B.Lib Admission | Course Information, Qualification, Costs, & Syllabus

B.Lib Admission | Course Information, Qualification, Costs, & Syllabus

Admission to B Lib 2023: The Bachelor of Library Science is a one-year undergraduate degree programme that fosters the development of fundamental skills in library management and information science. Candidates for B.Lib admission must have graduated with a 50% grade point average. to this course costs between 10,900 to 70,000 Indian rupees.

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current updates

BLIS Admission is closed at PSSOU for the January 2023 term. Students have until February 28, 2023, to apply. 

IGNOU BLIS Admissions are no longer being accepted for the January 2023 session. For the BLIS Course, the enrollment deadline was February 20, 2023.

The deadline to apply for BLIS admission at Netaji Subhas Open University was January 22, 2023.

There are three ways to take the course: in person, virtually, and online. The work alternatives for this degree are library officers and information officers, and the estimated compensation for these jobs is 2–6 LPAs (Lakhs Per Annum). Depending on the students’ availability, they can pick either the full-time or part-time approach. Students are able to develop skills in the field of library management and information science as a result of this course.

Many universities offer this course in regular, online, and distance learning formats to suit the needs of their students.

For details on the application procedure for B Lib, see the section below the article.

Admission Highlights for B.Lib

Course NameBachelor of Library Science
Short-formB Lib
Level Undergraduate(UG)
FeeINR 10,000 to INR 70,000
Duration 1 Year
Admission Process Direct & Entrance Exam

Admission to B.Lib 2023

The criteria for admission to any B Lib course vary. B Lib entrance typically starts with the application process, which calls for students to complete a form with all of their necessary information. Only those students who qualify for B.Lib entrance may enrol. You must have a graduation degree in any field with a minimum GPA of 50% to qualify for this.

The selection procedure for a Bachelor of Library varies according on the college, school, or university. While some institutions employ merit scores, others use admission tests to choose candidates. A list of chosen students is then made available by the university based on merit or performance on the admission exam. The counselling phase, which involves document verifications and other criteria, follows. Final admission is granted following payment of the B.LIS Course fee before or on the deadline imposed by the University.

Admission Requirements for B.Lib

As we discussed in the last section, universities typically undergo an application and admissions process before allowing students to enrol in a B.Lib study. The eligibility requirements, which are a component of the admissions process, are one of the most crucial factors that must be taken into account. Let’s take a deeper look at the eligibility requirements since they are crucial to the admissions process. Since they are so important to admissions, it is important that we examine them in more detail.

The following are the eligibility requirements that are typically followed by most universities for B.Lib Admission:

Applying for admission to the B.Library programme requires a graduation degree from a reputable university.

To enrol in a B.Lib. programme, a graduate must have earned 50% or higher on their final exam.

Students must pass the test with legitimate scores in order to be shortlisted for final admission at some universities, while others are based only on merit scores.

Admission Test for B.Lib

Students are chosen for admission to most colleges based on their performance on the most recent qualifying examination. Contrary to this, only a few universities accept applicants based on their achievement on the entrance exam. DUET, IPU CET, BHU PET, JNUEE, and other prominent entrance exams for B.Lib admission are listed below. In essence, these exams are given for all UG and PG courses. The university posts the exam dates and hall passes online.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Bachelor of Library Course

If a student likes to spend time with books, they should enrol in the B Lib course in India. The rewards for the students who decide to enrol in this programme are numerous. Take the B Lib course in India if you appreciate spending time with books. For students, attending this course has a number of benefits. The media, public and private libraries, picture and film libraries, universities and other academic institutions, foreign embassies, museums, radio station libraries, etc. are among places where one could apply for employment after completing the course.

Additional benefits of the library course

Candidates who successfully complete the BLib programme can expect to make between INR 2 lakh and INR 6 lakh annually.

After completing the BLib course, the applicant may submit a job application to both the public and private sectors.

Candidates will be allowed to take the civil services exam after finishing the BLib programme.

Admission Charges for B.Lib

It is clear that the BLib pricing schedule will fluctuate slightly depending on where you are. Some institutions have greater fees than others, while other institutions have cheaper fees. The reputation of the institution on campus, as well as its infrastructure and facilities, play a role in all of this. Furthermore, the price would be much lower if you took a B.Lib course via distance learning as opposed to the usual form. The annual fee for B.Lib ranges from around INR 10,000 to INR 70,000, per the study’s findings.  

Admission to B.Lib India’s top universities

Students can choose from a number of universities that offer the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B Lib) programme, each of which has a different admissions process and cost structure. The eligibility requirements do, as was already said, slightly vary between institutions and colleges.

The Top B.Lib Universities in India are given here for the benefit of the students:

Delhi UniversityPunjab University
Jadhav UniversityIGNOU University
Aligarh Muslim UniversityKarnataka State Open University
Kalinga UniversityAnnamalai University

Admission to IGNOU’s B.Lib.

IGNOU Library is a 1-year programme that can be extended to 2-years long that is offered by the university for online learning. Only those with a UG degree and passing grades are eligible for this programme. Study materials will be given to the students so they can understand the course topic. B.Lib accepts applications twice a year, in January and July. The total cost of the training is Rs 7,900. By accessing the official website, ignou.ac.in, forms may be filled out. 

Admission to BLib at Delhi University

BLib courses are available to qualified students through Delhi University’s Department of Library and Information Science (DLIS). The website @www.dlis.du.ac.in has forms available. Any student who has earned a degree from an accredited university in any stream is eligible to apply. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) will be used to determine seat allocation for the class of 2023.

BLib Admission at AMU

At the degree level, this university provides a full-time B.Lib programme. A graduating degree from any discipline with at least a 55% average is required for this course. For the purpose of granting admission to the B.Lib programme, an entrance exam will be held. The cost of this education at Aligarh Muslim University is between 70,000 and 120,000 (about).

Admission to Kalinga University’s BLib

The cost of the Bachelor of Library Science programme at Kalinga University ranges from INR 36,000 to INR 46,000. Entrance exam results and merit will be used to determine admission. Students who have graduated from an accredited university with at least a 45–55% average may apply for BLib admission at this institution.

BLib Entrance Jammu College

On the basis of merit, Jammu University admits students to its BLib and Information Science programmes. A bachelor’s degree must have been earned before applying for admission to the programme. The undergraduate degree must have been earned from a reputable university with a minimum 50% score. The course takes a year to finish and costs about INR 70,000.

B.lib Admissions deadline

IGNOU BLIS Admission 2023: According to information released by IGNOU, applications for the January 2023 session of the BLIS degree would be closed by the end of December 2022. Students will have access to this course until March 27, 2023, which is also the deadline for applying for admission. You can enrol in this one-year programme to achieve your Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) at any point during the academic year or even the entire year.

Course Syllabus for B.Lib

Two semesters comprise a one-year B-Lib programme. Learners are introduced to library topics in the first semester along with practical and project work. A different set of subjects will be covered in the final semester, and the students will also be able to participate in internships. The following topics will be covered on the curriculum:

Semester ISemester II
Library, Information, and SocietyInformation s and Services
Library Classification (Theory & Practical)Management of Library and Information Centres
Basics of Information Technology in Library Science (Theory & Practical)Library Cataloguing (Theory & Practical)
Literature and Field Survey Internship

Admission to B.Lib: Scope

In a library, all types of books are arranged in a systematic way. By participating in the B.Lib course, students can learn how to arrange their books and other study materials so they can easily access them. The students also master sophisticated research and data analysis techniques. The B.Lib admission can be used to secure professional work in libraries. It also offers a wide range of future potential given the following choices:

Go for Higher Education: After earning a B.Lib., one may choose to pursue higher education by enrolling in a PG-level M.Lib. course. You may be able to advance to the M.Lib. with this degree.

A career as a librarian: B.Lib graduates can work as librarians in any type of educational setting and keep the library more efficiently organised. Additionally, they will be in charge of keeping track of the information regarding the books that the student’s issue over a predetermined period of time.

Diverse Employment Fields: With a B.Lib degree, there are likely to be numerous job prospects in the future. They are qualified for employment in both the public and private sectors. Schools, colleges, research institutes, and other places are among the different areas. B.Lib is a degree that can be used for a variety of jobs that are suitable to all industries.

Suitable for various Job Roles: Future Job Opportunities for B.Lib. Graduates are another career-related concern. One can opt to work as an assistant librarian, library assistant, technical writer, assistant professor, etc. in addition to being a librarian. 

Job Possibilities Abroad: After earning a professional degree in the subject of libraries, one may be able to find job prospects abroad. Depending on their professional skills and capacities, one can join reputable foreign companies here.

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