Admission to Kakatiya University’s distance learning programme| UG & PG Courses, Fee

Admission to Kakatiya University's distance learning programme| UG & PG Courses, Fee

Admissions for distance learning at Kakatiya University in 2023: The distance learning admissions portal for Kakatiya University will soon be accessible for the class of 2023. Following the release of the application form, candidates who qualify for admission may enlist. Numerous UG and PG courses are offered at the university. Kakatiya University, a distance education institution, was established in the Telangana city of Warangal in 1988.

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Latest News about Distance Learning at Kakatiya University

The MSc Mathematics & Environmental Science programme at Kakatiya University will provide contact classes from April 8 through July 2, 2023. Choose Here

UG From 16 April to 4 May 2023, Kakatiya University will host first-, second-, and third-year contact classes. Click this

The Kakatiya University Distance Education accepted PG Ex-candidate and Improvement Fee submissions until 24 March 2023. Source

The 2023 session of distance education admission at Kakatiya University will soon begin.

Students have the option of online education. Candidates can register offline by registering offline, or they can register online and submit an online application. Students get admitted to the institution based on how well they do on prerequisite exams.

How many academic programmes does Kakatiya University offer? At Kakatiya University, there are numerous courses available to students. According to their interests, students can apply for admission to UG and PG degrees. The institution currently offers 30 programmes via distant learning.

Distance learning courses are offered by Kakatiya University Distance Education without the need for an entrance exam. Admission to bachelor’s, master’s, and post-graduate diploma programmes is offered by the institute. At Kakatiya University (SDLCEKU), a range of courses, including B. Ed., BA, BSc (CS), BCom, BBA, BLibISc, MSW, MA, MSc, and M.Com, are available via online learning.

The college offers students higher education. When necessary, the institution will extend its offering of specialised courses. Kakatiya University distant Education (SDLCEKU) has a school of distant learning and continuing education that provides a large selection of PG and UG courses.

Highlights of Kakatiya University’s distance learning programme

University NameKakatiya University Distance Education
LocationHanamkonda, Telangana
OwnershipState University
Approved ByUGC (University Grants Commission)

Admissions for distance learning at Kakatiya University in 2023

Kakatiya University Distance Education has started accepting applications for a range of degree programmes at different levels for the academic year 2023. At KUDE, a variety of courses are provided in the Business Management, Science, Arts, and Commerce streams. Presently, the curriculum of Kakatiya University Distance Education includes UG, PG, Diploma, and a few professional courses.

Depending on the merit-based admission requirements, there are entries. According to university regulations, admission is direct and there is no requirement to pass through an entrance. Students must go to the administrative office of the university to pick up application forms and pay the application fee.

The graduate degree programmes for which entries are now being accepted include B.Com, BLIS, BSc, BA, BBM, BCJ, and B.Ed. Through these admissions, additional courses including MA, M.Com, LLM, MCJ, M.Ed, and MSc are provided as postgraduate degree programmes.

Students must pass the intermediate exam or an equivalent certification in order to be able to apply for undergraduate studies.

One may apply for PG courses if they meet the basic requirements, which are a bachelor’s degree and a 50% score on the entrance exam.

Students can obtain the prospectus and application form offline for INR 250.

Admission to UG Distance Education at Kakatiya University

For candidates at the UG level, Kakatiya University Distance Education provides a variety of programmes and courses. Below is a description of a few of the UG-level plans that the university offers:


Time: Three years are the bare minimum needed to obtain a BA.

Candidates who have successfully completed intermediate exams may apply for admission to the BA programme.

Choice Mode: Admission will be given on a merit-based basis immediately.

General B.Com.

Three years is the whole length of the B.Com. general programme.

Candidates who have completed the HSC exams are eligible to apply for admission to the B.Com. General Programme.

Choice Mode: The marks attained by the applicants in the HSC test will determine their admission.

Computer Science for B.Com.

Time: Generally speaking, individuals can complete a B.Com degree in three years.

Candidates can apply for admission to the B.Com computer science programme if they have passed the 10+2 qualifying exam with Computer Sciences as a subject.

Choice Mode: Admission will be granted based on merit.


Time: A BBA programme typically lasts three years to complete.

Candidates who have successfully completed their 10+2 qualifying exams from any Indian board that is registered may apply for admission.

Choice Mode: Candidates will be admitted based on their performance in prior degree qualifying examinations.


Time: The B.LIB.I.Sc. degree programme must be completed in at least one year.

Candidates with an HSC passing certificate are eligible to apply for admission to the university.

Choice Mode: Admission to the university is determined by merit.

Distance Education PG Admission 2023 at Kakatiya University

Candidates can choose from a wide range of PG-level plans and courses at Kakatiya University Distance Education. Here are a few PG programmes the university offers:


Time: An MA degree takes roughly two years to complete.

Candidates with a BA in a relevant field are eligible to apply for admission to the MA programme.

Choice Mode: Candidates get admitted to the institution based on the grades they received for their bachelor’s degree.


Time: The M.Com. programme lasts two years.

Candidates with a B.Com in a relevant field are eligible to apply for admission to the M.Com programme.

Choice Mode: Applicants are admitted based on how well they performed in prior academic years.


Time: The typical MSc programme lasts two years.

Candidates with a BSc in a related field are eligible to apply for admission to the MSc programme.

Choice Mode: The University enrols the applicants based on their prior academic performance.


Time: A two-year period is typically needed to obtain an MBA degree.

Candidates with a BBA degree in a relevant field are eligible to apply for admission to MBA programmes.

Choice Mode: Based on their BBA degree performance, candidates are shortlisted for admission.


Time: The M.LIB.I.Sc programme lasts essentially one year.

Candidates with a B.LIB.I.SC degree are eligible to apply for admission.

Choice Mode: Candidates who demonstrate merit are admitted.


Date: One Year

Candidate must be a graduate to be eligible.

Choice Mode: Candidates are admitted on the basis of their merit alone.

Arts PG Diploma

Date: One Year

Eligibility: A diploma is required.

Choice Mode: Candidates are chosen based on the merit of the grades they earned when applying for graduate degrees.

Admissions Procedures for Distance Education at Kakatiya University 2023

Visitors must go to the university website.

Before applying, carefully read the instructions.

Keep all the forms’ necessary paperwork on hand.

Click on the Application Form when you are on the admissions portal.

Complete all fields, including name, address, educational background, contact information, etc.

The application fee will be displayed on your screen; pay it.

Students have the option of paying the application fee online or with a debit/credit card.

Before submitting it, thoroughly review the application form.

Fee Structure for Distance Education at Kakatiya University

CourseSubjectFee (INR) (Tentative)

Affiliated Colleges of Kakatiya University Distance Education

CollegeLocation Este  Ownership
Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Kou Konda, Telangana 1980 Private
University College of Engineering, Kakatiya University Katragadda, Telangana 1957 Government
KU College of Engineering and Technology Manikonda, Telangana 2009 Private
Warangal Institute of Technology and Science Gurupada, Telangana 2009 Private
Manair College of Law, Khammam – 1990 Private
Chaitanya Institute of Technology and Science Manikonda, Telangana 2010 Private
University College of Commerce and Business Management, Kakatiya University, Warangal Manikonda, Telangana 1968 Government
Vaagdevi Degree and PG College, Manikonda Manikonda, Telangana 1993 Private
Vinutha Institute of Technology and Science Ganapathy, Telangana 2009 Private
Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Manikonda Manikonda, Telangana 1997 Private
University PG College, Nirmal Nirmal, Telangana 1991 Private
The Vanir Sultan College of Engineering, Khammam Vacuumable, Telangana 1995 Private
Kavitha Memorial Degree and PG College, Khammam Khammam, Telangana 2002 Private
Kakatiya Mahala Degree College, Manikonda Manikonda, Telangana 1996 Private
Chanda Kanhaiya Memorial Arts and Science College Warangal, Telangana 1967 Private
Adarsha Law College, Warangal Manikonda, Telangana 1994 Private

Kakatiya University Distance Education has made a central library available; in addition to having collections of all important books like textbooks, reference books, and e-journals like national and international ones, this library also has all priceless books available in it.

Computer Lab: The university has a top-notch computer lab available. The lab is equipped with all the essential amenities, including a high-speed internet connection and luxuriously comfy chairs.

Auditorium: Kakatiya University Distance Education’s on-campus cafeteria is one of the largest in the country and has all the essential amenities, including a top-notch projector and luxurious seating. Numerous valuable programmes were held in the auditorium, including paper presentations, seminars, and other activities.

Sports: The KU provided a variety of indoor and outdoor game facilities in addition to all the game amenities located on campus, including a basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, football pitch and cricket ground.

Cafeteria: The university offers a top-notch cafeteria that serves high-quality, sanitary meals and is situated on the university campus. The atmosphere in the cafeteria is welcoming.

Kakatiya University Scholarship for Online Study

In addition to providing scholarships for the rank holder and students who received high marks, Kakatiya University Distance Education also offers scholarships for members of lower castes including SC, ST, and OBC.

Distance Learning at Kakatiya University (FAQs)

The context-appropriate responses to a few questions that candidates are asked are provided below.

1. Has the university received UGC-DEB approval?

Yes, the University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau has approved the institution.

2. In what location is Kakatiya University located?

The university is located in the Telangana city of Manikonda.

3. What courses does the university offer, second?

The university provides UG and PG programmes.

4. Does the university provide distance learning?

A: Yes!

5. After graduating from university Can I enrol in a different university for further study?

A: Yes!

6. What Courses Does Kakatiya University Offer Through Distance Learning?

Ans: You can look up the university’s distance learning details in the upper content.

7. How can I apply for the university’s UG courses, number six?

Answer: Candidates may apply using traditional or online educational methods.

8. List some of the fields that the institution grants admission in.

In the areas of medical, forensic, and agricultural sciences, the institution offers degree programmes and courses.

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