Admission to MA English Literature: Requirements, Colleges, and Syllabus

Admission to MA English Literature: Requirements, Colleges, and Syllabus

MA English Literature Admission 2023: The arts stream at a master’s level in English is called MA in English Literature. A wonderful journey through the depths of centuries’ worth of literary masterpieces is provided through this MA program. In this program, well-known authors’ key works are examined in terms of their themes, writing styles, and historical context. Possibilities for employment in academia, publishing, teaching, and a range of arts and humanities professions are open to those with a master’s degree in English literature. Below is information on this program’s admission requirements.

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Eligibility Requirements: To pursue an MA in English Literature in India, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in a related field from an approved university, such as English or literature. Additionally, certain universities might have a minimum admissions criterion of 40%.

Specialization and Program Options: MA English Literature programs provide a variety of specializations and program options. Feminist theory, Victorian literature, American literature, and postcolonial studies are common areas of concentration. Additionally, certain programs might provide coursework in literary criticism, comparative literature, and creative writing, providing students with a range of academic and research choices.

MA English Literature Admissions Procedures: The MA English Literature admissions procedure consists of the phases listed below.

Application: To apply for an MA in English Literature program, candidates must complete an application form provided by the relevant universities. Typically, biographical information and educational history are requested on the application form. Before the institutes’ deadlines, this form needs to be turned in.

MA English Literature Entrance Exams: Several Indian universities provide entrance exams for students wishing to enroll in MA English Literature programs. These exams may assess candidates’ critical thinking, analytical, and linguistic skills as well as their knowledge of English literature. Popular exams for this MA are DUET, AMU, and BHUET. Program

Interviews: During interviews, potential students for the MA English Literature course are evaluated on their understanding of literary concepts, research interests, communication skills, and program suitability. Enthusiasm for literature is also measured.

Merit-Based Selection: Without an entrance exam, MA English Literature applicants are evaluated based on their academic achievements, such as grades.

The average cost of the MA in English Literature program is from 20,000 to 50,000 rupees each year. depended on the university or institute.

An MA student in English literature can expect to make between 2 and 10 lakhs per year (LPA), on average.

Highlights of MA English Literature

Course NameMaster of Arts in English Literature
Course LevelPost Graduate
Admission ProcessEntrance/Merit-based
EligibilityAny Graduation Degree / Min 40%
Duration2 Years
Course FeeRs 20,000 to Rs 50,000
Average SalaryINR 3 to INR 5 LPA
Job RolesJournalist, Teacher, Script Writer, Editor or Assistant Editor, Public Servant, Quality Control Executive, Academic Writer

Admission to MA English Literature 2023

MA One of the courses in the Art stream is English literature. It is the degree that needs to be earned in just two years. The best professionals are those who teach American literature.

The syllabus for the MA in English Literature included works from the 17th century as well as English play, prose, poetry, and novels.

The higher study programs are M.Phil. English Literature and Ph.D. EL after earning an MA in English Literature.

Admission Requirements for MA English Literature

Are you an English BA graduate? If so, you can submit an application for an EL MA. The MA in English Literature program is offered by all of India’s art schools.

The MA-EL admits students based on their performance on the entrance exam. The most popular entrance exams for the MA in English Literature program are the JNUEE and DUEE.

The course is also offered via remote learning. Students can apply to this program at IGNOU and other DL schools if they are interested in receiving an online MA in English Literature education.

MA Admission Process for English Literature

Academic fees for the MA in English Literature program range from INR 20K to INR 50K annually.

Admission to MA in English Literature by Merit

A BA degree is required, and admission on merit requires a minimum GPA of 55%.

Distance learning admission for the MA in English literature

It is the course that is supported by online learning platforms. Several DL institutions, like IGNOU, offer students online instruction in this course.

Admission Test for MA English Literature

The DUEE and JNUEE exams are the most popular exams for MA English.

Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination Humanities and Humanities Entrance Examination (HSEE) of the DU DSE M.A. (Economics) Entrance Test

Regional Education Institute (RIE) (CEE) Common Entrance Exam

Packages of wages in India

Professionals in MA English are paid between INR 03 and 05 lakhs annually (LPA). Professionals with an MA in English literature can find work in news organizations, classrooms, business operations, and corporations in positions such as publisher, editor, writer, and translator. The Aditya Birla Group, Amazon, and other top employers for these professionals are listed below.

Different Courses

Full-Time: The full-time professional course MA English Literature is offered.

Part-Time/Online: There is also a distant learning option for this course.

Admissions for MA English Literature Syllabus

Semester 1 Semester 2
English NovelAmerican Literature
English DramaAfrican Literature
English PoetryAustralian Literature
English Prose and EssaysIrish Literature
Literature in the 17th centuryCanadian Literature
Literature in the 18th centuryNative-American Literature
Literature in the 19th centurySouth African Literature
Romanticism, Neoclassicism
Modernism and Post- Modernism
Semester 3Semester 4
English in India: Sociological and Historical.History of English Language
Indian Writings in EnglishPhonology and Morphology of the English Language
Literature in Indian EnglishSyntax and Structure
Indian Writings Translated into EnglishLinguistic Approach to Literature
Stylistic and Discourse Structure

MA English Literature Admission University & Fees

University NameDurationAverage FeeApply
Maharana Pratap University Admission2 years19,740INQUIRY
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University Admission2 years19,985INQUIRY
MKU University Admission2 years19,230INQUIRY
Lords University Admission2 years19,700INQUIRY
Jammu Kashmir Distance University Admission2 years19,400INQUIRY
Madhav University Admission2 years19,600INQUIRY
Maharaja Ganga Singh University Admission2 years19,500INQUIRY

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