for the time.

The student must achieve the required score on the entrance exam.

A list of the names of the students who passed the admission test will be published after the test.

Students must submit course fees after the formal admissions procedure. You can give the bank the charge.

Both online and offline applications are accepted for this course.

Download the form, then complete the necessary fields.

Colleges offering electrical engineering degrees

There are sizable universities that accept applicants with an electrical engineering diploma. Below is a list of the colleges along with their tuition schedule:

Jamia Millie Islamia27,000
Integral University1.5 Lakh
IES University72,000
NIMS University60,000
Brain ware University1.3 Lakh
Don Bosco Polytechnic College1 Lakh
KJ Somaiya Polytechnic35,000


Lucrative Possibilities:

Graduates of this program may find employment as technical instructors, field application engineers, verification engineers, transformer design engineers, among other positions.

Numerous Employers

Companies like Serval, Emerson, Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji Electric, Cable Corporation of India Ltd, Aeon Electric, etc. are in great demand for graduates.

Salary Ranges for Electrical Engineering Graduates:

The above-mentioned companies offer competitive wage packages. They are anticipated to start at INR 1.7 Lakhs and rise as they gain knowledge and expertise.

Electrical Engineering Diploma Career Types

Following completion of this course, other employment opportunities include:

Engineer Electric Designer

They can perform simulation and circuit design work.

An electric designer engineer makes, on average, INR 1.40 to 1.85 lakh per year.

Assistant Engineer

They are able to maintain and repair the electrical circuit.

Junior engineers typically make between INR 1.42 and 1.80 lakh annually.

Technical Coach

They disperse fundamental knowledge and abilities for a firm’s improved operation.

Technical trainers often make between INR 1.50 and 1.92 lakh annually.

Course Learning Styles

Typically, the Electrical Engineering Diploma is completed in two stages:

 Regular Classes (a)

Regular lessons are held each day.

Daily homework and tests have been given.

A student’s attendance is required.

The course might last up to three years.

 a) Distance Learning

For the course, 41 online learning programs are active in India.

There are online homework assignments and tests.

Three years are required for remote learning.

Online presence is recorded

Best Universities in India for Electrical Engineering Diploma

College NameLocationAverage Annual Fees in INR
Lovely Professional UniversityJalandharINR 1,06,000
Chandigarh UniversityChandigarhINR 5,00,000
Quantum School of TechnologyRoorkeeINR 1,37,000
Amity UniversityNoidaINR 6,00,000
Dev Bhoomi Group of the instituteDehradunINR 2,00,000

Diploma in Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Year 1Year 2Year 3
Applied ScienceElectrical MachinesEstimation and Specification
Applied MathematicsComputer-aided electrical drawingEmbedded System
Elements of electrical engineeringElectrical Power generationIndustrial Drives and Control
Basic Computer SkillsTransmission and DistributionElectrical energy utility and Management
Electrical and Electronic CircuitsPracticalElectric Motor Control
PracticalIndustrial Visits
Basic Managerial Skills
Electrical Installation

Electrical Engineering Diploma after the 12th

Students may apply for direct admission to the second year of a diploma in electrical engineering after completing grade 12. if they were successful in passing the 12th grade board test with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as required subjects. These applicants can receive direct admission to many colleges in India.

Candidates who graduated from the 12th grade take a lateral entry entrance exam administered by the state education board. These candidates will be chosen based on how well they performed on the entrance exam.

Questions Regarding Admission to the Diploma in Electrical Engineering

What can I do after completing this certificate course?

Answer: You can find employment in both the public and private sectors after completing this diploma program. Additionally, you can enroll in higher-level engineering courses.

Question 2: Can I enroll in this course after my tenth-grade diploma?

Yes, you can enroll in this diploma program after passing your class 10th examinations.

Write a concise essay about electrical engineering for question three.

An example of an engineering discipline is electrical engineering. It emphasizes the utilization of electricity. The field studies the production of electricity.  In India, it is one of the most sought-after disciplines.

Which degree program or certificate program is ideal?

The degree is an academic study of theory. While a degree is more focused on application. In comparison to degree programs, the diploma program is shorter. In comparison to the diploma course, the degree program’s course fee is higher. Following class 10, you can easily continue with this course.

Question 5: How long is the EE diploma program?

Ans: Students will require three years to complete this programme. Half-year courses are offered by some colleges.

Question 6: What are the requirements for this course’s entrance exams?

Ans: The following names of the admission exams are provided:



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