Admission to B Tech Computer Science and Engineering: Requirements, Cost, Top Colleges, and Syllabus

Admission to B Tech Computer Science and Engineering: Requirements, Cost, Top Colleges, and Syllabus

Admission to the B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 2023–24: The B Tech Computer Science and Engineering program lasts four years and leads to a diploma. There are eight semesters total, with two per year. Students must have earned at least 50% in PCM in their 10+2 coursework from an accredited institution of higher learning or an equivalent to be eligible. It is the degree that is most sought for globally due to its high demand. The institution you intend to attend determines the length of a degree.

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As part of this degree program, students will perform interesting projects, practices, and practicums. In this field, students will learn new languages and work with a variety of operating systems and programs, including dev, virtual box, etc. Computers, software, and fascinating programming languages are all part of this discipline.

Highlights of B Tech Admission for Computer Science and Engineering

Course NameB Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Duration04 Years
AgeNo specific age bar
Minimum Percentage10+2 with 50% marks from a recognized university.
Subjects RequiredPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Average Fee IncurredINR 2 to 3 lakhs per year
Similar Options of StudyBE. In computer Engineering, B E in Computer science and engineering.
Average Salary OfferedINR 5.86 Lacs per year
Employment RolesSoftware engineer, Product Engineer, Programmer, System Engineer, and Consulting Engineer

In addition, students will encounter coding. Students who successfully complete this degree program will be able to code on a variety of platforms. Admissions to this degree program are now being accepted. For this program, the selection process is entirely merit-based. Students that perform well will be admitted.

Admission to B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 2023–24

A programme at the bachelor’s level called B Tech Computer Science and Engineering is devoted to the study of science and technology. Because it promotes the integration of computer domains, the student should choose this subject. Additionally, it gives the students the opportunity to learn about computer hardware and software design. Following this course, students will be able to comprehend and use a variety of programming languages and tools. The course aids in understanding adequate networking, technological, and electronic expertise.

The course provides a strong foundation for students interested in high-level degrees like MTech, followed by Ph.D. and MPhil. The degree also makes it possible for students to find a variety of jobs in both the public and commercial sectors.

Admission Requirements for Computer Science and Engineering

The B.Tech course is available to students who have successfully completed the 12th grade.

Students must pass the class 10th exams with a minimum of 50% of their overall grades in science in order to enroll in a diploma program.

Admission Test for B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

Students can get into several universities and colleges through entrance tests and on the basis of merit. At the state, federal, or perhaps university levels, the entrance exams are well-organized. There are some institutions that provide admission based on the results of the most recent qualifying exam.

Several B.Tech admission exams for computer science and engineering include:


Admission Fees for JEE Advanced TS EAMCET B Tech Computer Science and Engineering

The costs are influenced by the infrastructure and facilities that institutions offer. Numerous institutions offer a variety of amenities like cafes and other places, so they could have to pay more. The cost of a B.Tech program typically ranges from 1 to 3 lacs per year.

Admissions for B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in 2023

Admission courses for B Tech Computer Science and Engineering are both entrance-based and merit-based.

Admission to several universities is determined through entrance exams.

To be eligible for the course, students must apply for the entrance tests.

Application Procedures for B Tech Admission in Computer Science and Engineering

Students who meet the prerequisites can apply for this course both offline and online.

Applicants must obtain the admission form from the university’s official website and complete it with all the necessary information.

Once the application money has been paid, submit the form to the office together with the fee slip.

Admission Syllabus for BTech in Computer Science and Engineering for 2023

First Year
Chemistry 1Applied Physics 1
Value Education, Human Rights, and Legislative ProceduresApplied Physics Laboratory 1
Law for EngineersDifferential Equations
Environmental StudiesBasic Electrical Engineering
Elementary Mathematics for EngineersEngineering Graphics
Economics for EngineersSociology and Elements of Indian History for Engineers
Computer ProgrammingBasic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory 1Computer Programming Laboratory
Business Communication and Presentation SkillsApplied Physics 2
Basic Engineering MechanicsEngineering Workshop
Second Year
Energy StudiesDigital Systems
Multivariate Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Special FunctionsChemistry 2
Materials ScienceDiscrete Mathematics
Elementary BiologyOperating Systems (Unix Programming)
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsFormal Languages and Automation Theory
Computer Organisation and DesignData Structures and Algorithms
Computer NetworksBasic Simulation Laboratory
Complex AlgebraBasic Electronics Engineering Laboratory
Basic Electronics Engineering –
Third Year
Simulation and ModellingFuzzy Mathematics
Optimizations and Calculus of VariationsSoftware Engineering
Internet Web ProgrammingComputer Graphics and Visualisation
Graph TheoryObject-Oriented Analysis and Design
Embedded Computing SystemsAdvanced Biology 1
Elective Course 3Elective Course 2
Elective Course 1Artificial Intelligence
Compiler Design –
Fourth Year
Pattern RecognitionMobile Computing
Project Work 1Elective Course 7
Elective Course 4Project Work 2 and Dissertation
Elective Course 5Elective Course 8
Elective Course 6Elective Course 9

Top 5 Colleges for B Tech Computer Science and Engineering Admission

College NameLocationAverage Annual Fees in INR
Reva Institute of Technology and ManagementBangaloreINR ~3 lakhs
Institute of Engineering and ManagementKolkataINR 3.25 Lakhs
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyFaridabadINR 1.76 lakhs
JECRC UniversityJaipurINR 5.80 Lakhs
JIS College of EngineeringKolkataINR 3.67 lakhs

B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Books

These are some best books with authors for students who study in the B Tech Computer Science and Engineering admission program.

Name of Book Authors
Algorithms to Live by the computer science of human decisionsBrian Christian and Tom Griffiths
Introduction to algorithmThomas H. Carmen
The soul of a new machineTracy kidder
Superintelligence: Path, Dangers, StrategiesNick Bostrom
Computer Networking: A Top-down ApproachJames F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross

Indian salary packages

In India, B Tech CSE graduates make an average salary of INR 5.86 lakhs annually. can hire varied grads for a range of professions. The following details their salary responsibility:

 Software Developer

They are the ones who use the fundamentals of engineering to create various types of computer software.

In India, a software engineer makes an average pay of INR 791,596.

Engineer, product

They are in charge of moving the product from the design stage to the manufacturing stage.

A product engineer has an average income of INR 471,160.

 c) Programmers The computer system is under their supervision.

A programmer makes, on average, INR 485,641 per year.

 d) System Engineer They organize the entire computer system using system thinking skills.

The system engineer makes an average of INR 385,218 per year.

 e) Consulting Engineer These professionals have years of experience in planning, designing, and building infrastructure.

A consulting engineer makes INR 781,000 annually.

Different B Tech Course Learning Types

There are two different course kinds offered in this program.

Normal Classes

Classes are held properly.

Teachers offer homework and administer tests.

Correct attendance is important.

Students must do lab work and practical’s.

three to four years for the course

Time of classes: morning and evening

Online Education

Students completed their coursework at home with the help of online lectures.

Online tests and assignments are given over the course of three to four years.

ideal for people with jobs and families.

(FAQs) Regarding B Tech Admissions for Computer Science and Engineering

What professions are available to graduates who have been admitted to the B.Tech. in computer science and engineering?

Engineer for products

Engineer System Programmer

engineering advice

What is the typical pay granted to this course’s graduates?

In India, B Tech CSE graduates make an average salary of INR 5.86 lakhs annually. can hire varied grads for a range of professions.

Briefly describe the admissions course for computer science and engineering at b tech.

A UG degree in engineering is available and is called a B Tech in computer science and engineering.

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