Eligibility, fees, top colleges, and syllabus for M.Sc. in Home Science Admission

Eligibility, fees, top colleges, and syllabus for M.Sc. in Home Science Admission

MSc Home Science Admission 2023: The focus of this PG degree program is to teach students about a variety of home science topics. Understanding family resource management, human development, extension education, apparel and textiles, food and nutrition, etc. are all included. The course gives students advanced abilities that prepare them for the professional world. Candidates are given the following admission-related information:

Eligibility requirements: Having a graduate degree is a prerequisite according to the eligibility requirements. A UGC-recognized university in a related field of study should have provided the needed education. The selection procedure will give priority to those with relevant BSc degrees. Each candidate must have received a minimum passing grade of 50% on the previous test.

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Specialization and Program Options: Specializations for the MSc Home Science programme may differ between universities. Food and nutrition, human development and family studies, clothing and textiles, family resource management, home science extension and communication, and other topics are some of the most popular specialities in this degree.

MSc Admission Process: The following are some critical milestones in the MSc Admission Process:

Application: In order to be eligible to take the entrance exam, students must first register. Additionally, they will submit their applications along with supporting documentation such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, fee payment challans, etc.

MSc Home Science Entrance Exam: Candidates must pass the All-India Entrance Examinations (AIEEs) in order to be considered for admission to the MSc Home Science program. Other tests that are unique to a state or institution exist as well.

Interview: The interview is a crucial phase in this process for determining whether candidates are a good fit for the course being provided.

Selection on the basis of merit: Candidates must provide their most recent academic transcript together with the application in order to be considered.

Typical Fees: The cost of the MSc Home Science program ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 every year. depended on the university or institute.

Average Salary: An MSc in Home Science student can expect to start out with a salary between 2.5 and 3.5 lakhs (LPA).

Highlights of M.Sc. Home Science Admission

Course NameM.Sc Home Science
Course LevelPostgraduate
Exam modeSemester system
Course ModeRegular/Distance
Duration2 years
Course FeeINR 10K to 30K per year
EligibilityGraduation in any relevant science subject
Admission Processentry exam, and On the basis of merit
Examination Entrance TextUniversity entrance
Average Starting SalaryINR 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum (LPA)

Admission to M.Sc. in Home Science 2023–24

A PG degree program in home science that lasts two years and consists of four semesters is called the MSc. Home science is the field of study that focuses on the management and optimal use of the family’s human resources.

The goal of this research is to keep a home’s living standards high. It is achieved through keeping up with good nutrition, health, and food hygiene within a family. It is a study that addresses every issue relating to a family, its individuals, and its resources. Students may manage their houses effectively and affordably after completing this course.

Hospitality, Food Services, Consumerism, Applied Nutrition, Furniture and Furnishings, Housing and Landscape Designing, Human Welfare, etc. are a few significant subjects covered in the M.Sc. Home Science admission syllabus.

Admission to the M.Sc. in Home Science Program

You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 50% in BSc Home Science to be eligible for admission.

AMU Aligarh, Calicut University, Banaras Hindu University, Mumbai University, etc. are some of the top institutions offering this program.

MGU CAT, BHU PET, and AMU entrance examinations are a few of the MSc Home Science entry tests.

Admission Fees for M.Sc. in Home Science

The typical course fee for a master’s degree in home science is from INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 annually.

Exams for M.Sc. Admission in Home Science

Every institute has a test that applicants can take to get admitted to the home sciences program. To be admitted, the applicant must take the exam.

Salary Structures

MSc Home Science Specialists typically get between INR 2.5 lakhs and 3.5 lakhs per year (LPA) in compensation. Customer service providers, restaurants, hotels, community centres, call centres, BPOs, gyms, and other businesses frequently hire MSc Home Science graduates.

Job Posted

You will have the opportunity to work as an HR executive, company secretary, customer service representative, recruiting manager, speaker, lecturer, school teacher, etc. thanks to this training.

Why Do You Choose M.Sc. Home Science?

Following the completion of this degree, students have a few employment opportunities listed below.

  • Manager at the Apparel industry’s production
  • Colour consultant’
  • Diet consultant
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior designer
  • Resource developers
  • Teachers

What is the M.Sc. in Home Science Admission all about?

A master’s degree in home science takes two years to complete and has four semesters. In this two-year course, we examine how diverse humanities and sciences might be applied to improve family nutrition, the development of children, and the human environment.

Home Science Admission Syllabus for M.Sc.

Semester ISemester II 
Advanced Human Resource ManagementAdvanced Interior Designing
Hospitality ManagementHousing and Landscape Designing
Food Services ManagementLifelong Learning for Development
Extension and Social Development in IndiaSocial Entrepreneurship
Developmental Approaches and Panchayati RajCommunication Skills Verbal
Human WelfareCommunication Skills Written
Semester IIISemester IV
ConsumerismFurniture and Furnishings
Agriculture and AgroeconomicsEnergy Management
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentEnvironmental Studies
StatisticsApplied Nutrition
Basic Computer ApplicationsWomen’s Studies
Science and Technology in Rural AreasGender Studies
Program Design and EvaluationCommunity Health
Population StudiesIssues in Home Science

Tips for M.Sc. Admission in Home Science

Students who intend to pursue home science as their master’s degree should be aware of the preparation required. For the finest study results, students can simply follow these instructions.

The student must be aware of which of the institute’s provided syllabuses is more useful and on which they should concentrate.

Outline of the plan. The learner can easily determine their study schedule if they have an outline in their possession. It’s up to the pupils to determine when they can study more effectively.

Basics Knowledge: The student’s primary focus should be on learning the fundamentals of life science. First, the pupils need to have a solid background in and interest in this subject.

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