MSc Yoga Distance Education Admission: Course Information, Employment, and Fee

MSc Yoga Distance Education Admission: Course Information, Employment, and Fee

Distance Education for MSc Yoga: Distance A two-year PG program called MSc in Yoga is available in the scientific stream. It intends to offer yoga therapy to people who suffer from different psychosomatic ailments. A number of universities are providing the course online. Students may apply in the manner of their choosing. Beginning with the January/July sessions, admission to the MSc Yoga course is available online.

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The public can receive yoga therapy through the Distance MSc in Yoga program in addition to the hospital’s current therapeutic options. It prepares students to enhance their yoga therapy abilities in order to assist society’s population. It assists in filling the demand for people with specific expertise in this area from society.

Current update

The deadline for SRM University’s MSc Yoga distant learning program acceptance is June 30, 2023.

Admission for MSc Distance Education is currently open at IGNOU. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2023.

Admission to S-VYASA’s MSc Yoga distance learning program is currently open for the January 2023 session. The application deadline is June 15, 2023.

For the January 2023 session, IDEUNOM has begun accepting applications for its yoga programs.

Eligibility requirements

  • Students must be eligible to enroll in the MSc Yoga distant learning program. To get accepted into this MSc degree at one of India’s best colleges, the following requirements must be satisfied:
  • Candidates for the MSc in Yoga should have earned their Bachelor’s in yoga or a closely related discipline.
  • They must have a minimum of 50% overall in their undergraduate degree.
  • Merit-based admissions are used for this online MSc in Yoga program.

Fee Schedule

The MSc Yoga Distance Education program has a reasonable academic price structure. The fees for the registered students range from INR 9000 to 22,000 annually.

Highlights of the online MSc in yoga

Course NameMSc Yoga
Full ForeemMaster of Science in Yaga
EligibilityBSc in any discipline
Duration2 to 4 years
Course FeeINR 9000 to 22,000 per annum.
Admission ProcessOnline & Offline

Why Distance Learning for an MS in Yoga?

Students who dance, play sports, or engage in other activities requiring flexibility should consider taking the MSc Yoga Distance Education course. Its objective is to provide opportunities for people to learn more about and become better at many facets of yoga.

A lot of people are interested in earning an MSc in Yoga through distance education. Yoga has a lengthy history of being studied for a very long period in India. Many well-known individuals from around the world got their start in this industry in India.

Benefits of Distance Learning for MSc Yoga

The MSc Yoga degree is available through distance learning, which offers a flexible schedule and can help you pay for college while allowing you to learn and work at the same time.

A distance learning MSc course can be taken from anywhere, thus there are no geographic limits. You can choose any school that offers the curriculum you desire, anywhere in the country or even outside.

You might be able to finish this self-paced distance learning program sooner than with a standard course because it is self-paced.

Admissions for MSc Yoga via Distance Education in 2023

The application process for the MSc Yoga Distance Education program is straightforward. Both online and offline options of following it exist. The most widely used method is listed below:

  • Go to the university’s website and select the link for the distance learning MSc Yoga program.
  • Select “Registration as a new applicant” under the Online Registration page.
  • Log in to the online admissions portal after a successful registration, then select PG Distance enrolments.
  • Choose MSc Yoga from the menu, then begin entering your academic and personal information into the application.
  • Get its voucher and pay for it online to finish the application process.
  • Apply for an MSc in Yoga now and include a payment coupon.

MSc Yoga Online Learning University of Madras

One of the several remote learning programs offered by Madras University is the MSc in Yoga. Candidates must have completed a BSc in Yoga or its equivalent from an Indian university with at least 50% of the required marks in order to be considered for admission to Madras University’s remote learning masters program. Madras University’s MSc Yoga online education program has a three-year duration and costs INR 4500 annually.

Distance Learning for Yoga MSc SVYASA

In a given year, SVYASA offers two intakes for its correspondence MSc Yoga program: January and July. Candidates may apply for admission to this university’s MSc Yoga distance education program if they have earned a bachelor’s degree in any specialty with at least 45% of the required marks. S-VYASA charges a registration fee of Rs 1000 and a total of Rs 65,000 for this master’s degree program.

MSc Yoga Online Learning University of SRM

The MSc Yoga distance learning program at SRM University was open for enrolment twice a year in January and July sessions. This university charges Rs. 8500 per year for this master’s degree-level yoga programme. The deadline for SRM University’s open and distance learning admissions for the January 2023 semester was 30 June 2023.

Distance learning for the MSc in Yoga at Annamalai University

Annamalai University has begun taking applications for its MSc Yoga programs. The deadline for admission applications is June 15, 2023. The university doesn’t currently have any remote learning courses available. A two-year graduate degree in yoga is called a master of science. Students with a UG degree are eligible for admission, while those with a BSc in yoga are preferred.

Syllabus for MSc Yoga Online Education

1st Year Syllabus Details


2nd Year Syllabus Details


Educational Scope After Distance MSc Yoga

When students earn their MSc Yoga Distance Education, they can go on to make their career and further their education. Following are the advanced study options of the MSc Yoga course that are available to willing professionals:

  • M.Phil Yoga
  • Ph.D. Yoga

Recruitment Area for MSc Yoga Distance Education

Students who obtain an MSc Yoga Distance Education degree in Yoga can access the fitness industry and many work prospects. Such professionals can get employment in these sectors:

  • Community Health Clubs
  • Yoga Educational Institutes
  • Sports Centres
  • Yoga Centres
  • Resorts
  • Hospitals

The Most Common Questions?

Is the MSc in Yoga from a Distance program legitimate?

Ans: Several prestigious schools in India offer the Master of Science Yoga (MSc Yoga) as a distance learning program.The course has received approval from UGC and DEB as legitimate & valid.

Question 2: Why does MSc yoga exist?

Ans: The MSc Yoga Distance Education Program gives students the chance to discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga. In this course, students learn how to assist those with psychosomatic illnesses who are disabled.

Which university offers the finest MSc Yoga programs?

Answer: Students are free to choose a university based on their interests. Numerous colleges in India are now accepting applications for their distance-learning MSc Yoga programs. S-VYASA, SRM University, IGNOU, and other universities are a few examples.

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