Admission to MSc Statistics: Requirements, Costs, and Top Colleges

Admission to MSc Statistics: Requirements, Costs, and Top Colleges

Admission to MSc Statistics 2023: A postgraduate degree programme in statistics is known as MSc Statistics or Masters of Science in Statistics. Students learn advanced statistical tools, mathematical modelling, and data analysis approaches in this course. Candidates study time series analysis, regression analysis, data mining, probability theory, etc. For those interested in a career in statistics, this degree programme is great. Details about its admissions procedure are provided here:

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Eligibility Requirements: Candidates interested in pursuing an MSc in Statistics must meet the requirements set out by the relevant institute. Candidates must satisfy a fundamental need by completing their coursework and earning a BSc in Statistics or a degree in a closely related field. Such applicants’ scores on the previous academic degree must be higher than the national average of 50%.

Specialisation and Programme Options: The MSc Statistics course offers a number of specialisations, and students are free to choose any one they like. These include financial, environmental, social, industrial, and Bayesian statistics as well as econometrics, data science, and biostatistics.

The actions that must be taken in order to complete the admission procedure for the MSc in Statistics are as follows:

Application: To apply for this course, you must submit the application form together with specific supporting documentation. Candidates will enter their academic and identifying information. Additionally, a bank challan, academic transcript, and other supporting papers must be included.

Admission to MSc Statistics tests: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the GATE, and several subject-specific entrance tests are some of the entrance exams held to grant admission to MSc Statistics programmes.

Interviews: This is a subsequent phase that takes place after the entrance exam, and only those applicants who passed the exam are eligible to participate. All of the candidates’ supporting documentation must be brought to the interview.

Merit-Based Selection: Some institutions simply take into account a candidate’s most recent academic performance when considering applications for merit-based selection.

Typical Fees: The cost of an MSc in Statistics ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 65,000 year.

The average salary for an MSc in Statistics is between INR 3 and INR 7 lakhs (LPA).

Highlights of MSc Statistics Admission 2023

Course NameMSc Statistics
Admission ProcessBoth Merit and Entrance Based
Full-Form of MSc StatisticsMaster of Science in Statistics
Duration 2 Years
Average Salary Offered INR 3 LPA to INR 7 LPA
Average Fees Incurred INR 15,000 to INR 65,000 per year
EligibilityBSc Statistics with a minimum of 50% marks

What is an MS in Statistics?

The primary goals of this advanced programme are the interpretation and analysis of data. This course will cover a variety of mathematical, statistical, numerical, and data mining topics. A Master of Science in Statistics (MSc Statistics) degree is one option for postgraduate statistics courses. Data collection, organisation, and interpretation are all part of this field. All facets of survey and experiment design are covered in this course.

MSc Admission Statistics 2023–24 M.Sc. A professional degree in statistics requires two years to finish. The MSc in Statistics programme will start accepting applications at all universities. For the academic year 2023, admission will be based on merit and the entrance exam. Students who are interested in applying for this MSc specialisation course should frequently check the university’s official website. Students can also examine their qualifying requirements on the official websites of universities.

Admission Requirements for MSc in Statistics

A BSc in Statistics with a minimum grade of 50% is the main requirement for enrolment in this course.

Students with BS degrees in mathematics and economics may also apply to this MSc programme in statistics.

Most MSc Statistics students who take the institute’s entrance exams are accepted.

The best entry tests for this programme are CSIR NET and BHU PET.

Admission Criteria for MS in Statistics

The annual tuition range for a master’s degree in statistics is between INR 15,000 and INR 65,000.

MSc Statistics Entrance Exam IBAB Entrance Test (M.Sc) National Entrance Screening Test (NEST) for Integrated M.Sc Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Common Entrance Exam (CEE) MSc Statistics Admission Syllabus Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) for PhD

1st Semester2nd Semester
Distribution TheoryInference I
Distribution Theory (Practical)The inference I (Practical)
Measure Theory and ProbabilityLinear Models and Regression Analysis
Matrix Algebra and Numerical Analysis (Practical)Linear Models and Regression Analysis (Practical)
Computer Programming (Practical)Sample Surveys
Ancillary MathematicsSample Surveys (Practical)
3rd Semester4th Semester
Inference IIMultivariate Analysis
Design of ExperimentsEconometrics and Economic Statistics
Time Series AnalysisEnvironmental Statistics
Inference II (Practical)
Design of Experiments (Practical)
Time Series Analysis (Practical)

Salary Provided after taking an MSc in statistics

A certified MSc Statistics professional in India can anticipate earning a total yearly salary of anywhere between INR 3 Lac and INR 7 Lac. A person may be qualified for a pay raise of between 30% and 40% of their basic income if they succeed in their profession over the course of their career. Alternately, a person could join a rival organisation in the hopes of earning more money and having more chances for promotion.

Occupational Sectors

Manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical firms, educational institutions, market research firms, and banking industries, among others

Career Roles

Arithmetician, market analyst, teacher, online tutor, statistician, etc.

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