Admission for a Certificate in X-Ray Technician: Colleges, Course Information, Costs, and Salary

Admission for a Certificate in X-Ray Technician: Colleges, Course Information, Costs, and Salary

Admission 2023: Certificate in X-Ray Technician: The X-Ray Technician Certificate program is a brief one that lasts six to twelve months. With the knowledge and skills necessary to operate X-ray machines and support diagnostic procedures, students who complete this brief program will have a comprehensive education in radiology and imaging techniques. Below is information on how to apply to this certification program

Candidates must have completed their 10+2 or an equivalent higher secondary education to be eligible for a Certificate in X-Ray Technician program. Some universities could have basic requirements for academic performance, such as a minimum percentage of 10+2 marks.

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Options for the Certificate in X-Ray program in terms of specialization and specialization options allow students to focus on certain radiology subspecialties or cutting-edge imaging techniques. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, interventional radiography, mammography, and trauma radiography are the most prominent areas of focus for this degree

Admissions for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician Program: Below is information on how to apply for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician program:

Application: Forms are the primary tool used by candidates to submit their requests for admission to educational institutions for the X-Ray Technician Certificate program. The applicant’s personal and academic information will be requested on the application form. Each applicant must correctly complete it. Frequently, applications must be accompanied by supporting materials such copies of the applicant’s academic records, identification documents, and passport-size pictures.

Exams for a certificate as an X-ray technician: Some institutes, but not all, may need an admission exam score for brief certificate programs. Additionally, there will be some entrance exams for students enrolling in the Certificate in X-Ray Technician program.

Interviews: Candidates for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician program will be contacted by various institutions for an interview. These interviews will test the candidate’s disposition and level of interest in the desired field.

 Admissions for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician program are often granted on the basis of merit. The outcome of this process is determined on the applicants’ 10+2 exam scores.

The topic of the course is the study of electromagnetic radiation that enters the human body and how photographic film represents solid structures. The undergraduate course is open to grade 12 graduates from any stream, and the certifications can be earned after studying for between six to eighteen months.

Having completed this course provides several advantages. Because it has a respectable job, it has the highest pay grade. Graduates can work in radiology and radiography in the modern world, where need for them in this particular sector is considerable.

Electromagnetic waves produce an image of the interior structure after passing through the human body, and this image is then recorded on photographic film. Most doctors advise this X-ray scanning as a step in subsequent treatment. Students learn administrative and clinical skills in this course. In this course, students study various laboratory techniques, general radiography, and how to draw electrical diagrams.

Highlights of the X-Ray Technician Certificate

Course NameCertificate in X-Ray Technician
Course TypeCertificate Course
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam/ Merit-Based
Eligibility12th from any recognized board
Duration6 to 18 months
Course FeeRs 15,000 to Rs 90,000
Average SalaryINR 2.4 to INR 4 LPA
Job RolesOperating X-ray machines, positioning patients, Preparing and maintaining equipment, Capturing and developing X-ray images, Assisting radiologists, Ensuring radiation safety, etc

Radiologist assistants or a particular piece of diagnostic technology, such as a CT scanner or an MRI machine, may hold a certificate in X-ray technology. A technician’s career can develop through college teaching, working as a sales representative for a manufacturer of radiologic equipment, or getting promoted to the director’s department.

Students who have earned this qualification are eligible to work in a variety of labs, including medical labs, public and private hospitals, clinics, and patient care centres. Students may work for both private and public organisations.

The compensation range for X-Ray Certified candidates in each of these departments is between INR 2.4 and INR 4 LPA.

Such kids will work as radiologists, X-ray technicians, teachers, assistant X-ray technicians, and other similar professions in their prosperous futures.

Admission 2023 for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician

For this subject, most universities and colleges permit direct enrollment. For X-ray technology, a passing grade in 12th grade with at least 50% in science courses is required. All students who meet the prerequisites are eligible to enrol in this course. Apart from that, graduates with this credential have a variety of good employment alternatives.

The certificate programme takes between six and eighteen months to complete for X-ray technologists. This certification is for radiologists. How to deal with radiation in the form of electromagnetic radiation is covered in this course

The subjects typically covered by the curriculum are listed below:

Biology and Anatomy


Imaging Lab Result Correlation Radiotherapy Foundational Patient Care

protocols for radiography, etc.

Qualifications for Admission as a Certificate in X-Ray Technician

The following list includes the crucial eligibility requirements.

Students must have earned at least a 50% grade point average in their 12th-grade coursework to be eligible for admission.

All academic institutions base admissions on merit, but some may also administer entrance tests and take the graduation rate into account.

Admission Charges for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician Programme

The typical cost of this diploma programme is between Rs 15,000 and Rs 90,000. It might change because each university is free to set its own X-Ray Diploma Technology course pricing.

Salary Provided

Candidates can anticipate starting salaries ranging from INR 2.4 to INR 4 LPA, based on their qualifications and experience. Candidates can transition to positions with the same organisation to increase their salary as they get more expertise. Additionally, they might be able to obtain a favourable review from their current employer. The candidates may potentially advance from the executive level to the manager level.

Admission Tests for the Certificate in X-Ray Technician Programme

In general, an entrance exam and an interview are required for participation in this programme.

Centralised Admission Committee (CENTAC), Common Entrance Test (CET), and Central Institute of Fisheries, Nautical & Engineering Training (CIFNET)

Certificate in X-Ray Technician Admission Syllabus for the CEE AMPAI UG Exam

Anatomy and PhysiologyLaboratory Procedures and Quality Management
Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, UrinalysisLab Result Correlation
ElectrocardiographyPatient Care
Image AcquisitionRadiographic Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What is Diploma in X-ray technology?

Ans: A diploma in X-ray technology is a 2-year undergraduate diploma program. The X-ray technology diploma is intended to provide candidates with a comprehensive technical education in this subspecialty of radiology.

Question: What is the eligibility for a Diploma in X-ray technology course?

Ans: At least 50% in class 12 in the science stream is required. The minimum aggregate varies by college and can be as low as 45% or as high as 55%.

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