Admission for a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission for a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission 2023–2024 for a diploma in biomedical engineering: A 3-year diploma program is offered. Six semesters are required to complete this degree. Admission requirements for this programme include passing the class 10th test from any college or school from a recognized board with a minimum grade of 50%. The two main subjects should be math and science. It is a diploma in the engineering branch. This course covers biomedical engineering and can be completed in three years to earn this diploma.

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INR 3 to 7 lakhs per year on average

Salary range: INR 3 to 6 lakhs annually.

Colleges, universities, hospitals, medical facilities, GE Healthcare, Max Healthcare, SAMS Pvt Ltd, SIMSR Bangalore, etc. are the top job sectors.

Top job descriptions include those for service engineers, research associates, application specialists, bio-medical engineers, sales and service engineers, and specialists in scientific support.

Biomedical Engineering Diploma Admission Highlights

Course NameDiploma in Biomedical Engineering
AgeMinimum of 16 years
Minimum percentageMinimum 50% marks in Class 10th
Subject requiredPhysics, chemistry, mathematics, and science
Average fee incurredINR 3 to 7 lakhs per year
Similar options of studyB.Tech in biomedical engineering,
Average salary offeredIn India, the average salary of B.Tech Civil engineers is 3 to 6 lakhs INR per year
Employment rolesDesign Engineer, Marketing Professional, Biomedical Engineer, Research Engineer, Quality Control Engineer

Admission 2023–24 for a diploma in biomedical engineering

This diploma program is intended for those who want to build complex medical devices. These medical devices include dialysis units, artificial hearts, therapeutic devices, and diagnostic devices.

The basic operating principles of medical therapeutic and diagnostic devices, such as cardiac defibrillators and heart monitors, are covered in this diploma program.

Electronics engineering, instrumentation & control technologies, medical electronics, microcontroller lab, analogy electronic circuits, bioinformatics, and other topics are covered in the curriculum for the diploma in biomedical engineering.

The following are some critical characteristics of the diploma in biomedical engineering:

The admission process for this diploma program is merit-based.

For those who desire to pursue a B.Tech. and B.E. in biomedical engineering, it is a fruitful program.

For a lot of students who plan to make money in the future, it is the most effective diploma program.

Students should possess higher levels of both talents and mindset.

Future employment should be mentally prepared for by students.

To function as a team, the students need possess strong interpersonal skills.

This program costs, on average, between 3 and 7 lacs INR.

With the help of this training, students can secure lucrative employment prospects in the future.

The program’s primary goal is to provide fundamental engineering skills.

The greatest candidates for the course are students who are interested in the medical area.

Admission Requirements for a Biomedical Engineering Diploma

Do you wish to enroll with a biomedical diploma? If so, you must have successfully finished the 10th grade, with mathematics as a required subject.

Numerous engineering schools in India annually admit students to their biomedical engineering diploma programs.

Various methods are used by the institutes to admit students; some use entrance tests and others use direct admission.

A minimum of 55% in the matriculated or intermediate exams is required in order to be admitted to a diploma program in biomedical engineering.

To be admitted to this degree program, a person must pass entrance exams.

This degree does not have any policies regarding distance learning.

Admission Fees for a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

The cost of the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering programme is between INR 3 and INR 7 Lakh.

Admission Tests for a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

There is no entry exam for the program. The applicant must have completed class 10 with a minimum of 50% in either science or maths.

Admissions for a diploma in biomedical engineering

The admission process for this programme is merit-based.

The class began after the results of the tenth grade.

Students should receive at least a 50% passing grade to pass an exam.

Math and science must be the two main subjects in the tenth grade.

Both offline and online forms for admission must be completed by the student.

On the college or university’s official website, all pertinent information on the merit list and the admissions deadline will be posted.

How to Use

You must complete the application for admission.

When applying offline, you must get an admissions form from the university.

Visit the university’s official website to submit an online application.

Complete the online form with the necessary information.

submit a request

List of Universities & Fees for Admission to the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Central Institute of Technology (CIT)3 years25350INQUIRY
National Law University and Judicial Academy3 years25550INQUIRY
Assam Agricultural University3 years25100INQUIRY
Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya3 years26575INQUIRY
Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya3 years26575INQUIRY
Arunachal University of Studies3 years24875INQUIRY
Apex Professional University, Pasig hat3 years24850INQUIRY
Gulati University3 years25400INQUIRY

Why Apply for a Biomedical Engineering Diploma Program?

As is well known, students can choose from a wide variety of engineering courses.

One of them that is connected to the extensive study of medical methods is biomedical engineering.

The best engineering field is biomedicine.

The fact that this course gives students the opportunity to learn about medical equipment should influence their decision.

They learn how to use specific medical devices in an emergency as part of the course.

The course aids students in learning about tools and machinery used in the medical industry.

This course is designed for learners. Students in this subject learn about machines because of it.

Top 5 Colleges in India for Biomedical Engineering Diploma Admission

College NameLocationAverage fees in INR
AWH Polytechnic collegeKeralaINR N.A
Gujrat technological universityGujratINR 3.000
KMCT Polytechnic collegeKeralaINR 55,750
AV Parekh Technical instituteGujaratINR 1,000
Government Polytechnic for GirlsGujaratINR 1,000
Parul UniversityGujaratINR 1,29,000
State board of technical education & trainingAndhra PradeshINR 13,000

Diploma in Biomedical Engineering Admission Syllabus

Semester ISemester II
Electronic Practice and Components EngineeringEngineering Physics
Chemistry EngineeringHuman Anatomy
MathematicsBasic Leanings for Digital electronics
Information Technology and Computer Human Physiology
Semester IIISemester IV
Medical Electronics Networking and Data CommunicationInformation System
Measurement Techniques Hospitality Management
Medical Sensors Optical and Analytical Instrumentation
Basic study of ElectronicsDiagnostic Medical Instrumentation
Assembly Language Programming and Microprocessor
Semester VSemester VI
Medical Imaging TechniquesElective Work Biomedical
Instrumentation for Critical CareDigital Signal Processing
Application of Microcontroller in Medical Technology Engineering on Rehabilitation
Work on Project Work on Project

Tips for Course Preparation

The following advice will assist the student in getting ready for this course:

The applicant must read everything.

If they need assistance, they should ask.

The candidate should improve their mathematical, design, and computer skills.

To prepare, choose the greatest course books authored by the top authors.

Test yourself frequently.

Maintain your health since doing otherwise needs more work.

Take accurate notes on each subject.

practice using previous papers as necessary.

better familiarity with the course syllabus.

Know the answers to each revision question for admission exams.

Indian salary packages

The annual salary range for biomedical technologists is between INR 3 and 6 lakhs.

After earning a diploma in biomedical engineering, you can continue your education by pursuing an M.E./M.Tech.

Holders of a biomedical engineering diploma can find work at colleges, universities, hospitals, medical facilities, GE Healthcare, Max Healthcare, SAMS Pvt Ltd, SIMSR Bangalore, and other institutions. Jobs like service engineer, research associate, application specialist, biomedical engineer, sales and service engineer, scientific support specialist, etc. are available to such graduates.

The following salary package is offered to biomedical engineering diploma holders in India:

Engineer, Biomedical

The biomedical engineer makes 3.3 lakh rupees annually.

They also explore concepts for creating new designs.

They also work on things that may be rebuilt and are inexpensive.


After obtaining a degree, the researcher makes 2.55 lakh per year.

They work on process analysis.

They are also conducting research.

Mechanical Engineer

In India, an installation engineer makes an average yearly pay of INR 7.17 Lakh.

They operate in numerous installation schemes.

New initiatives were put in place.

Engineer in Maintenance

In India, a maintenance engineer makes an average salary of INR 3.02 lakh a year.

The maintenance engineer’s primary responsibility is process analysis.

They effectively collaborate with reputable insurance companies.

Course Learning Styles

Three different forms of learning are involved in a biomedical engineering diploma:

(Morning Shift) Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Students enrolled in this programme who desire to attend regular classes.

b) The course lasts for three years.

c) The student is required to turn in both projects and assignments.

d) Each student’s punctual attendance will be marked.

(Evening Shift) Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

Students who desire to attend regular sessions but in the evenings are enrolled in this course.

b) The course lasts for three years.

c) The student is required to turn in both projects and assignments.

d) Each student’s proper attendance shall be marked.

Distance-learning Biomedical Engineering Diploma

a) Online tests and assignments are a requirement for the student.

b) Students should attend everyday online seminars.

Admission to the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering FAQ

What is the biomedical engineering diploma program like?

A wide choice of courses in biology, engineering, technology, and medicine are available for the diploma. Students participated in class assignments.

Q2) What determines the cost of this diploma course?

The price of the diploma is determined by:

Your choice of college or university Lab fees

the length of the program.

What careers are available with a biomedical engineering diploma?

The career options for this course are as follows:

Marketing expert, design engineer, etc.

Q3) How can I enroll in this course?

The admission process for this programme is merit-based. the course taken after passing the 10th grade. In class 10, the student receives a minimum grade of 50%. He or she ought to have strong intellectual abilities.

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