Admissions, Eligibility, and Fees for KKSU Distance Education

Admissions, Eligibility, and Fees for KKSU Distance Education

Distance Learning at KKSU 2023: The Kavi kula guru Kalidas Sanskrit University’s Centre for Open and Distance Learning was established in 2019. To deliver high-quality instruction in distant learning, the ODL form of education was established.

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The Centre provides a range of undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and diploma programs in both established and emerging fields of study. The University Grants Commission (UGC) supports Kavi Kula guru ODL courses.

Why should a candidate choose to enroll in KKSU ODL courses? Does it pay to study there? We must move on to our following sections, which will discuss the benefits of attending KKSU, in order to provide answers to these queries.

Foundational and advanced courses are uncommon to find in the remote education setting, yet KKSU ODL offers both.

It is essentially distinctive due to amenities including self-study materials, counselling, online assignment submission, and audio and video lectures.

The majority of students can readily afford the course costs because they are not overly expensive.

This article will serve as a guide for anyone attempting to enroll in KKSOU ODL courses.

Admission to KKSU Distance Education 2023

Admission to the KKSU Distance Education courses for the following session is still open. In the final week of June, the university may start the admissions process for language and writing courses.

For admission to the foundational course in Spoken Sanskrit, the Certificate in Vast shastra, the Certificate in Jyoti’s, the Diploma in Yoga, the MA Sanskrit, and other programs, KKSU will contact applicants. As usual, the application process will be completed offline. The registration deadline for course entry is August 30, 2023.

To be eligible for admission to KKSU ODL courses, applicants must successfully complete the minimal qualifying exams from the recognized boards and universities. Candidates who, although paying the registration fee, did not meet the eligibility conditions will not be permitted to participate in the admissions process.

The admission application can be found on the site.

When submitting the KKSU Distance Education form for the PG degree, a registration fee of 100 INR is necessary.

For all courses, the application processing cost is 50 Indian rupees.

For the KKSU ODL diploma and certificate programs, there is a 200 Indian rupee registration fee.

2023 Application Form for KKSU ODL

From the end of May month, KKSU Distance Education application forms for the academic year 2023 session will be accepted. Following the deadline of August 30, 2023, the University will not accept the completed KKSU Distance Education form.

For degree programs, the application price is 100 Indian rupees; however, diploma and certificate program applicants who choose to submit their applications offline must pay 200 INR. Demand drafts should be made out to the university’s admission office and used to pay for the KKSU application fee.

Admission Procedure for KKSU ODL 2023

One must read the tips below in order to understand how the KKSU Distance Education admissions process functions.

You can access the ODL Admission Form at

The form is available for free download.

When completing the form, use black ink.

Include documents with your own signatures, such as mark sheets or certificates.

Deliver the form, supporting documentation, and DD in person to the appropriate department.

Until the DD is not attached or the cash amount is not paid, the department will not accept the admission form.

Before leaving the admission campus, students should request the receipt for the submission of the admission form.

The receipt will continue to serve as evidence of payment and application form submission.

Note: After confirming that the submitted admission is accurate with respect to the applicants’ academic and personal backgrounds, the status of admission in relation to the submission of the KKSU ODL admission form will be disclosed in 2-4 days. Personal email addresses and mobile numbers will receive updates from the university regarding acceptance.

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