Admission to BLIS Distance Education| Fee, Eligibility, Program, & Top Colleges

Admission to BLIS Distance Education| Fee, Eligibility, Program, & Top Colleges

BLIS Distance Education Admission 2023–24: BLIS stands for Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences. A year is needed to complete a bachelor’s degree in library and information science. It equips you with the knowledge and abilities required to be a successful manager and organizer.

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Students will study how to manage library resources, including Project Trainee, the library, Junior Library Assistants, Professional Assistants, etc., in the BLIS online education program.

There are several well-known BLIS specialities, including library science, library and information science, and information science. The major objective of the BLIS distance learning program is to provide students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the field of library science.

Current updates

The BLIS distant education admissions process has begun at Amity University for the 2023 academic year.

The admission process for BLIS distant learning has begun at LPU University. Candidates may apply before the deadline.

Admission to the BLIS program at IGNOU has begun for the July Cycle and academic year 2023. Students may submit their applications up to June 30, 2023.

Qualifications for BLIS Online Education

Candidates who are eager to enroll in the BLIS distance education program must satisfy the conditions for eligibility listed below.

Age is not a factor. Anyone of any age may complete the BLIS Distance Education registration form.

A bachelor’s degree from a reputable university or college is required of applicants. The minimum passing grade for the bachelor’s exam is 40%.

The “reserved category” of students receives a 5% admissions discount.

BLIS Distance Learning Cost

According to the various Universities, the distance BLIS tuition for various colleges and universities in India ranges from INR 12,000 to INR 30,000 each year.

Highlights of BLIS Distance Education Admission

Full FormBachelor of Library & Information Science (BLIS)
Learning modeDistance
Course LevelBachelor’s
Approved ByUGC-DEB
Approx FeeINR 12,000 to INR 30,000/-
Minimum Percentage40% to 50%
Duration1 year
EligibilityBachelor’s degree in any stream
Job RolesLibrarian, Information Assistant, Archivist, etc

Admission Procedure for BLIS Distance Education 2023

The following actions must be taken by students who wish to submit a distance application for the BLIS program:

Visit the BLIS program’s official website to enroll in the online course.

Candidates are able to create a new student profile.

Give us all the information we require to complete the form by uploading all required documents.

After submitting their application, candidates are required to pay a fee.

Verify all of the data once the application form has been processed.

The candidate will receive a confirmation page upon successful registration.

IGNOU BLIS Online Learning

For the upcoming academic year, IGNOU has launched the application period for its distance-learning BLIS program. The application form is accessible through the IGNOU website. The distance learning BLIS program lasts for a year. Candidates must have graduated from an accredited university with at least a 50 percent grade point average in order to apply for admission. INR 8,100 is the cost of the IGNOU’s BLIS program. The IGNOU BLIS application deadline is June 30, 2023.

Distance Learning BLIS at Subharti University

Subharti University DDE is now accepting applications for remote learning for the Bachelor of Library and Information Science program. To apply for this one-year Bachelor’s program at Subharti University, candidates must meet the prerequisites. Admission to this program will require a high school diploma from a recognized board with at least a 50% average. The cost of the online BLIS program at SVSU DDE is INR 14,000 per year.

Distance Learning for BLIS in Bihar

The distant Education Bureau reports that there is only one university in Bihar that offers BLIS courses via distant learning. Applications must be submitted by the deadline for admission. To be eligible for admission to the university, you must fulfill the eligibility condition. Bihar’s only university that provides online courses is Nalanda Open University (NOU).

Distance Learning in BLIS Syllabus

The topics in the BLIS course outline span two semesters. However, the “library science syllabus” may range from one Indian college to another in terms of its academic matter. Currently, storing library data, newsletters, books, and e-books are all included in the BLIS curriculum. The Indian Librarian Course Outline is shown below.

1st Year
Library And Information ScienceColon Classification
Human Resource ManagementClassified Catalogue Code
Reference & Information ServiceFundamentals Of Information Technology
Cataloguing And ClassificationCreating Cyber Libraries

Advantages of BLIS Correspondence

Inexpensive and Flexible.Spontaneous responsesNo Excessive Control 
No representative sample neededExploratory and Inductive MethodsMore time is given to studying material

Is BLIS Distance Education Worth it?

A Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) degree can help candidates get great job opportunities in the same field.

  • Skills: This course will help you improve your technical skills, management skills, time management, knowledge of policies, standards, issues, customer service, etc.
  • Time flexibility: Since there aren’t any physical classes and students don’t have to go to campus, this saves time. Students can choose when they want to study and do other things at other times.
  • Fee and Costs: The average cost of a distance BLIS is between INR 12000 and INR 30000 per year, which is affordable for many people with trouble with money.
  • Earn While You Learn: Working professionals can learn and make money simultaneously, and this course gives students a chance to do both to pay their bills.

Scope of Distance BLIS Programme

Educational Scope of Distance BLIS: Students can work in various fields after getting their BLIS through distance learning. If candidates don’t want to look for BLIS jobs right away, they can go on to higher education, such as:

If students pursue a master’s degree, any of the above written, their chances of getting better jobs with a nice salary are high.

Professional Scope of Distance BLIS: Scope after BLIS distance education for jobs is very lucrative, where students have the opportunity to work in various fields:

  • Research Centres
  • Institutional Libraries
  • Collection Departments
  • Customer Services
  • Cataloguing Department
  • Film Studio

Most Commonly Asked Question

How can I enroll in the BLIS program?

Depending on the university, students may be admitted directly to BLIS courses or through a merit list.

Can I pursue a BLIS after I graduate?

Yes, BLIS was the programme for which a UG degree was a requirement for enrollment.

What is the maximum BLIS duration?

The BLIS degree can be earned in one year.

Is an online degree recognized?

Yes, the UGC has recognized and validated the Distance BLIS degree.

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