Admission to Dravidian University’s distance education program | Courses & cost

Admission to Dravidian University's distance education program | Courses & cost

Admission to Dravidian University’s distance learning program: The university’s official website will soon post the dates for the ordinary admission for the upcoming session. Regular UG, PG, Ph.D., diploma, and certificate programs are available. Admission for the next academic year typically opens in July of each year. To enroll in their preferred course, students can submit an online application.

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Notably, Dravidian University does not yet provide any online courses. Just queries from students are the only purpose of this article. Students may submit a Regular Mode application for admission

In 2008, the University was founded. It is in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor District that excellent regular education is provided. Dravidian University (DUDE) was founded by the Andhra Pradesh government in 1997.

Through a legislative act (No. 17 of 1997), the institution was founded, with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala providing initial funding. It seeks to advance Dravidian linguistic and cultural development. Today, the institution comprises 20 academic departments and six research institutes thanks to its extensive evolution. In 2008, ESTD and UGC approved the Dravidian University.

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3-year study that is available to students who have completed the intermediate. A minimum score of 50% is required of students. It costs 9,000 INR.

The three-year bachelor of arts (BA) program requires passing at least one intermediate level course with a minimum score of 45%. You must pay a fee of INR 5,000 to take the course.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree that takes three years to complete. It requires acquiring a minimum HSC qualification from a reputable institution and earning a minimum score of 50% in order to be eligible. The cost for this will be INR 5,500.

After completing 10+2, students have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BSc), with a minimum required score of 50%. The cost for this will be INR 5,100.

The Master of Science (MSc) program lasts two years. Students with a 50% score who have earned a BSc degree are eligible. It costs 4,000 INR.

It takes two years to complete the Masters of Arts (MA) program. After meeting the requirements, BA students can apply for admission; the cost of the course is INR 3,000.

Highlights of Dravidian University

University NameDravidian University
Location:Agar am, Andhra Pradesh
Ownership:State University
Approved By:University Grants Commission (UGC)

Admission to Dravidian University’s distance learning program?

For the 2023 academic year, Dravidian University will not be providing any distance learning courses. The Dravidian University admissions window is currently closed. For the upcoming new school year, it will soon open. For students who don’t attend normal classes or those who want to combine their higher education with a career, the university offers a variety of courses.

BCA, BSc, BBA, B.Com, and BA are the three-year UG courses. In addition to these classes, BLIS is also provided at the UG level but only for a year. There are admissions for MLIS, MCA, M.Com, MBA, MSc, and MA programs as well.

To be eligible for admission to any undergraduate program, candidates must meet the qualification requirement of the 10+2 system with a minimum score.

A minimum average grade of 50% in a UG course is required to be selected for PG programs.

There will be a 350 INR application fee given with the application.

Dravidian University Online Learning For PG Admission?

Botany Master’s

Candidates that pass their intermediate examinations are offered the B.Sc. Botany programme.

Additionally, applicants must pass the course’s prerequisite entry exam.

Candidates who received 50% or higher on their bachelor’s in science exams will be admitted.

PhD in Philosophy

Candidates with a minimum GPA of 60% in philosophy or with a BA in philosophy may apply for the course with a minimum GPA of 50%.

They must submit their application in the proper way and pass the counselling session.

Admissions procedures for distance learning at Dravidian University?

Students may apply for admission to Dravidian University through both online and offline channels for UG/PG, diplomas, and certificates. Please visit the university’s official website and complete the application form with all necessary information if the student chooses to apply for admission online.

Please visit the university’s official website and download the application if the candidate wants to submit an offline admissions application. You must mail the completed form to the university’s address after filling it out. Candidates who will be appearing in the last year of UG programs may also apply.

Application Requirements for Online Submission

Demand drafts must be used to pay the entrance exam costs of Rs. 350 for general/BC applicants and Rs. 250 for SC/ST students. The Dravidian University, Kuppa was found by Andhra Bank. The Dravidian University Branch Kuppa code is 0001539, and the cost of online registration is Rs. 450.

MBA program online offered by Dravidian University?

Admissions are available for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs at Dravidian University. Before the final admission date, candidates interested in MBA programs must submit an application. The MBA program lasts for two years and four semesters. Candidates must earn a BBA or an equivalent bachelor’s degree from an accredited Indian university with at least 50–55 percent of the required marks. The University’s official website will host the application for admission. An MBA program is available at the Dravidian University for a price of only INR 12,000.00.

Dravidian University Online Undergraduate Courses?

SpecializationEligibility Duration
BA Arabic10+2 passed3 Years
BA Functional English10+2 passed3 years
BA Economics10+2 passed3 years
BA English10+2 passed3 years
BA Hindi10+2 passed3 years
BA History10+2 passed3years
BA Urdu and Islamic Literature10+2 passed3 years
BA Political Science10+2 passed3years
BA Malayalam10+2 passed3 years
BA Philosophy10+2 passed3 years
BA Sanskrit10+2 passed3 years
BA Kannada10+2 passed3 years
BA Development Economics10+2 passed3 years
BA Functional Hindi10+2 passed3 years
BA Arabic & Islamic History10+2 passed3 years
BA Economics (History & Political Science)10+2 passed

Dravidian University Distance Education PG Courses?

SpecializationEligibility CriteriaDuration
M.Sc. Zoology-Parasitology Special SubjectB.Sc. Zoology-Parasitology Special Subject2 years
M.Sc. ZoologyB.Sc. Zoology2 years 
M.Sc. StatisticsB.Sc. Statistics2 years
M.Sc. Physics (Advanced Material)B.Sc. Physics (Advanced Material)2 years 
M.Sc. PhysicsB.Sc. Physics2 years
M.Sc. MicrobiologyB.Sc. Microbiology2 years 
M.Sc. MathematicsB.Sc. Mathematics2 Years
M.Sc. History and Heritage StudiesB.Sc. History and Heritage Studies2 years
M.Sc. GeologyB.Sc. Geology2 years 
M.Sc. GeographyB.Sc. Geography2 years 
M.Sc. ElectronicsB.Sc. Electronics2 years 
M.Sc. Computer ScienceB.Sc. Computer Science2 years 
M.Sc. Chemistry (Material Sciences)B.Sc. Chemistry (Material Sciences)2 years 
M.Sc. ChemistryB.Sc. Chemistry2 years 
M.Sc. ChemistryB.Sc. Chemistry2 years 
M.Sc. BiotechnologyB.Sc. Biotechnology2years 
M.Com TaxationB.Com Taxation2 years 
M.Com FinanceB.Com Finance2 years 
M.Com CommerceB.Com Commerce2 years 
M.Com Accountancy and TaxationB.Com Accountancy and Taxation2 years 

Dravidian University Programs of Self-Financing Eligibility

ProgramSubject Duration (Years)Eligibility
M.Sc., Biochemistry2B.Sc., with chemistry and any two subjects in Life Sciences
M.Sc., Biotechnology2B.Sc., with chemistry and any two subjects in Life Sciences
MCA33 Years Bachelor’s Degree (Regular) with Mathematics as one of the subjects + ICET Rank in 2016
M.Sc., Computer Science2B.Sc., Computer Science with Mathematics Combination
M.A. Music & Performing Arts2Any Degree
M.A. Traditional Theatre2Any Degree
M.A. Tourism & Management2Any Degree
M.L.I.Sc., Library Science 2Any Degree
M.Sc., Botany2B.Sc., with Botany
MBA2As per the ICET norms
M.Sc., Chemistry2B.Sc., with Chemistry as one of the subjects
M.Com., Commerce2B.Com., or B.A., Commerce
M.Sc., Mathematics2Degree with Mathematics as the main subject or Degree with Mathematics, Economics, Statistics
M.Sc, Microbiology2B.Sc., Microbiology (or) B.Sc., Chemistry with the combination of two Life Science subjects
M.Sc, Physics2B.Sc., with Physics and Mathematics as subjects
MA Rural Development Management2Any Degree
MSW Social Work2Any Degree
MA, Sociology2Any Degree
M.Sc., Statistics2Degree with Statistics as the main subject or Degree with Mathematics, Economics, Statistics or accountancy, Economics, Statistics
M.Sc., Zoology2B.Sc., Zoology as one of the subjects

Dravidian University Diploma Courses

ProgramSubject Duration (Years)Eligibility
Diploma in Yoga1Any degree
Diploma course in Malayalam1Any degree
Diploma course in Tulu1Any degree
Certificate Course in Malayalam6 monthsAny degree
Diploma course in Tamil1Any degree
P.G. Diploma in Academic Writing (Malayalam)6 monthsAny degree
P.G Diploma in Folkloristics1Any degree
P.G. Diploma in Tourism1Any degree
Certificate course in Academic Writing1Any degree
Certificate Course in Tamil6 monthsAny degree
P.G. Diploma in Translation1Any degree
Certificate Course in Tulu6 monthsAny degree

Study Centres at Dravidian University

The revised program of study

The exam’s fixed format and rapid results announcement

Universities and Departments at Dravidian

school for business and management

Science & Technology School

School of Translation Studies and Comparative Literature

School of Natural Sciences and Herbal Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences School

Educational and Human Resource Development School

Contact information for Dravidian University

  • Address: Srinivasa Vaman, Kuppam-517 426, Chittoor Dist. (A.P.), India
  • Email: [email protected]

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