Admission for a Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry | Eligibility, Fee, Top Colleges, and Syllabus

Admission for a Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry | Eligibility, Fee, Top Colleges, and Syllabus

Admission 2023–2024 for a diploma in makeup and hairstyle artists: It is a course leading to a diploma. This course lasts for four months. The demand for makeup artists has surged in India along with the demand for both fashion and makeup. Your popularity in this field of work will increase in direct proportion to your level of talent.

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The student must have passed the 10+2 examinations with at least a 50% grade in order to wear makeup and arrange their hair. achieving a faultless appearance for weddings, businesswomen, and regular females by doing their cosmetics and hair. Your artistic talent will give them a fresh, sophisticated appearance. The Indian film industry needs hair and makeup professionals; therefore, they start their own salons and parlors.

Highlights of a makeup and hairstyle diploma

Course NameDiploma in Makeup And Hairstyle Artist
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam Or Merit-Based
Duration4 Months
Average Salary OfferedINR 03 to 06 Lakhs per annum
Average Fee IncurredINR 15,000 to 05 lakhs
EligibilityPassed Class 10+2 with 50% marks from a recognized board

Admission 2023–24 Diploma in Makeup and Hair Artistry

Different admission requirements apply to each diploma that is offered. Some students are chosen based on merit, while others are chosen based on performance on entrance examinations. To qualify, you must pass the 10+2 test. A Diploma in Makeup and hairstyle Artistry might take one to three months to complete, depending on the institute. Students learn about hair cutting, professional cosmetics, coloring, skincare, and other subjects in this course. Students who have passed the 10th grade may also be eligible for admission at specific universities.

Different institutions have different completion times for their diploma programs in makeup and hairstyling, which range from 4 months. This course seeks to teach several skills, including skin care, coloring, professional cosmetics application, and hair cutting. Students get knowledge of how to apply makeup, style hair in various ways, and do pedicures and manicures.

For TV shows, stage performances, and movie artists, there is a great demand for these abilities. Students who complete this educational program are prepared to enter the cosmetics and hairstyling fields. As a result, this program teaches all varieties of beauty therapy.

Qualifications for Admission to the Diploma in Makeup and Hair Artistry

If a student has passed the 10th or 12th grade from a reputable academic board, or its equivalent, they are admitted to this course.

There is no entrance exam requirement; admission is determined by merit. Multiple batches with various class times may be admitted during the same academic year.

Students who enroll in this course have earned their equivalents from a reputable educational board in the 10th or 12th grades, or both.

Additionally, the education is offered based on entrance tests. UCEED, UID, WLCI AICET and the Design Village test are the common admission exams.

There are no online or distant learning options available for this course.

Admission Fees for a Diploma in Hair and Makeup Artistry

The cost of the Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artist course ranges from INR 15,000 to 5 lakhs in tuition.

Direct Admission for Artist Diplomas in Makeup and Hair

Some students are chosen based only on their performance in the 10+2 exam. They simply need to earn the necessary grades and pay the necessary costs.

Admission Tests for Diploma Programmes in Hair and Makeup Artistry

These are typical admission exams.

Design Village Examination

Exams: WLCI AICET Exam, UCEED Exam, UID Exam, and Salary Offered

The salaries in this industry, which vary from INR 03 to 06 Lakhs annually, are the highest paying.

A student who earns the Makeup and Hairstyle Artist credential may apply for positions at salons, spas, hotels, and other places. There are several other job titles available in this field of work, including “Makeup Specialist,” “Skincare Specialist,” “Hair Expert,” and “Freelancer.”

Admission Syllabus for a Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry

ColorsBrow shapingCorrections and sculpting
Skincare and HygienePresentationHD makeup for photography, filmography, and fashion shows
Techniques skin tonesAirbrush techniques for flawless looksClient management
Makeup techniques and consultationBondo transfersBleaching, waxing, threading, masques
StylingCorporate/ bridal/ party makeupAdvanced facials, cleanups, skin treatment

Commonly Asked Questions

Is a diploma in hair and makeup application useful for a career?

Yes, joining the beauty industry after graduation is a wonderful job option for students.

How long does the diploma in cosmetics and hairdressing last?

The length of a cosmetics and hairdo diploma varies depending on the institution. However, the base period ranges from 4 to 12 months.

How can I become a makeup and hair artist for celebrities?

The processes listed below must be followed by interested applicants if they want to become celebrity makeup and styling artists:

Enroll in any makeup and hair program or submit an application for the 2023 admissions cycle for the Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry.

Finish the course now, then begin working to acquire experience.

More help is needed, and chances may be found at your favorite company or with your favorite artist.

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