Colleges, Entrance Exam, Eligibility, Syllabus Fees, and Jobs for BSc Zoology Admission

Colleges, Entrance Exam, Eligibility, Syllabus Fees, and Jobs for BSc Zoology Admission

Admission to the BSc in Zoology program in 2023 is available in the science stream. This course’s main focus is the study of animals, including their biology, behaviour, and habitats. Courses for the BSc in Zoology are offered by many Indian universities. Despite the fact that each university may have a slightly different curriculum, the core subjects are typically the same. The following details the application procedure for this BSc program:

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Eligibility Requirements: Completion of the 10+2 program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 50% is required for admission to the BSc Zoology program.

While the core subjects of a BSc in Zoology degree remain the same, some Indian universities may provide specialty options or elective courses to allow students to focus on particular areas of interest. These specialities or elective courses could provide a greater understanding and level of expertise in a particular branch of zoology. The study of animal behaviour, genetics, molecular biology, and ecology are some of the most well-liked specialities.

The admissions process for BSc Zoology may differ from one institution to another. The general steps are shown below:

Application: The BSc in Zoology application form can be obtained from the appropriate university online or by contacting the admissions office. Send the form off before the deadline after filling it out completely.

Entrance exams for BSc zoology are administered by some institutions and universities to applicants for respective programs. Popular entrance examinations for this UG course include EAMCET, KCET, NEET, and AIIMS.

Interviews: Some universities’ BSc Zoology applicant selection procedures may include interviews. Your expertise, zoological interest, and course suitability may all be evaluated during the interview.

Merit-Based Selection: Several colleges also employ a merit-based selection process for the BSc in Zoology. They take into account how well you did on the 10+2 (or similar) test, particularly in subjects like PCB. The selection procedure is based on a merit list that lists applicants according to their academic accomplishments.

current updates

At Kannur University, BSc Zoology Admission is now available. Applications are being accepted till June 12th, 2023.

The deadline is June 30, 2023. (Provisionally) submit an application for Boruah College’s BSc Zoology Admission 2023 for the 2020–21 academic year.

Highlights of BSc Zoology Admission

Course NameBSc Zoology
Average course feeINR 5000 to INR 2 lakhs
Average entry-level salaryINR 3 LPA to INR 7 LPA
Duration of the course3 years
Sectors of employmentLab, Academic Institutes, Forestry, etc.

Key Qualifiers for Admission to BSc Zoology

Students who have completed their 12th grade can apply for BSc Zoology admission at numerous institutions, including Delhi University, JNU, and JMI University.

One must complete a science background in the 12th grade in order to be admitted to BSc Zoology.

Enrollment in the BSc Zoology programme requires students to have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

To admit students to BSc Zoology programs, certain institutes hold admission exams like the CUET, BHU UET, CUCET, and others.

The grade received on the exam for the 12th grade typically serves as the admissions criterion.

Admission to BSc Zoology 2023–24

Numerous universities offer zoology bachelor’s degree programs. The three-year course of study lasts for six semesters. The BSc Zoology program offers both entrance tests and merit-based admittance procedures. This course is available in traditional classroom settings in addition to online.

Criteria for Admission to BSc Zoology

Students may enroll in the course if they have passed their intermediate or HSC (Higher Secondary Class) test from an accredited board in the scientific stream.

The student must receive at least 50% in biology during their 10+2 year.

BSc Zoology Tuition

The cost of a BSc in Zoology ranges from INR 5000 to INR 2 lakhs on average. Depending on demand from the university, it might be altered.

Based on merit: Students are admitted to BSc Zoology based on their HSC performance.

BSc Entrance Exam for Zoology

Some universities may have entrance tests as a requirement for enrollment in the BSc Zoology program. Candidates need to do well on the admission exam in order to get accepted into prestigious colleges.

Syllabus for BSc Zoology Admission

Students in this program offer a variety of disciplines. This subject includes all necessary research on animal species. In this course, we examine the composition, classification, and division of all creatures. Three-year courses make up the curricula. The program’s BSc Zoology Admission syllabus is as follows:

1st Year
Life and Diversity from Protozoa to Porifera and Cell Biology ILife and Diversity from Annelids to Arthropods and Genetics I
Life and Diversity from Coelenterate to Helminthes and Cell Biology IILife and Diversity from Mollusk to Hemichordate and Genetics II
2nd Year
Life and Diversity of Chordates ILife and Diversity of Chordates II
Mammalian Physiology IMammalian Physiology II
3rd Year
Environmental BiologyAquaculture and Pest Management I
Evolution and Developmental BiologyAquaculture and Pest Management II

BSc Zoology Jobs, Benefits, and Scope

A zoologist can work in a variety of fields. They can work in a variety of settings, including zoos, aquariums, animal hospitals, museums, and national parks with wildlife. There are more positions available, such as zookeepers, wildlife specialists, and animal caregivers. The majority of TV channels, including National Geographic and Animal-Plant, provide many positions.

This course is open to anyone with analytical, data-handling, and written communication skills.

The individuals who are most qualified for the course are those who are interested in pursuing higher education and have strong project management, oral communication, and presentation skills.

The pupils should be interested in animals and keen to learn about their development and evolution.

How Can a BSc in Zoology Course Be Useful?

The program’s applicants have numerous alternatives for continued study in a wide range of specializations, and with that qualification, they can enter the desired employment profile.

The potential employees can work for medical research facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, art galleries, animal rehabilitation facilities, etc.

After completing a master’s program at a reputable university, they can potentially pursue a career in education.

Aims of BSc Zoology

The popularity of BSc Zoology among students has grown over the past few years. Students are fascinated by learning about the diverse aspects of biology. This alone explains why the course’s focus keeps expanding. Students have the following choices in addition to seeking for jobs:

The main goal of this two-year postgraduate degree program in zoology is to gain knowledge about both extinct and living animals. By taking part in this program, the students will have a solid awareness of animal anatomy and biodiversity. Students pursuing a Master of Science in Zoology examine animal behaviour as well as how animals have evolved over time.

Candidates for a Ph.D. in zoology frequently need to have an M.Phil. It could stand in for a subject-specific Ph.D. application. Graduates with zoology degrees can choose from a variety of jobs.

Ph.D. in Zoology: This degree requires completion of a three-year program of study. In the study of zoology, animals, their structural divisions, and the science of their presence in the natural world are all empirically examined. The study’s subfields include mammalogy, ornithology, and ichthyology.

Employer Sectors

Public hospitals, colleges, and universities

Environmental Organizations

hospitals and clinics

Agricultural Companies


Pharmaceutical Businesses


Zoology BS Career Types

Botany/Zoology faculty member, clinical business associate, area sales manager, medical representative

Online Instructor Nutrition Expert Research Assistant

Colleges offering BSc in Zoology

Guwahati’s Arya Vidyapeeth College

Delhi’s IGNOU, or Indira Gandhi National Open University

Yamuna Nagar Darsh Mahavidyalaya, Mukund Lal National College, Osmanabad

FAQs Regarding Admission to BSc Zoology

What career path may I take after earning a B.Sc. in zoology?

An alternative chance exists after earning a B.Sc. in zoology. Higher education enables students to enroll in a new form of master’s degree. Some of the programs include an MBA and a master’s in zoology.

How are physics and zoology related?

Ans. The entire plant can be explained in terms of physics. Without the aid of physics, biology is challenging to study. As a result, it is related to the plant. As a result, studying zoology without physics is challenging.

What courses are available for BSc zoology admission?

Ans. The study of structure, behaviour, and various animal species are disciplines that are available for B.Sc. degrees.

What careers are open to those with a Ph.D. in biological sciences (zoology)?

Ans. A Ph.D. in biological science can lead to a variety of careers. In any university, they are eligible to work as an assistant professor. They are able to conduct biological research and instruct zoology in an associated institution.

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