Admission for a Diploma in Chemical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission for a Diploma in Chemical Engineering | Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges, & Syllabus

Admission 2023 for a Chemical Engineering Diploma: Chemical engineering is a two-year short program that leads to a diploma. It offers a solid framework for understanding chemical technology and procedures. Students will learn how to use equipment and analyze chemical reactions. In this field, there are plenty of options for both work and professional advancement. Below is information on how to apply for this diploma.

Candidates for a Chemical Engineering Diploma must have earned a minimum grade in the 10th grade or an equivalent. Some universities could also mandate that students have a background in science.

Options for specialization and programs: A chemical engineering diploma offers a range of specializations to increase chemical science expertise. Some of the frequently selected specializations are petrochemical engineering, process control, instrumentation, environmental engineering, and polymer technology. Students can target particular industries and become proficient in their unique procedures and technologies thanks to these specialties.

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Chemical Engineering Diploma Admissions: The following steps make up the admissions procedure for a diploma in chemical engineering:

Application: The application for the Diploma in Chemical Engineering is an important document that must be taken into consideration for admission. This form must be completed by each applicant and returned before the deadline.

Exams for the Chemical Engineering Diploma: There are no specific entrance exams given in India just for a Diploma in Chemical Engineering. Admission to engineering diploma programs is often based on merit or direct admission.

Interviews: The Diploma in Chemical Engineering admissions interview is crucial to the selection process. The institute can assess the candidate’s knowledge, abilities, and suitability for the program by ensuring a varied student body.

Merit-Based Admissions: For the Diploma in Chemical Engineering course, admissions are made on the basis of merit. To be considered for admission, candidates must meet academic requirements and demonstrate a significant interest in chemical engineering.

Admission Highlights for Chemical Engineering Diploma

Course NameDiploma in Chemical Engineering
AgeMinimum of 16 years
Minimum percentageMinimum 50% marks in Class 10 in mathematics, chemistry, and physics.
Subject requiredPhysics, chemistry, mathematics, and science
Average fee incurredINR 6000 to 1 lakh per year
Similar options for studyB.E and B.E CE
Average salary offeredIn India, the average salary of a Chemical Engineer is INR 02 to 09 lakh per annum
Employment RolesProcess Engineer, Market Analyst, Field Operator, Associate Scientist

A three-year, full-time degree in chemical engineering leads to a diploma. The qualifying exam is the tenth-grade exam from any recognized board, plus passing the admission exams required for the program. The program’s six terms provide an in-depth study of theories and design management techniques.

Admission to the Chemical Engineering Diploma Program 2023–24

A three-year diploma program in the engineering discipline is called the Diploma in Chemical Engineering. After completing the 10th grade, it is available. Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that transforms synthetic chemicals and raw materials into usable forms by fusing the life and physical sciences with economics and mathematics.

The curriculum for this diploma degree covers topics like Applied Chemistry, Basic Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Operations, Engineering Materials, Thermodynamics, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Management, Mass Transfer, and Fluid Flow, among others. There are six semesters in the DCE curriculum.

The following are a few of this course’s key characteristics:

It enables students to work in the chemical or process industries before completing their last academic year.

The student must receive 50% in either science or maths in order to pass class ten.

The typical course fee may range from 6000 to 1 lakh Indian Rupees.

No GD/PI or entrance exam will be used to determine acceptance to this program.

Candidates for this program must have a solid background in science and mathematics.

Eligibility for Admission to the Chemical Engineering Diploma Program

A 10th-grade education from an accredited board qualifies a person for DCE.

Admission for a diploma in chemical engineering is available from several engineering schools nationwide.

IIME Kurnool, DDC Faridabad, SLIET Sanger, and CITSP Coimbatore are the well-known colleges that provide this program.

The annual cost of the DCE program is between 6,000 and 1 lakh Indian rupees.

A three-year engineering diploma program leads to a degree in chemical engineering. It is accessible following the tenth education.

After matriculation, there are no longer any entrance tests required to enroll in the program. Candidates for the PG and UG level diplomas were required to take exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Admission Fees for a Chemical Engineering Diploma

The major objective of this course is to improve the candidate’s communication and innovative thinking abilities.

This course paves the way for the student to get a well-paying job in chemical engineering.

The cost of a course depends on a number of variables, including the institution’s location and name. Therefore, the annual cost range for this course in India is INR 6000 to INR 1 lac.

Admission Tests for the Diploma in Chemical Engineering

There won’t be an entrance exam for this course if you want to enroll in the 3-year diploma program after matriculation. However, students enrolled in UG and PG diploma programs must take a variety of exams, including:

Admissions for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Graduates of chemical engineering typically enroll in this course after earning their tenth-class diplomas in physics, math, and chemistry.

Typically, entrance tests are held for students who seek to enroll in BE or B.Tech programs.

The candidate is given the status of junior engineer upon entrance with a chemical engineering diploma.

A student who wants to get admitted must have received at least 50% on their 10th-grade exam.

Admission is determined based on merit.

The cut-off scores for the merit list differ from institution to college.

How to Apply for Admission to a Chemical Engineering Diploma Program

Both online and offline applications are accepted from qualified students for this program.

They must sign in to the respective college’s official website.

They must include all pertinent information on the application form, including both personal and academic viewpoints.

Students can readily use the website to get crucial information, such as admission dates and the names of the candidates who made the shortlist.

Admission Syllabus for a Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Semester ISemester II
PhysicsPhysics II
Engineering MathematicsMathematics II
Computer ScienceComputer Lab
ChemistryChemistry II
Semester IIISemester IV
Open Elective IOpen Elective II
Mining Engineering labMining Engineering Lab II
Rock Excavation Engineering labMining Engineering lab
Rock Excavation EngineeringMining and Planning
Environmental EngineeringBasic Mining Engineering
Semester VSemester VI
Technical Writing and Seminar IIITechnical Writing and Seminar IV
Review of Research WorkReview of Research Work II
Research WorkResearch Work II
Summer Internship and TrainingDissertation
Comprehensive Viva Voice

List of University & Fees for Diploma in Chemical Engineering Admission

Baster Vishwavidyalaya3 years26525INQUIRY
Atal Bihari Bajpai Vishwavidyalaya (Formerly Bilaspur Vishwavidyalaya)3 years26550INQUIRY
Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya3 years26575INQUIRY
Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University3 years26600INQUIRY
Dr. C.V. Raman University3 years26625INQUIRY
Durg Vishwavidyalaya3 years80000INQUIRY

Top 5 Colleges for Diploma in Chemical Engineering Admission

College NameLocationAverage fees in INR
GLA UniversityMathuraINR 70,000
Mewar universityChittorgarhINR 53,000
Galhotras UniversityNoidaINR 45,000
Integral universityLucknowINR  50,000
Bhartiya Vidyapeeth UniversityPuneINR 0—-
Marwari UniversityRajkotINR 42,500
Shri Ram Institute of I.TDelhiINR 28,000

Why Apply for a Chemical Engineering Diploma?

Candidates ought to enroll in this course since it broadens their knowledge of chemical engineering and introduces them to the human sciences.

The majority of chemical engineers are employed by businesses that engage in the manufacturing of goods including food, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, glass, and metals.

Graduates of this program can find employment in a variety of settings, such as environmental protection agencies, research labs, petroleum and chemical factories, etc.

Tips for Course Preparation

You must get ready for all the approaching exams if you hope to receive an excellent mark in any class. Here, we’ll go over some crucial pointers that will aid in your course preparation for a chemical engineering diploma.

You must first deepen your understanding by reading and researching as much as you can about chemical engineering.

You should dedicate enough time to your education. You must create a productive study schedule for this reason.

Be sure to highlight your advantages and disadvantages. Try to talk to your teacher or friends if you have any weaknesses.

Maintain your course with consistency. As many books as you can about your course should be read.

Take notes during lectures since you will benefit from them in the future.

By concentrating on various mathematical and computational issues, it is crucial to improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Salary Provided

The annual salary range for professionals in chemical engineering is between INR 2 and 9 lakhs. Income may increase as a result of the service and industry knowledge. It depends on a person’s job history, accomplishments, and qualifications. The aforementioned things could lead the pay to increase. The advanced studies in Chemical Engineering include M.Tech, B.Tech, and various PGDM programs after earning a diploma in the field.

In today’s society, chemical engineering has many applications. The Ministry of Défense, academic institutions, Sunrise Engineering Solutions, SM AKER Management Services, etc. are top employers of such diploma holders.

Process engineers, field operators, chemical engineers, market analysts, lecturers, professors, associate scientists, technical service representatives, etc. are among the occupations held by DCE holders.

There are numerous options in India for chemical engineering graduates:

Process engineer: yearly salary of INR 363,828

analysts of the market: INR 375,000 annually

Fieldworker: INR 515,390 annually

Associate Scientist: 814,020 Indian rupees annually

Course Learning Styles

The candidate takes many courses from various institutions. However, a chemical engineering diploma after the tenth class only provides full-time regular classes.

Regular Full-Time Classes

The student must complete a three-year course to enroll in this type of class.

Regular classes will be offered in this course by professors and instructors.

The instructor assigns appropriate homework and administers tests.

Students’ attendance will leave a mark.

Chemical Engineering Distance Learning Diploma Admission

There is no college-level distance learning program set up for the course. However, a different university offers a distance learning program for PG and UG diploma courses.

(FAQ) Admission Q1 for the Chemical Engineering Diploma What are the requirements for entrance to a chemical engineering diploma program?

A student may apply for this course if they pass the 10th-grade exams. The three fundamental subjects for the students should be arithmetic, chemistry, and physics.

What types of jobs can you get with a chemical engineering diploma?

Ans: Graduates with a diploma in chemical engineering can pursue the job prospects listed below:

Engineer, Process Associate Scientists



Technical support specialist.

market researcher

What is the primary objective of this course?

Ans: This course’s major goal is to give students training in areas like:

Chemical Process Production and Storage

transporting chemical substances

components, raw


Design of the plant, safety procedures, etc.

Q4) Can we enroll in a chemical engineering diploma program after the tenth grade?

Yes, students who meet the requirements can continue with this subject after finishing the 10th grade.

Q5) Is there room for a chemical engineering diploma program?

Ans: After completing the course, students will have access to a variety of job options in both the public and private sectors.

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